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  1. dam it, no progress then.
  2. We didn't concede a goal from a corner - that's a big improvement.
  3. I'm not to bothered what he says, as long as he can get us playing better. Jury is out, and has been for a while.......
  4. We have barely moved forward, if at all, but timmy has improved. We have not brought in any game changing loan players this season.
  5. I agree we were collectively and individually poor, but just don't see the point in picking out individual players for special criticism, which seems to be breaking out all over the Forum.
  6. I'm really pissed off with the result as well, but calling Rangers players shit bag - ??????????
  7. Don't think he had a particularly good game, but I don't go along with the general theme of he's not good enough.
  8. Too early to tell.
  9. Unfair to single out single players - he has pace and skill, but we were second best today in many areas, not just his performance
  10. I like the way the manager wants us to play, but I don't think we can afford the players we need to play this way in this league. Think we need a bit more dig of the Greig/Forsyth/Dodie variety.
  11. The Rangers player who's picture was on my wall when I was a nipper.
  12. when they played city, they looked very good, but lost 3-0. Played the same tonight and won easily. Moved the ball about very quickly both games. I could see a lot of similarities in what we are trying to do, but they just move the ball so much quicker. No taking a touch, just pass to a player, then straight back out.
  13. Re-occurring theme for me this season is noticing nobody in the box when we are painting pretty pictures on the flank.
  14. Well done Mark. Hope he can achieve sustained success on the pitch, as he ticks every other box as a Rangers manager.
  15. Barnsley added to the notebook, under GOOD.