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  1. The standard is higher. It was always going to be different.
  2. It was awful, but that is the pressure of playing for the club. People expect big things.
  3. Why are people comparing last year to this season? Its a different league, better players. So many new players in the squad, its just different. The fact 7 points has been achieved is a huge + for us.
  4. He never downs tools that much is for sure. Gives everything he has. I think he will get better.
  5. Its games like that which win championships, not 4 or 5 nils.
  6. He is a biased cunt but I ain't going to complain to BT about it.
  7. When the ball is put in the box that it is..
  8. Is he any good?
  9. Just think we need to be careful, team spirit will be vital for us this season.
  10. He has a shit attitude as seen at Villa.
  11. Sutton is so biased its unbelievable.
  12. Davis moved for career reasons, the club was an utter shambles at the time.
  13. The team needs defenders, that goal at the weekend was shocking. Either that or Warburton needs to work on them as a unit.