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  1. A message to our greatest fanboys

    Agree! I never lasted long before I got a week's suspension followed by a ban on my very next post. Brimming with taig lovers.
  2. Pena

    There...fixed that for you.
  3. First half substitutions

    Yeah pulled his hamstring. Next time we seen him he was up front.
  4. Jason Holt

    You are a hard man to please. Tries 100% and will be pleased as fuck you don't pick the team.
  5. MOH

    Goes to show this madcap integration project has failed. Get them all oot! Taig bastards will never fight our cause.
  6. MOH

    KNOB. Fuck off and take micky o' fuckwit with you.
  7. Rm

    Too many apartheid scholars on here for my like.....get the fuck. Lets get back to our roots, before it's too late.
  8. Andy Halliday speaks

    There's some fucking monos in our support these days. Must be linked to accepting tarrier cunts into the family. Welcome home Andy. Get fucking into them!
  9. Bob Malcolm - Video

    A good honest player of good stock. Not the best but we could be doing with players of his character and his love of our club. No surrender Boab FTP??????
  10. Arthur Numan

    Speaks volumes about our Arthur! No Surrender??????
  11. Tavernier

    Behave. The money he is on, he should be playing to that standard every fucking week!
  12. Absolutely gutted

    With you 100% my friend. Always expect to beat that shitey mob!??????
  13. Absolutely gutted

    Correct mate. Short selling us fans.
  14. Alves needs to go

    A bit of heat and sunshine will do him good.....even better if he stays there permanently! Never trusted a man with a ponytail. Ross and Bruno......what a pair! Of useless shitebags.
  15. Alves needs to go

    Been here before with this big shitebag. Was seriously pissed off to see him standing in the tunnel wearing the armband. What a role model for our younger players! Waste of a salary and a clean shirt.