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  1. Laughable really. I don't know what else you can say.
  2. That Jane journalist has quotes on Twitter calling Rangers fans H***. How is she a paid journalist reporting on this is beyond me. It beggars belief.
  3. You look at the police sometimes and just think it is a big legalized mob.
  4. Och Shame - Stan Collymore "fired"

    Been sacked by BT sport apparently.
  5. Rst Respond To Collymore

    Says he's getting no support from people within the media and football.
  6. Rst Respond To Collymore

    The evidence is available with his Northern Ireland comments about sending British citizens home from Northern Ireland. That is what he posted on Twitter last year. He is a hypocrite and has no credibility.
  7. Rst Respond To Collymore

    This is bizarre from a sports broadcaster.
  8. Rst Respond To Collymore

    LOL, masons. Is he insane?
  9. Rst Respond To Collymore

    Stan thinks people like me should get on a boat. The guy is more sectarian than anyone I know with that comment.
  10. ***the Official Rangers Vs Raith Rovers Match Thread***

    This game summed up the complete lack of vision at the club and the short term thinking which has left us with this shite. Did no one think about the future and be strategic for the next 10 years and building a team to play properly and develop our own players. I can't believe how short term everything is, it's a mess and one of the reasons for this is the lack of planning.
  11. Charles Green

    Craig Whyte should be in prison.
  12. Smallest Crowd Ever

    It's an utter mess but you should carry on supporting regardless as it will eventually turn around.
  13. ***the Official Rangers Vs Raith Rovers Match Thread***

    Can't attack, can't defend,can't pass and atrocious lack of movement. The team is dreadful, the club is in an awful mess and no manager. A complete clear out required. Not getting promoted would do us a favour as we will just get relegated anyway with this team and the situation surrounding the club. Need serious investment and a long term strategic plan for the future.
  14. ***the Official Rangers Vs Raith Rovers Match Thread***

    Why is anyone shocked or even annoyed when you must know this is the worst rangers team ever. It will take this club 10 years before it's competing for the top title and in the champions league consistently.
  15. Celtic Fan Collection For Young Bear

    They should blame themselves for festering such hatred towards Rangers and it leads to this.