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  1. You'd like to think that at the referees review meeting(or whatever it's called), he'd be getting a few strange looks after that, and told to get a grip of himself. Or.....will it be the usual high 5's all around ­čĄö
  2. Brilliant, what a start to the weekend. A win tomorrow would make it even better.
  3. That's the exact same advice I was going to give him, although I would have told him to get 2
  4. Just get it done ffs. This is quickly taking over my life.
  5. I really hope that's it done and dusted now. It's been far too long. Would be a nice wee boost for the players & management too.
  6. Have been in East Kilbride for about 18 years, Glasgow South side before that.
  7. Hopefully he'll have a speedy recovery. All the best big man.
  8. Good result, game died a death slightly when we made a few subs, but well done Scotland.
  9. Don't think so. Were too negative.
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