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  1. They think there untouchable . Hopefully Hermes checks the distribution centre and del drivers and sack them . As this will cost Hermes thousands .
  2. Yes It was NTA I was rushing back to work typed wrong letter 🤦‍♀️🤣 don’t know how many texted I got to inform me 🙄
  3. So true our daughter was brought up with the NTL meant ........no Tim’s allowed 😂
  4. BA how did you get in as won’t let us we have tried Firefox and safari
  5. Was just saying the same lol Plus our guys in the stadium can give them a hard time 🤣🤣
  6. I just wish the players wud stop speaking to the media stop putting stuff on Facebook . Say nothing this season and keep it a closed shop just get out there and do what your paid for and get this league won .
  7. Def a good appointment for them wee Budge more devious than we think lol
  8. Will prob get invited back like a few others 🤣
  9. Well good he’s been named I wonder if the police will lose the evidence 🤔
  10. Funny how this comes out the day after The cronies handed them a title
  11. We’ll surely someone knows him and the police have no excuse to not lift him for breaking and entering and destroying property 🤔
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