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  1. Any streams?
  2. £10 on a 5-0 win. 130 return fingers crossed..
  3. Traitor, cunt etc... Arsenal bias out of the way now... Not a hope in hell of this signing happening. Guy is made of cheese too.
  4. Kranjcar has always been a very talented player on the ball. Ask Harry Redknapp how good he is. If used correctly, he will probably be the best player in the league this season.
  5. Put bet on 2-0 win, won £100.
  6. My local town probably would have beaten that team LOL.
  7. It isn't a big ask at all, Warburton should be more than good enough to win the league and the signings made to win the title.
  8. That tonight is proof that why anything less than 1st this season is unacceptable. They are fucking hopeless. Must win the league!
  9. The truth is the FA would not even notice Mark Warburton when he would do a very good job for England and give them an identity. One of the reasons I think the title will be won this season coming.
  10. Monaco at his age or Glasgow and look forward to getting assaulted on the pitch because you wear a blue shirt.
  11. Laughable really. I don't know what else you can say.
  12. That Jane journalist has quotes on Twitter calling Rangers fans H***. How is she a paid journalist reporting on this is beyond me. It beggars belief.
  13. You look at the police sometimes and just think it is a big legalized mob.
  14. Reap what you sow.