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  1. In the Champions League it was the 3-0 against Lyon in the Stade Gerland
  2. Can't seem to recall it
  3. Aye, just ask me
  4. Andy Goram, Richard Gough, Ian Durrant
  5. They really weren't, had Miller taken one of his two chances, or Naismith lobbed Van Der Sar, could easily have been so different.
  6. My comment: It's in the memory of two awful disaster which not only affected those killed, obviously, but their family, friends and communities. These tragedies should never be forgotten, beautiful banner. You all need a long hard look at yourselves, we're only remembering our fallen friends. ABSENT FRIENDS
  7. left a comment
  8. Well done Rangers, done us proud and we can hold our heads up high. We are the people, bring on Dublin
  9. Let's get fucking stuck into these bastards and their plastic support! ALTOGETHER NOW...!
  10. He's done zilch to deserve all the hype surrounding him and whenever he plays half decent it seems to be in glimpses. Not bad back up though.
  11. you what ya fuckin spastic?

  12. Think Walters just scared to bring on direct, pacy players as they may make next to no impact due to being booted off the park by the thugs the SPL call defenders.
  13. Britain's best keeper atm, and if we were to sell him, which I hope to god we don't, I'd be looking for at least 10mil, seeing as Craig Gordon went for 9.