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  1. Decaf tea and nicotine is how I start my day. Has fuck all to do with my opinion.
  2. Another fuckin bollocks signing, if it happens, by our clueless manager. Another example of his lack of vision, his inability to build a team and a waste of a third season in a row. As for Boyd coming home, fuckin pish. Really went on to bigger and better things when he fucked off before. Fuckin living in the past. Who we going to sign for the top flight? Albertz? Gio Van B? Barry Ferguson?
  3. On my way too bro. Liked the joke btw :-))
  4. Fuckin hot in Lanzarote the now. Sorry chaps ;-) A wee 5-0 I reckon. Olè.
  5. Go and start a fuckin thread then. Or at least have the savvy to read this one before jumping in.
  6. When it comes to us and them, there should be absolutely no contact or friendships between managers, players, staff or fans. Fuck every single one of the bastards. I have managed to get through my 47 years thus far without the need to befriend one or let one in my house. No intentions of changing that.
  7. The Haymarket Latte Loyal has arrived. No fuckin latte in sight :-(
  8. Pish. You are a selfish scab cunt, end of.
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