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  1. Aye, we'd sold our strikers and mccoist was rushed back from surgery. Think we lost 2-0.
  2. That he didn't was cause he had a young child he didn't want to uproot, his words. Not out of any loyalty to us, as grateful as I am.
  3. QOS v Rangers

    Doubt QotS asked for it changed due to international call ups.
  4. Do you's think ... just maybe ....

    We should never blindly back anyone, trust AMD backing should be earned.
  5. QOS v Rangers

    They won't be out until date of game is confirmed.
  6. QOS v Rangers

    Is there not a rule about having to be 10 days notice for a game? QotS have a statement on their website saying they have no information on date of game.
  7. QOS v Rangers

    Don't have a sister, maybe my brother bummed you.
  8. QOS v Rangers

    You've got AIDS.
  9. QOS v Rangers

    Anyone heard its to be a midweek game?
  10. QOS v Rangers

    Is Sunday confirmed?
  11. ***The Official Rangers v Berwick Rangers Thread***

    Anybody who uses law and Daly being out in the event if a poor performance against Berwick should be shot in the face.
  12. Flares

    Only from you. Xxxxx
  13. Are all the top tiers closed tomorrow?

    Only thing stopping us doing that is the next round of ramsdens is that weekend.
  14. Flares

    My farts smell of 1st Jans spunk
  15. Flares

    Should probably chuck it til they can do it properly and make it look decent. One poofy wee smoke bomb just looks shit and pointless.