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  1. you what ya fuckin spastic?

  2. Winning ugly is what Champions do, but we desperately need some spark in the middle of the field, Davis was posted missing today and has had an iffy season overall. Lee was hopeless, even though I have stood up for him before on here, he really does need a boot up the arse. And the quicker Jelavic is back the better, as Miller needs some competent help up top. Please save us Mr Whyte, we need a playmaker!
  3. Although he's scored, Miller's been looking lazy and like he canny be arsed lately. Cant wait til Nikos back to provide him with a competent partner.
  4. Get Eremenko signed up in January, save Craig Whyte some millions and buy a new centre half and a new right back
  5. Come on to fuck man. It's Kilmarnock! Apart from Eremenko they're a bunch of clogging diddies. We need Weiss to have a run at them!
  6. http://www.heraldscotland.com/sport/spl/aberdeen/one-in-a-million-1.445776
  7. OLE SUPER RANGERS, are you scott stevenson?
  8. this : http://boards.footymad.net/forum.php?tno=4&fid=27&sty=2&act=1&mid=2119600489
  9. I'd rather they didn't wear a poppy, our grandfathers would have been disgusted had they known they would be fighting for people like THEM. They are a disgrace to humanity and should be gassed
  10. Sent to the Sun: Dear Sir/Madam, I am writing in hope that your publication may shed light on the truly despicable banner on show at Celtic Park today against Aberdeen. This time of year is one for remembrance and reflection, not only in order for us to thank all the servicemen and women who fought to give us the freedoms we have today, but also to refelct on ourselves and what we are like as people. I certainly hope those in the Celtic support who helped present this banner today will do exactly that, as they are nothing but low life scum: http://boards.footymad.net/forum.php?tno=4&fid=27
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