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  1. If we change the rules of the game to give a win for biggest % possession rather than goals we will to ok. Scoring goals are just so yesterday.......
  2. Bit early to tell, but i'm not sure how he fits into the way we are set up to play.
  3. I think it will be long ( not that long), but not painful. The phrase that comes to my mind when thinking of this season is always - it will be interesting.
  4. Need to let the project run its course a bit more. Manager has been given a big problem to solve, and we need to see if he is man for the job.
  5. Far far to early to chuck in the towel with warbs, but the writing seems to be on the wall that he just won't change the way we play. And if it ain't working and he won't change, then we are heading nowhere.
  6. The cat has been impressed by reaching 200, GB's continued good works and the sterling efforts of Bears R us in keeping the thread current. Donation from him straight to you GB.
  7. I take your point, even with the spelling mistooook.
  8. Funny that lots of people who didn't turn up on Tuesday will expect a ticket by right...........
  9. We need to confront evil again - so be it.
  10. Sheep ain't any good, but would like to postpone timmy for a while.
  11. Still no 200 news, as we wait for the semi final draw....?
  12. Bottom line is, he's not good enough to be in the team, so best to get shot of him.
  13. But who is he fighting?
  14. What would Jock make of that mouthpiece Barton? I think some flowery swarey words.