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  1. Hey mate. How are things? Not seen you on in ages. What happened to the blog, noticed it was no longer available.

    Hope you are doing ok.

  2. RANGERS: McGregor; Whittaker, Bougherra, Broadfoot, Papac; Davis, Edu, McCulloch, Ortiz; Naismith; Jelavic. SUBS: Alexander, Healy, Fleck, Wallace, Wylde, Hemmings, Bendiksen. This is the team.
  3. Right let me get started by saying, YASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS. Ok anyways another thing to get out the way Dbbtb Daniel Bryan!!! Right so women's match meh! Big show & Mark henry glad henry got the win needed it to go that way. Christian spitting thing was rotten but good and glad he won it! The Smackdown money in the bank Though it was great sin cara took that well, but like I'v said from the start glad he's away for 30 days needs to realise can't do what he's done! I really like Wade Barret think he should step up and be one of the big main event guys with Bryan and Christian & Orton. The raw one, unmasking of rey was brilliant loved it & thought it was a good match but Alberto Del Rio winning it? Have I missed something was he not number one contender! Ah Well. OK CM Punk Vs Cena.....shite...... How good was that I loved the old school, slow wrestling style with the submission moves and the old style stuff, the crowd was fucking superb! CM Punk is fantastic, but let's not forget takes two to make the match Cena done fantastic to build this all up. End of the day I now think in my eyes I'll be talking less and less about The Attitude Era. Hopefully on tonight's Raw and all shows from now there is far, far more stuff like that to come!
  4. *something as stupid

  5. Exactly mate. I certainly can get carried away but one thing I hate is when some tosser on the internet calls you deluded or an idiot because you don't rate someone like Fletcher. Have a habit of replying and sticking up for myself, need learn to just ignore them. Sometimes I will then reply with someone as stupid as what they say, which I need to stop, haha. Looking forward to game tomorrow?

  6. Haha, some people actually do believe he would have stopped Xavi and Iniesta. :( For some reason every time I have a debate on here the same thing applies. People make wrong assumptions on what I actually said. Secondly I get made out be the bad one when others make comments with stuff saying retarded, idiotic first. *sighs* That will be something different, did he play against Rangers? :P

  7. Hey bro, enjoyed your latest blog. Agreed with most of it bar some the Davis stuff. Better not make a Darren Fletcher blog :P

  8. Just posted on Twitter, I've got a feeling he'll lose and get fired. (Rest or make a movie or something)
  9. OMG, watching Wrestlemania 26. Just so weird how different things are now. Big show & The Miz tag champions. R - Truth is MUCH better as a heel, not saying he's shite at babyface just brilliant at what he's doing just now. This is still weird
  10. Mate everything you wrote there except the Ziggler and del rio feud (cause never saw it) Totally agree. Just finished watching the Eilmination Chamber an him and Mysterio were brilliant, will miss him like. Loved the Business and I'll defo be buying the dvd. Well off to watch Smackdown
  11. Watching Elimination Chamber from this year, and I came to the conclusion. I miss Edge
  12. Aw god not a clue I can barley remember it mate. Would love to go to another one though.
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