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  1. Remind me how many trophies we have lifted in his time at Rangers and of his 79 goals, how many were against the tarriers?
  2. Calm yer jets, it was fucking st mirren. Canna score against the tarriers and still a huffy cunt!
  3. Aye, if the ticket office send your code! Useless cunts.
  4. I've got the car fuelled and engine running....where is the huffy wee cunt? Looking forward to playing with eleven on the field this season 🇬🇧🔴⚪️🔵🇬🇧
  5. All 3 games should be played, or all 3 games should be rearranged. There must be consistency. Personally, I would relegate the bastards and bring Hearts back up. That gives them until October to get their act together. Dumb cunts.
  6. It's usually every cunt, any cunt but looks this time like nae cunt for a very long while! Wee Krankie will be having none of it.
  7. From Saturday, when they pull on the Rangers jersey their only thought should be on winning each and every game to deliver the title. Full stop. 🔴⚪🔵
  8. Being held for the forthcoming lawsuits! They are fucked.
  9. You are in good form tonight.
  10. I tell you, its that 5G..........causing the non existent virus!
  11. 100% useless cunt. We are Rangers. He is a hired hand who will be moved on shortly.
  12. .......but you can wave to your photo when you are watching the games on the telly!
  13. Always sad to hear. All the very best Scott.
  14. Laughed when I read this ; All fixtures remain subject to change. The August 1 start date remains subject to approval from the Scottish Government and the season duration remains at the discretion of Scum FC.
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