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  1. At least shagger has the balls to challenge the wee snivelling prick at the end. And got booked in the process
  2. Bill Leckie...... the company he keeps, enough said
  3. 100% That’s that place al over the back. Back stabbing turn coat fucks. Give us ur £ but don’t swear or say anything mildly offensive. wouldn't be surprised if they were behind the everyone anyone campaign
  4. Spent most of the game bouncing about the living room singing along. They were an absolute credit the night. Loud and proud through I was Uber envoys of not being there. Take a bow no surrender
  5. Jones has still to come into it. But as he’s our player keep firing him in. I can fully get behind bedding Aribo in. But that’s stamps the reason why ojo gets a hard time. Not our player not our responsibility.
  6. It’s devastating. I Will take the qualification, I’d have bit your hand off before the group. but there is escaping what could have been in the last few games onwards and upwards tho
  7. All kicking off with alky Rod Stewart. Rangers claiming he was asked to leave and it was rod who confronted the directors son. apparently demanding an on-air apology from fat Brazil fucking into them Rangers!
  8. I will be taking the trip up there myself tomorrow to say goodbye. Just in that I can’t decide wither to wear a shirt or wear my orange football top. What’s the general consensus on that? Under normal circumstances i’d Opt for the shirt but I feel the orange top is more fitting for Fernando. I’m Probably over thinking it.
  9. Two unbelievably true and Marked points. Tonight is a real turning point. A result we can be proud of. Too soon to say Gdansk?.... into them Rangers 💙
  10. Don’t think it matters what we sing. It’s clear there is an agenda here. My prediction is we will get a stadium closure regardless of our song book on Thursday. They have already decided.
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