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  1. Right here goes ..

    Furious aye!!! Gutted no I am beginning to just accept this. Unbelievable my week would have been fucked now it's just a game. Always next time eh
  2. Where Are My Heroes

    The most frustrating part is, I don't come away with pride supporting my heroes anymore. The buzz and adrenalin rush is no longer there. The camaraderie of the fans on the big day is gone. Struggling to get a pint in the stadium bar is no longer ,(pun included) plus many, many more going back a generation or two. I know I am setting myself up here but there you go, and where I and my children sit will remain to myself the now.
  3. Where Are My Heroes

    Thank you my friend
  4. Where Are My Heroes

    What's the fucking point eh!
  5. Where Are My Heroes

    Ever since I knew the shape of a football I was a Ranger. Rangers have been the dominant force in my life, indeed it has shaped my life from the friends I have, to the woman I have had in my life and the woman I have now. I have taught my children what it means to be a Ranger, I have made career sacrifices, I have spent every penny and loaned more to follow my heroes. I have been through the thick and thin like us all for many years. I am now really struggling with this. I know to some it is only a game of football but to me it's my life. I truly believe I am going into depression. I really don't want to be the laughing stop anymore. Personally I don't often post on here but follow this site relentlessly. I don't know what I am trying to say but I am at the moment truely lost. I am pleading with my heart for anyone who is a Ranger who can and is lucky enough to have the resources to help my club and my ailing life to step up. My god if I won that £160 million all those years back I would put every penny into my club. I am sorry to post this but I am truely, truely devastated.
  6. Wolves Fan In Peace

    Agh the auld ane's lol
  7. Wolves Fan In Peace

    My partner is from Wolverhampton
  8. Arbroath player Paul McManus - bitter

    He is the cousin of Tam McManus who used to play for Hibs!