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  1. Great winning runs from PSG, the season has really kicked-off now
  2. Great result for PSG. Well done Ibra !
  3. When PSG have got their first victory they'll go on winning easily imo. And Pastore got the best goal occasion of the first half in that game. The players don't seem to be at 100% yet. Ibra and Motta can be forgiven, but the likes of Pastore Menez and Nene should do better.
  4. If only menez shot on target from time to time he'd easily be one of the top attacking players in europe !
  5. Don't think GB team will go far tbh. But I think I'm gonna create it on FM
  6. Great ceremony ! Danny Boyle is a genius, it was quite entertaining
  7. It's great fun actually ! It's the middle of the season and my team is 1st 9 points clear of the second. C'mon Jönkoping I prefer doing this kind of challenge, I am always bored when I start in a good club lol.
  8. Started a career with the lowest rank of experience and unemployed. I am the coach of Jönkoping Södra (Swedish div 2). I took the job halfway through the season and I managed to save them from being relegated. Now I'm still there and I am in 2nd place. With the lowest level of experience, can a good club want to employ me if I do very well with this kind of poor clubs ?
  9. At last a thread on la Ligue 1 in RM
  10. I started a career with the shitest reputation and unemployed ! After a few days some club of Ukranian div 2 offered me a contract. Now I'm there and it's quite fun tbh. I don't like chosing a good team from the start, I prefer having tough times in shite club and climbing up to success lol.
  11. They bought massively this summer in order to avoid any trouble next year
  12. Aye ! If the Hollande tax is passed, they will have to pay 70 millions euros to Ibra so that he may still earn 14 millions despite the new tax lol. PSG's owners could buy messi and CR7 if they wanted. But thanks god money can't buy everything
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