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  1. will2203

    JOE DODOO Player of the month

    Good to hear but there is a bit of a difference between playing for the Rangers and playing for Blackpool!
  2. will2203

    Sports psychologist

    Naw, he needs a fucking Psychiatrist.
  3. will2203

    ***Official Dundee v Rangers Thread***

    Fucking shite performance again!
  4. will2203

    Morelos discipline

    Stop the fucking excuses, he is a fucking walloper. As soon as you see the faces you know the cunts heading for a red. Absolute disgrace!
  5. will2203

    Andy Halliday

    Too far....he is just a fanny!
  6. will2203


    ......and in Mexico the little useless cunt should stay. Never ever a footballer worthy of gracing a Rangers jersey.
  7. will2203


    Aye but the time it takes him to go down in stages, the game would have ended and the cameras switched off so no gain for his pathetic self pitying!
  8. will2203

    Steven davis

    Fuck off ya poof.
  9. Fucking embarrassing! Nothing else to say.
  10. will2203

    25 years ago today this happened

    Yeah, remember that too! Good memories.??????
  11. Go follow the tarriers then. Plenty of green and grey taps for tossers like you.
  12. will2203


    Defo less than 10!
  13. will2203

    The Buffalo of Buchanan street

    He will be watching the coffee shops and sending pics, fucking perv. We used to have such high standards!
  14. will2203

    Games Moved For Tele (December)

    Fucking spoilt the semis. So it's the sheep v child abusers in the final? Nae chance - you're a donkey! ???????
  15. will2203

    Message from the club

    No Brian, we is plural so it is we are Rangers, super Rangers! Fuck you are just no getting this.