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  1. Appreciate you're taking the piss but it's actually recommended to cross your arms when using the excercise bike as it means that you're solely working your leg muscles!
  2. I was told he "blew away" the guys who were interviewing him. Apparently he had a fantastic interview... I'm reluctant to be optimistic about this guy because of Paul Le Guen but who knows? Maybe i'm just a pessimist!
  3. Transfer wise we've spent the second highest in the country. Wage wise we've spent the second highest in the country. The fact is we aren't getting what we are paying for. Second place isn't acceptable for Rangers Football Club - the fact we're even contemplating finishing 3rd or 4th is beyond me.
  4. You're absolutely stinking by the way.
  5. Barrie McKay under a decent coach and manager would be a very valuable asset for Rangers. Technically he's up there with the best in our game at the moment. In all seriousness, have a look at the video below and you'll realise we take for granted having a kid like this in our team. Everything we create seems to come from either him or Tavernier. If someone comes in to work on his end product and work on the areas of his game that need tweaked then he can be a mainstay in a good Rangers side in years to come. Thankfully theres a few of the youth players who look like they have massive potential, for me it's about bringing in a manager who knows how to get the best out of youth talent and develop them on. Frank de Boer has an excellent record of doing this as saw by his time at Ajax. Frank de Boer will make us more money than we will ever pay him. That I am sure of. It's about whether the board have the funds to back up all of their cheap talk and to be honest I don't think they do.
  6. The past and the next few years are in my opinion the most important in our clubs history. We could lose a lot of the younger generation which could shape the clubs future. From anyone who doesn't come from a Rangers-mad family, can you imagine growing up as a kid and watching Scottish football.. who in their right mind would want to support us in our current state. It just seems to be bad headline after bad headline and bad performance after bad performance. The board seriously need to get their act together and put up or shut up! Club 1872, Sons of Struth and all these "fans" groups need to also get their heads out of their arses and speak for the wider fanbase who aren't friendly at boardroom level!
  7. If the actions of this board were being done by people who weren't supposed Rangers men they would have been chased out long ago. Unfortunately our "fans groups" leaders all seem to be in on the old pals act with the current board and so you wont see many protests like we saw before. It's all about personal ego's and how they can improve them. About time we get someone on a fans group that actually speaks for the fans and not for themselves!
  8. Struggle to see Murty changing the system or formation.. It's the same formation he's been using for the U20's so can imagine it wont differ too much. Line-up is a different matter. We'll see if he has balls to drop the underperformers or if he' s going to be nicey nicey and stick with the same to keep the ego's happy. Regardless, we'll have a new manager in atleast until the end of the season come Wednesday.
  9. Anyone got a link that works on the iPhone for this? Come on the bears!
  10. Appreciate it's a very long shot here but was looking to try and get a hold of 2 tickets for Sundays game against them. Wasn't fortunate to be chosen in the ballot and didn't think i'd have been able to make it due to work but i've now had a change of circumstances and can get to the game if any kind bear is able to offer 2 tickets. Cheers guys!
  11. Remember back in 2013 when we got the brand new state of the art £500,00 team bus from Bruce's and it was set alight a month later.. It just popped into my head and it got me thinking if we ever got the culprits for this? And also if we got a replacement? Bit irrelevant I suppose but got me wondering if this was another crime against us that was sweeped under the carpet.
  12. Not worth the risk on that pitch to be fair mate. Will start on Monday & then against Burnley!
  13. The guy is absolutely rapid for a big guy..
  14. Nothing to do with maths buddy. Their owner wants to use Football Manager as their main scout basically. The game gives you a player potential on every player and for the most part its actually fairly accurate but warburton didnt want to go down the route of trusting a computer game for his recruitment and thats why they came to a disagreement. Can see Warburtons point when he has just signed Tavernier who on football manager has poor potential, when in reality he's playing unbelievable.
  15. The players will see these two new posters when they enter & leave the changing room tonight. https://twitter.com/rangersfc/status/646356455168282624