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  1. What a joke of a paper the journalist needs sacked for even thinking and writing that. ffs doctors and nurses need the rest not a overpaid excuse of a player .
  2. It’s a media agenda with both the Record/Sun by the celtic supporting journalists. We have seen over the last week them pull out every ex player to get this story out there next up will be Rod 🤔 Well maybe Hartson has lost half his brain (also saved by the nhs) but has he not realised there’s a major crisis happening just now . Our NHS is struggling and his little brain is wanting a football title given🤦‍♀️ Sport ,travel and schools have been put back due the Coronavirus thousands will lose there jobs and life's so maybe these journalists need to grow up and open there eyes to what’s happening in the world. As well as were not ffn interested. Null and void and all the Spfl money distributed evenly between all the teams seems fairest at present. And hopefully we can restart next season healthy .
  3. Then hit them with the file of negative stories and say that’s the reason your banned and our players manager will not be given you any interviews.
  4. That’s the media agenda can’t pick on Morelos or SG so they go for him .
  5. Nothing else to write about so let’s troll thru stuff about big bad Rangers and our new media guy ffs 2011 🤦‍♀️ Lets hope he comes in fighting and bans them all 👏
  6. We just foned Virgin media asked for the sky package to be removed the guy asked why said nothing on it so he gave free for 3 months . So hold on the fone as will save you some money.
  7. It’s about time we have one of our own 👍🇬🇧
  8. At least Ann budge fights for her club as they would probably stay up after the split She has a point as still to much to play for so null and void and start again next season is the fairest way forward.
  9. The League is nil and void Hearts had a 1in 6 chance of staying up so restart It next season. peoples life’s are more important .
  10. That’s the start just got told about this so how many ppl have they been in contact with them .
  11. Dreading it the way we’ve been playing🤦‍♀️
  12. They shud say the season null and void as not completed
  13. SG needs to start with Kamberi as we can’t carry Morelos any longer I feel the players are also getting frustrated with his attitude recently. Definitely a divide in the dressing room .
  14. Got to agree his attitude stinks he’s been at least -10 points a season . we need a goal scorer not a prima Donna
  15. Prob doesn’t help the rest of the team have been crap shows them up more
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