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  1. Celtic got knocked out of Europe twice in one season but didn't this happen in the Europa league 2 or 3 years back? It's the second time them and only them have done this.... Correct. Sorry if in wrong place.
  2. Ryback wont be Cena for the title rest assured Cena will have that title for a good few months yet..... Cena will NEVER lose special matches for example Ambulance, I quit etc etc as it would ruin his imagine about never quitting and giving up! When he loses the title its likely to be against a returning punk or by outside interferance from the Shield for example.
  3. That's cheered me up after that idiot Blue_snib comment I cant report him so can someone do it for me?
  4. Please keep these comments to yourself my uncle recently died and had down-syndrome and this is not acceptable. I'll also have you know he had such a great and bubbly character he is and was 10 of you. thanks for ruining my night.
  5. See relax lads :-) It's simple we need to start better and not need a goal against to start us going.
  6. Well to be honest I would rather concede now than 10mins from the end.... hopefully again the kick up the arse we need.
  7. I think we need to close this one now unless boggers can get on and show us some saucy numbers its time to either move from the den or say goodnight forever.
  8. Every time I see this thread come back my heart skips a beat....... Then let down by no pictures
  9. Watch this space, place your bets please its all been agreed. Ssshh!
  10. Wow -3 that is a cracking bet! Piggy bank smashed, coat on.
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