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  1. We were unlucky today

    Again we had a lot of the ball and created quite a few chances,  but unlucky again.  But we seem to be unlucky a lot recently,  and our domination is not resulting in putting teams away.  Don't think we get enough players in the box quick enough,  and those in their just aren't sharp enough.
  2. Think it will be the usual 'can we break the 10 man defence'.  Will be interesting as a new team to attack.
  3. 4 in court today in fraud case

    Cheapest tinker campsite with a bus route to Edinburgh.
  4. Pay at the gate?

    Will be an interesting game.  Home some have a change of heart and turn up.
  5. Crowd

    Very good attendance on a wintry day,  no matter what the figure ended up. Very encouraging and pleasing to see.  And those of us that stay to the end were treated to a happy ending. 
  6. Hallidays sending off

    So unbelievable,  then you remember who we are,  and it makes sense. Any other team and it would be uproar,  but its big bad rangers.
  7. RangersFirst accounts released

    Great what can be achieved when we get a bit organised.  Onward and upward.
  8. Mmm, start a separate legal fighting fund.
  9. A man not for staying still and just buying success.  Continuous improvement.
  10. Kilmarnock game

    For some reason,  the support don't all support when it is a cup game in the early stages.
  11. The Dignity of Mr Warburton

    Take a blank sheet of paper and set out what you would want from a Rangers manager.  And i'd bet most of us would end up with a description of Warburton.  To a great extent, success is based on budgets,  but he is undoubtedly very worthy of the title Rangers Manager.
  12. My Wee Girls First Time At Ibrox

    I never stop saying the youth is the future, and we have a duty to show them the way. I am never happier when I take my 2 daughters to the game.
  13. 261, 262, 263,....YES!
  14. Facial Recognition To Punish Fans

    Bring it on. Fight them till my last dying breath.
  15. With a continuation of the progress, a good pre season and a few more players in, I think we will have the beating of anyone in the top league and do it consistently. Just now we can beat anyone on our day, but just don't make enough of the possession we have at the edge of the box, and nearly every team can score against us.