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  1. Good to get a home tie , but we need to get past Willem first. Dont think that will be easy
  2. He's nothing but a bitter scumbag, thats trying and failing miserably to be controversial
  3. George McLean 1966 I thought i was younger than that
  4. You'd like to think that at the referees review meeting(or whatever it's called), he'd be getting a few strange looks after that, and told to get a grip of himself. Or.....will it be the usual high 5's all around 🤔
  5. Quite a few changes, looking forward to see how Roofe and Itten do, now they're on from the start. Have us -2, optimistic loyal 😁
  6. We still haven't worked out how to play against a team that sits in.
  7. Really sad news. What a player he was. RIP big man
  8. Fuck me, whats the point of writing that shite.
  9. Two fantastic players, but Laudrup wins by a short head
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