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  1. We have a lot more options, which will set us up just fine for the coming fight. We are still very much in pre-season warm up.
  2. Use to be just Wagon Wheels and macaroon Bars at the game. Now look where we have ended up.........................
  3. Bit early to judge any of the new boys, but encouraging to see a striker find the net on first run out
  4. Very encouraging to see the damage cause by Ally and the toxic past boards has not driven more away in the recent bleak years. The big crowds in the 3rd division show we have a large hard core that want to support no matter what. I expect the usual faces in the usual seats around me.
  5. Always brought excitement in the 3rd division, a big miss when he was on loan, and one of the first names on the team sheet now. I hope he stays with us and becomes a legend rather than a bit player down south.
  6. I really don't want Timmy in our magnificent stadium. So the more full season tickets sold the better. I have grown quite use to a sea of blue round the stadium, with just a blip of haters in a corner.
  7. Quite. The clown had us so far down the pan than we were never turning it round.
  8. Congratulations, and good to hear you take your responsibilities of bringing on the future support seriously. Fine wall the Colin Stein wall - have my 2 daughters on it.
  9. Yes, and a very powerful statement that will send out.
  10. Maybe some will expand into cup games before the semi-final stage...........................
  11. 'The hibs and the hearts and the thistle are bro, but the cocky wee Rangers are the pride of them all'
  12. We need to wake up, and not ever consider giving clubs like this a single blue pound. Give them what they want - an empty stadium.
  13. Such an important season. Vividly remember the joy of everyone. And what a player Tommy McLean was. What a team - built to win trebles.
  14. Had plenty chance to show what he could do, but a big disappointment. Good luck to him.
  15. Just mentioning Colin Stein brings a smile to my face.