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  1. Horrific lunge, I remember thinking it was wild watching it live, replay shows just how dangerous it was. On one hand its a joke the kind of challenges these teams are getting away with against us, on the other i’m even more saddened to say a team had bullied us.
  2. They Should have went for windass, his da will vouch for him.
  3. A draw in recent time would have been a good result but given our capitulation of late its a very much meh! Result, infact even a scrapy win besides us pumping them will be a false dawn,
  4. The attached articles are on both the sun and the Scottish sun website, they are written by the same author and are near identical exept from the Scottish sun adding Rangers fan to the title, that dispite there being no mention of Rangers and infact multiple mentions of English clubs. I would be interested to know if the author is responsible of if the Scottish Sun editorial office has bastardised his work. A complaint has been lodged.
  5. Look at the way, wee gotta hide what were doing, and what would they say, running just as fast as we can, holding on to one and others hands, trying to find our way into the nigh. Then you put your arms around me and we tumble to the ground and then we say...... I think we’re alone now! there doesn’t seem to be any one around!
  6. Done it for my gran, ensured i was the last one in. Had to be done she was a dyed in the wool. It gives me great comfort knowing she was sent off with it. I believe she would have expected me to. Fast forward a year or so, having a conversation with my uncle (her son) he was upset he never thought of it but delighted knowing i did. For me its a must.
  7. Hearts, after ther filthy fans recent distain for our fans and club can go and take a fuck to themselves. I always wanted them to do well in the past but after their fans were siding with hibs fans when we were in the Scottish cup final that was the end for me, they're core support is now mainly made up of yes voting tim cunts.
  8. No visa, for everything else there’s MasteCard
  9. AGC123


    Never thought i’d say this again, shags...10 burds a night. he dives to the left he dives to the right, alan McGregor
  10. Anyone who thinks the the ref / linesman was impartial today needs to take a cold shower and a long hard look at themselves in the mirror, even stevie had the balls to call that out
  11. Hi guys wee bit off topic here. Is this game going to be televised dose anyone know? I would be going but my little boy has had a serious accident and i would feel really guilty about going to the game and leaving the mrs to deal with it on her own. I really do not want to miss it so if it is televised i will be ecstatic. Cheers for any clarification
  12. Who's this cunt ? And one more thing. good, if that puts people off the. They don't belong here anyway!
  13. We scraped through that. But popcorn teeth's ft analysis. Clear penalty, maby it was. But where was the counter argument for ours in the first few mins. Spineless reporting from sly sports.
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