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  2. Hearts and Motherwell don't prove how well we're playing. We've had no problem beating them this season, apart from the game away to Hearts that Morelos got the winner. The previous two games against Hearts, and one against Motherwell, with Morelos in the side we scored 12....
  3. Kyle beard did a 5 stretch already and he's only 25, said at the time it was fuck all to do with us as it would be a suicide mission. If he was one of us then time to step up or shut up and the club should take legal action against all media outlets who blatenly lied and threw our name in the mix just to get our name involved and sell papers. Time to ban these so called rags or the journalists from these rags from Ibrox and stop taking advertising money from them as we don't wish to see the Daily Record/ Sunday mail or The Sun advertised at Ibrox any more.
  4. We should be giving some of the young guys doing well in the development team more time in the first team. How can 4 youngsters come on and change the game, guessing Liverpool made a whole host of changes at half time. I would rather put on one of these guys over the like of Lafferty.
  5. RM --- lets get rid of morelos, he gets sent off when scoring goals all the time RM -- lets keep Rossiter, he will be a player one day despite being injured for the last 5 years name of fuck
  6. Not a chance hes on 20k a week.
  7. First time I’ve wanted Man United to get a result since they played the tarriers in the Champions league..
  8. Bill Struth tried to sign at least two. Both declined, but that wouldn’t match that bile. Wouldn't suit them to write ‘catholics refused’.
  9. I’d shift Coulibally out wide, gives us Flanibally down the left.
  10. @The Dude hows that alternate route coming along ? Or you ready to admit you have ignored this point now because you don't actually understand the situation
  11. I could even understand it if they had nothing to play for, but they're in dire need of the points to get in to the top 4. Bizarre state of affairs.
  12. Under no circumstance should we be doing a minutes silence, or applause, or wear fucking armbands for him.
  13. Meh.He wasn't a Catholic you provided a list of 3 of which 1 was wrong so if you are going to state things as fact do a little research first.
  14. Probably more to do with the fact United are two ahead of them rather than him. Hope to fuck City don’t fuck this.
  15. That seems to be all of them. I know quite a number of Man Utd fans that have that opinion and a couple of them are ST holders at Old Trafford
  16. Meh. Point still stands that statement is factually untrue . We signed Catholics, we signed players who married Catholics. They all played before or around the time of McNeill.
  17. Today
  18. Was Graham Fyfe not a Protestant and married a catholic girl?
  19. I'll be on that list Friday morning when I'm paid
  20. It was one of the objections read out https://www.BOYCOTT THIS LINK/news/local-news/council-approves-irish-republican-march-2738626
  21. On his return, I would stick him on the bench. Let him cool his heels. If he is such a total fucking liability on the pitch, and he is, and every time he plays against a team who will niggle him, he will be a walking bombscare, so leave him out of the starting 11, and we might get at least 15/20 good minutes out of him, on our terms. We are still in this title race. At least until the weekend, when it could all become clearer, but we need to bring our A game right up until the last.
  22. Good .theres too many wrong uns strutting about there anyway .
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