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  1. passing us aff the park,pish
  2. tav your crossing of the ball is sunday league stuff,fucking attrocious.
  3. bazza010

    *** The Official Rangers FC V Paedophile FC***

    Well done Gerrard and players absolutely fucking outstanding.
  4. bazza010

    Don’t give a fuck what anyone says

    Fucking horrendoustotal cheating bastard of a ref
  5. bigtime! cant score goals you aint winning matches like this better players dont miss the chances we had on goal.
  6. its a fucking elbow craigan ya prick
  7. no no no no just fucking no mo
  8. cmon Rangers last minute winner
  9. worral you are lucky boy
  10. aw fuck that , no wonder you cost us only 200k that is garbage,
  11. we are far too static in the box when the crosses come in, its fucking terrible!
  12. fucking square it ffs grrrrrrrr