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  1. You'd like to think that at the referees review meeting(or whatever it's called), he'd be getting a few strange looks after that, and told to get a grip of himself. Or.....will it be the usual high 5's all around 🤔
  2. Whatever he does, he shouldn't be the qb of the Pats. He says he probably won't retire, but if he does go to another team, and it goes pear shaped, will people remember that season or his career, which has been spectacular.
  3. Interesting to see what happens with Brady now. Surely the Pats have to look to the future now.
  4. Yeah, think The Ravens are the best team. Agree about the Pats, don't look that great. Can't discount Seattle sadly
  5. I wonder if people will start taking the 9'ers seriously now. Great win against the cheese heads.
  6. Yeah, was a brilliant game. Gutted to lose to the Seahawks but as you say, it's only one game. Next 3 should be good too
  7. Similar, first game I watched was between the 9'ers and Cowgirls. Followed the 9'ers ever since, through the good times, the bad, and the downright abysmal.
  8. Not been his biggest fan, but he played really well tonight. If only he could an attacking threat.
  9. Still hoping Barisic will come good, but that hope's fading very quickly. Why not give Polster a shot, we did with Flanagan.
  10. That's just made my night 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
  11. We absolutely needed that win....huge goal 👍
  12. Long suffering 49'ers fan. Hoping(and this is a long shot), that we can sneak a play off spot this season. Will be interesting to see how the Brown's do, and also see if Mahomes can recreate what he did last season.
  13. I agree he didn't have the best season but I reckon he's still better than Halliday and Flanagan. Willing to give him a chance, but I admit that he has to up his game, which I'm hoping he will
  14. Ok, fair enough, I get that. But in my opinion, he's the best left back we have just now, and am willing to give him a chance. Could we get better, of course we could. And if that happens, then great.
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