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  1. You're spot on with this. We give them the ammunition and they use it. We know where the songs emanate from so it should be able to be deal with it
  2. Why do so called journalists ask so many stupid questions
  3. Alwaysblue


    Playing deeper than during his previous time with us. Allows him to view what’s in front of him and read the game better. Thought he was outstanding today
  4. They don’t sell many papers now!!
  5. Thanks. Had no idea who he was
  6. Can I just ask? Who is Matt Lindsay?
  7. Who indeed when you can get a perfectly good service from RTV!!!😂
  8. Don’t know how many heard the simpletons on Clyde 1 last night complaining about the penalty decisions. Now the intersting thing is it is unlikely they would have subscribed to RTV. Obviously they were watching illegal streams. Surely as a bona fida broadcaster, Clyde should be passing their details to the appropriate authorities for subsequent prosecution
  9. I too am old enough to remember Ian Storey-Moore. If I recall accurately he dropped the “Storey” bit as he felt the double barrelled name made him sound too posh
  10. That picture bheggars belief 🇬🇧🇬🇧
  11. Before this season they got the whole Broomloan Stand. We got less than half behind the goal at their place. I really don't want to ever step inside that midden ever again, so lets just keep it as it was today. Its our home game.
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