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  1. Anybody who uses law and Daly being out in the event if a poor performance against Berwick should be shot in the face.
  2. Christ, we can bring in Shiels and Templeton for Daly and Law, hardly bringing in a couple of pish players. We should be pissing this game. You'd think we had a team of spastics playing barca til September the way some folk are going on.
  3. Well obviously you can if you want. But our failure wasn't done solely to those isolated incidents, we were generally poor over the 4 games. The sendings off and bulk of poor finishing was the 2 malmo games. It was general shiteness that cost us against maribor.
  4. We went on a good run, but were far from unplayable. We were absolute garbage against Inverness, Aberdeen and st Johnstone. Plus a couple of others. Totally over reliant on naismith and jelavic. Celtic, Motherwell and dunfermline away were our only excellent performances. Most were poor to mediocre. And you can't blame the players alone for 4 shit performances in Europe.
  5. So we wouldn't have a team at all then? It might be a team of weans, but we' d still have a team.
  6. You said we wouldn't have a team if it wasn't for him.
  7. Sensationalist garbage. We might not be as healthy, given McCoist had to back Green before season tickets started selling, but we'd still be hear.
  8. No, they probably want to be proved wrong so we don't have to endure more shite football and have a chance of winning a cup.
  9. Yasssssssssssssss! When did you come back?
  10. Yeah, it was a miracle up there with the Immaculate Conception.
  11. There were protests outside the stadium during Ecks last couple of months.
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