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  1. Would have kept Clark on just to see if he could score and get a bit of confidence going. Thought he's played well tonight.
  2. The quality of our goals today had been superb.
  3. Excellent first half, same again please in the 2nd.
  4. Looking forward to the game tonight. And I have to say that I'm glad it's not the Seahawks we're playing, lets hope Kaepernick has another great game, maybe the threat of his running game will open up the pass. Neither defence is playing well at the moment, but IMO, we have the better front 7, and will be able to get to Ryan.......hopefully. Cant see the Ravens winning either, so I'm going for a 9'ers v Pats SB.
  5. Washington should have benched Griffin after he started limping at the 2nd touchdown. IMO, it cost them the game, and may have got him seriously hurt. In saying that, Seattle have a really good team, and I don't think Atlanta will be looking forward to meeting them. As a 49'ers fan, I look forward to playing them after we take care of the Packers :-)
  6. Another great performance from the 9'ers. We're apparently the first team to run for over 300yards, and pass for over 300 yards in the same game. And credit to Alex Smith, I'm not his biggest fan, but he was excellent. Got to mention the defence too, 3 points allowed in 2 games, can't do much better than that.
  7. After last weeks loss, nice to see the 49'ers deeeeeeeeestroy the Jets
  8. McCulloch, rightly or wrongly, will get always get a game this season if he's fit. IMO, his place is upfront, and shouldn't be anywhere near the midfield. In saying that, it's not the time for negativity. Also, nice to see Aird get a start. Going for a 2-1 win, but we have to start quickly.
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