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  1. Welcome big guy. Have high hopes this will be a great signing
  2. There's definitely a player in there. Maybe he just had to sort out his attitude first, before showing us what he's capable of.
  3. I have to say that this is a nice start to our Euro campaign
  4. I know sometimes players just don't take to certain clubs/country's, but you don't get to play for Croatia unless you're a decent player. Let's the guy one more chance
  5. That's the spirit. Let's just give the guy a chance after a decent pre season. I have a feeling he'll do pretty well.
  6. Welcome to the greatest club in the world George 👍
  7. Would have kept Clark on just to see if he could score and get a bit of confidence going. Thought he's played well tonight.
  8. The quality of our goals today had been superb.
  9. Excellent first half, same again please in the 2nd.
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