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  1. You know what, Manchester may not be big enough. EC013700-B482-4B6C-9472-F58F49D1E605.MOV
  2. Gerrard agreed 100% but you don’t make a sub that late on defending a corner. Especially a player that is no where near match sharp. end of the day that is not been the difference. And i have seen enough to believe we are finally on the right track. as you said Gerrard is proved his worth and I believe will learn from this season and guide us back where we belong.
  3. The points we threw away this season are so hard to take. celtic did now win the league we gave them it. Lee Wallace at fir park 92nd min defending a corner always sticks in my throat. Lee wallace love the guy thoroughly deserved his cameo against Aberdeen but why the fuck do you bring on a sub in injury time thats not played in almost 1/2 a season. That was rookie from Gerrard. Let mm be clear no matter what cups and Aberdeen aside on the whole massive improvement on last season hibs fiasco too . We have the foundations for a winning side. Gerrard MUST win the league and stop the tragedy. To have any chance of being Liverpool manager he has staked his reputation on this, and if by some miracle NL gets the tim job i am more than confident.
  4. So fitting in this case 🇬🇧
  5. 😂 after missing those 5 straight reds i will light a candle for him. His house will probably get broken into soon. And Bitton 😂🤣 its too funny to say your one of there own. The german enigma machine made more sense.😂🤣
  6. Prey for Clancy. He was clearly cheating today. Those 5 pens we had today were bang out of order. (Daily record quoted headline there)
  7. Yes. We are light years ahead of were we were last season. We lost the league this year. But what gets me is we were mediocre building towards something. They fenian rebels were they’re for the taking. Head to head we were on top this season. buzzing for next season to get under way. Hopefully NL and brown will be there to witness the famous take there place at the pinnacle of Scottish football.
  8. Weah’s maw is still signing her mistake’s republican scum lulu-byes. That will give me comfort after coming so Close. Cards on the table, everyone here wants neil “walk on water” lennon to get the job. Gerrard is lightyears ahead of him. House of cards facing a strong wind. It’s beginning to feel alot like Rangers.
  9. Lee Griffiths. He won’t be playing football anymore......... oh oh oooh ooh. respect were its due. Thats why lee Griffiths won’t be playing football anymore. Earn respect fenian scum.
  10. Bobo baldé telling tav he’s won nothing😂😂🤣🤣 the brew man in person two years bleeding them dry😂 girfu! You no mark cunt 😂😂🤣🤣🤣 of all people to pipe up they truly are the gift that keeps on giving
  11. I thought the same. Cunts getting clapped for knocking the ball out of play, then Gouldson motm what was that all about. he was a bomb scare and not in the Konterman sort of way! They were dreadful and we done our usual score. Sit in and invite trouble.
  12. Horrific lunge, I remember thinking it was wild watching it live, replay shows just how dangerous it was. On one hand its a joke the kind of challenges these teams are getting away with against us, on the other i’m even more saddened to say a team had bullied us.
  13. They Should have went for windass, his da will vouch for him.
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