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  1. Billy King - Welcome to The Rangers

    What a name lol
  2. That F****er English Stirring It Again On Twitter

    Rangers won and so they must whine and find another topic to talk about.
  3. Jim Baxter Documentary Hopefully Scotland produces a similar player soon..
  4. **** The Official Qots V Rangers Thread ****

    0-4 Waghorn 4 goals.
  5. Zelalem

    He probably will, this guy is outstanding at that age. I'd be surprised if he isn't on the team sheet every week, even with him being a young player because he is so good on the ball and can set the tempo of the team.
  6. Zelalem

    Far too good for that shit opposition to be honest.
  7. Gedion Zelalem

    Hope it happens. A loan like this will give the side that better chance in the cup competitions against higher opposition than the championship.
  8. Rangers On Verge Of Signing Arsenal Superkid Gedion Zelalem His game is all in his intelligence on the ball, his passing skills. I dont think he will ever be a big physical player in size even if he is 18 but I believe if the Arsenal midfield wasnt as strong as it is, he probably would be making a breakthrough for Arsenal, a bit like how Fabregas did all those years ago due to Arsenal losing Vieira and Gilberto ageing.
  9. Gedion Zelalem

    First team player, no doubt about that. I know he is young but he could do with the experience and this is a great chance for him to get that.
  10. Gedion Zelalem

    Its because Warburton is a progressive coach and will want to use him in a similar way to how Wenger would. He just needs more games and experience at the moment. I have saw him in some games for Arsenal, moment I saw him I knew he was special.
  11. Rangers On Verge Of Signing Arsenal Superkid Gedion Zelalem

    Genuinely shocked if this happens. I'd have had him replace Arteta this season, fantastic prospect. Warburton knows a good player when he sees it and obviously wants to play a specific brand of football by getting Gedion.
  12. Gedion Zelalem

    This guy has potential to be a world class midfielder, such a good player technically, so much so I think Wenger will be looking for him to replace Arteta in the next year or so. I can't believe Warburton could get him, the supporters will love watching Gedion.
  13. Athletic Bilbao "a Proper Football Club"

    Propaganda, plain and simple. Celebrating Britishness is looked down upon now and even more so if you follow the Protestant faith.
  14. Mark Warburton Post Match Interview

    I remember looking at Brentfords position in the league at the time talk of Brentford letting him go, absolutely insane. I remember reading some thinking it cost Brentford a play off position. He had a club like Brentford near the play off positions to get into the premier league. To do that you have to be working on strategy every week to over come potential weaknesses of the squad compared to others.