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  1. Sutton should be on Big Brother. Attention seeking Z list wannabe. I never take anything he says seriously when he is on the TV.
  2. If you actually look at the reality of Joey Barton, he is 34 and has a book coming out and he has to sell himself with his opinions. The guy would give an opinion on a can of tomatoes. He is aiming for the ghastly world of football pundits to get paid hundreds of thousands to sit around talking utter shite. He has to be controversial to achieve that, otherwise no one will employ him due to past actions. It is only his mouth that has kept him relevant.
  3. How does it get out he made a bet anyway?
  4. Something more to the story. Mark Warburton probably thinks he is undermining him.
  5. The team only got promoted into the top division. Celtic are awful but they are just better at the moment. Top 4 finish would be a success with this squad as sad as that is. Need to give it 2 or 3 years IMO before a title is won.
  6. We played horrifically embarrassingly bad vs that lot. I would like to think they are all having words with each other. All of them should be angry right now and going out and winning the next league game. It isn't complicated.
  7. That is the modern world now though and Joey is outspoken, it is just his personality. Going on Twitter is almost as normal now as drinking water.. It is the modern world.
  8. Why is this such a big deal? He just sounds like he wants to win, they should all be fighting with each other over that utterly embarrassing display. They should all be ashamed of themselves. He should not be suspended either, stop treating him like a child. Get on with it for fuck sake.
  9. Higher level of football and not knowing how to defend corners.
  10. Will a day come when the only thing being discussed is the football? Nil by mouth live in some fantasy land. This rivalry is more than football, it is just cultural conflict.
  11. The defending is diabolical. Can Warburton sort it or perhaps a better attack is required to make up for it as maybe he just isn't good at that part of the game.
  12. To be fair its been a few years since playing at this level. Fans are going to have to be more patient. The club is still recovering in many ways.
  13. But it is another clubs property and someone has to end up fixing the fucking mess.
  14. It really is a scumbag thing to do that to be honest. I would ban anyone caught doing that.
  15. Sometimes you just need to accept that they are better than us. I knew they would win today and easily. Its going to take a few years before the team gets to a level which is required to win the league.