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  1. Everyone knows they are cheats, always have been.
  2. Defend like the last game and it will be ugly. Much better required for this game!
  3. Genius, way ahead of his time. Greatest player to have come from these Islands.
  4. Used to listen to that podcast but not for ages. It has dreadful callers.
  5. Challenging lol. Liverpool perhaps too but it is early. Any of those 3 could win it but who knows...
  6. Premier league is awful. City and Arsenal for the title this season imo.
  7. Need to give him this season and next. Perhaps the team will get better if better players are added.
  8. Strachan is an embarrassment. He was so rude at his press conference to the Scottish fans.
  9. Thing with us now is we try hard in every game, with limited players, I can't fault my country at all right now. Been fantastic for 2 years now.
  10. Strachan is a fucking cunt. Seen a video of him not wanting to take fans questions. Arrogant twat who has done nothing as Scotland manager.
  11. Is it a question of effort or something? How can Scotland not beat Lithuania? Do they even have professional players? Its a disgrace.
  12. Scotland are fucking shite. Disgraceful.
  13. Read the fella was from Larne, devastating. RIP.
  14. With better players they would just be hurting themselves by sitting back for 90 minutes as more often than not those tactics get punished eventually IF you have the right quality of players who can exploit fatigue or mental switch offs. With lesser players adapting strategy is a must, so go a bit more direct, less passes in midfield to not let the opposition just get organised with 9 men behind the ball.
  15. The quality of the players is why they score the goals.