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  1. Pena

    You are funny!!
  2. Good Luck Pedro

    Usually agree with you mate but cannot on Pedro the donkey who has seriously embarrassed our club and just fucked off with £500K in his pouch for being a class one fud. Should not have been appointed, should have been fired at the end of last season, should have been fired after being humped in Europe by a club that had never won a euro tie and should have been fired for the blowing £12M on duds. Disgrace of a man. He will never darken our door again!
  3. Pedro for the chop

    His players so he is accountable. No dispute. Should pack his beads and go now.
  4. Anybody gonna try and defend Pedro now?

    Hope his plan includes a taxi, an airport, a plane. And a one way ticket dated this week. Man is a fucking clueless embarrassment.
  5. Open season on our players?

    We are a team of beadrattling shitebag pussies.....I wonder why! comes from our embarrassment of a manager.
  6. Wish Cardoso a speedy recovery

    TMB - may not be better but honest and will try. That is more important than better non trying pish?
  7. Wish Cardoso a speedy recovery

    Thank fuck, hopefully there are multiple youth prospects because we need them in place of this shower of shite.
  8. Wish Cardoso a speedy recovery

    Another pussy, needs to man up! On twitter moaning, should be in fucking hiding and ashamed of his performance. Another fucking useless beadrattling coward.
  9. There seems to be de ja vu on this forum

    He is a clueless fuckwit. Seems to be capable of everything bar selecting a winning team with the commitment and desire to win an important match. Not even a difficult important match....fuck it was Motherwell.
  10. Agreed, but he does play a mean pass back to the keeper. Unfortunately, it is constant and the fucker doesn't pass forward regardless of the score line. rember this was the shitebag that was unfit for the taig game but miraculously was ok for Portugal just after. Shitebag shitebag shitebag!
  11. Alves is nothing but a washed up beadrattling whimpering pussy. A Rangers captain? By fuck our once proud standards have slipped a long way.
  12. Things we can all agree on

    Agreed. Get him a taxi.
  13. Referee today

    100% agreement. We know we get nothing from refs but you would expect our manager to be trying for a Rangers win. This cunt is simply useless.
  14. Goalkeeper - Wrong Choice

    You should always start with your strongest team, every game without exception. Another example of our manager being fucking useless. Get him to fuck now. Embarrassment of a man.
  15. Pedro Addicted to winning

    This clowns lost the fucking plot, he couldn't spell winning let alone do it consistently.