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  1. * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    If that's him the now can't wait till we beat them total meltdown 😂
  2. Delusional sheep

    Nothing to do with the stadium only Milne wanting to build flats on there ground . Prime sea view flats will make him a fortune.
  3. Rancid BBC

    We have been saying for ages that the club shud shut up shop with them all and only release stuff direct from our club having more control. Then if they print lies we can do something about it. Okay not wonderful when the media up here is having a love in with the Tims and looks for anything negative about us they are not friends of our club.
  4. Rancid BBC

    There just in a huff as we banned there chief reporter👏😈
  5. Scummy Evening Times

    Had a wee look online and they also have a story about adorable celtic fans (kids). Talk about being so blatant. Our club needs to do something with both the Sun and the Evening times. they should not be allowed near or club or any stories given to them from anybody within our club.
  6. Scummy Evening Times

    They don't like to see our club doing well they will scan through everything online to find any negative story. So different from the stories from the Timmy mob. Its free speech in USA and there is nothing wrong with TBB. If you don't want to hear it don't watch or listen in looking to be offended. The evening times always slates us another to be banned.
  7. Is this what Pena thinks of Rangers

    Pena who😴
  8. Credit due to Mark Allen?

    I'm glad there's a few Rangers supporters among the players as hopefully will let the others know what's expected. As the last few years has been hell going to work so looking forward to kicking there asses and watching them fall.
  9. No hunger in paradise

    It was really interesting a bit of a eye opener felt for the kids . Joey Barton came across quite sensible . Sad when they just dump the kids with nothing and the kids trusted them.
  10. Nacho Novo

    Friends but hoping not true 🤞
  11. Nacho Novo

    Been looking online can't see anything but ppl saying on FF as well
  12. Nacho Novo

    Just got a text Wee Nacho in hospital in Germany seems had a heart attack . if true hope your okay thought are with you .
  13. Who is on the Flight........so far

    Hope you enjoyed even though 0-0 my daughter and friends were down said Clint was brill he even put a thank you tweet 👍🇬🇧
  14. Our club & board are a shambles

    Just looks like watching the purse strings hopefully. And probably hoping Pena gets signed by Pedro at the end of season which frees up more money to complete his deal.
  15. And the Scottish media try to say we're the bigots 😳🤣 We don't even give a toss about them they had half empty stadiums till we were back . Obsession is like jealousy it's a disease wankers😂