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  1. Into them Rangers tough game today, a draw or a narrow victory for us. Hope I'm wrong & we hammer them.
  2. Best away day for ages for me sober for a change & the songs the young guys around us sang were quality, loving this season so far WATP
  3. Training exercise for fringe players & still won 5-0 brilliant Rangers no surrender
  4. What a difference a couple of months makes we looking stunning
  5. I think it will be a cagey 1-1 draw hope I'm wrong & we hammer them giving us confidence to face Hibs.
  6. We have no chance of promotion a glimmer of hope after Hibs game now back to normal.
  7. Another shite night but expected maybe too late for McCall to get us promotion. I detest some of our players.
  8. See when McCall drops a lot of these duds next game they can't say they didn't get there chance, today was the very end for some of they lazy wage thieving bastards.
  9. its RM grief comes with the territory lol, good all round if if happens sooner rather than later.
  10. Hopefully McDowall and McCoist depart without pay with McCall coming in.
  11. I think we will see changes sooner rather than later Ibrox won't be fill again this season with that shite on the park Rangers fans are not stupid.
  12. same against Falkirk last week the man is a useless cunt.
  13. Anybody who thinks Ibrox will be fill for the rest of the season is deluded, attendances have been falling rapidly all season & it's mainly due to the shite on the park, the boardroom wars was the excuse a lot of people needed to stop going. I hate this current squad of players they have short changed the loyal fans.
  14. Expected disaster came true, I can't even get angry anymore.
  15. Tried all day yesterday & night system like RM fukked, went into ticket office back of 9 bought 2 no problems.
  16. At the start of the season did it have option for semi final & final tickets or did you have to take take every cup game this season as a package? Can't remember if I ticked box have away tickets.
  17. Fans getting taken for mugs again, Rangers my arse.
  18. Scandalous from the management & coward players hang your heads in shame & leave our club asap please.
  19. Just knew they cowards wouldn't be up for entertaining the fans today, I'm glad I didn't make the effort the imposters are so predictable. Even if we score 4 in second half the damage has been done. Voting with your feet is the only way to defeat these embarrassments.
  20. Fair play to the bears going today the weather is minging, hope the players give you a performance worth watching. 4-2 Rangers.
  21. No warming up properly in cold conditions fukking joke no Macleod then for 2 months, only player in the team worth watching
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