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  1. there was just no need for that
  2. its just a pity you were shit at it.......take that bitch
  3. i didnt even know they were playing this week, just posted what was put on, if its a load o shite, fair enough no harm in a post
  4. 13 Jul 2011 13:03:48 STV News update, Rangers faxed Dundee United this morning with a bid thought to be about 1.5 million + add ons depending on experience, if he starts tonight rangers will drop all interest, also Rangers have contact Nigel Reo Cokers agent about a possible signing hes on around 30k p/w from rangers rumours WATP *\o/ KRISTOFER got this as a facebook update from a rangers page, probably a load of shite but there u go
  5. ill be honest, no idea what indian giver means, i could have googles it, but fuck it
  6. ive decided your no longer getting the twix
  7. I hate glinton, but I like him also, hes the kind of guy id punch then give him a twix
  8. haye is gonna feel like a tit if all these tricks dont work
  9. to be honest twitter is a pointless for personal use, if your updating stuff yourself, its best to use facebook, unless your famous its pointless to use socially, its mainly for following famous people and reading the stupid shit they put on it. or follow porn stars, they post pictures
  10. you can comment on their tweet ya sweaty ball bag or if you add their username they will see it, so if i was like "hey @bigbawslinton your a cunt" ud see it
  11. that was a bit uncalled for mr linton. now im gonna have to stab you
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