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  1. Think that wud be a great idea and a get it right up you to the SFA ­čĹĆ
  2. To be honest how can we trust the SFA when they don't even try to hide how one club are pulling the strings. It does not bother me if Brown plays as long as we beat them . Hes a bully but a lot slower so we need to play fast football against them from the start. A bit like Ajax the other night wud go down well ­čĹŹ
  3. Moan every year but pay it ­čśé
  4. SJ1 £575 4 instalments first one off on the 31st May then 3 per month after that . came in post this morning .
  5. Thanks we will go in for the Man City / Man Utd midweek game as our games on the Sunday ­čĹŹ
  6. Or check on the renewal form if allows to change
  7. You need to go to the ticket office to change the details ­čĹŹ
  8. We usually only go to the Bluebells what's the name of the other bar as over in a few weeks so we can go in for a beer ­čĹŹ
  9. Let's hope at Ibrox as we have something to prove and it's our home ­čçČ­čçž
  10. I think the full league has already sleepwalked into being governed by Lawell and his placements and seem content to just plod along in his shadow. It needs cleared out and started again he shud never have been allowed to take control we th a figurehead only in charge. Refs should also have a play chart which gets updated after ever game on errors . Then it will show up if it's skills or cheating most jobs would be questioned if the same mistakes happen every week. Also the league should be made bigger home and away to help bring future young players thru the ranks but this will not help Lawells club as we know after coming thru the leagues these teams can give a good fight which can be lost points. They want the blue pound of flesh as saw how football was dying on its feet when we were put down. They hate us so much but know they need us so they keep us restricted in every way possible .
  11. Got to agree the Gorman and ally all did the same and nothing was said. i thought he was fine just a bit happy after a day at work and at a night out ­čśë­čśé
  12. It's good for the players to unwind together with the fans the old team that drinks together ­čĹŹ Yes they could have probably been more open with the fans who paid money to be there. But it's probably the first some of these players have been to something like this and if you've ever been to one prob frightened the ass of some of them As the closest they've been to the fans. Your a foreign player amongst bears with a drink and wanting a selfie ­čĄúScary as f ­čĄú. Plus they know if they say or do anything it's straight on social media so a no win situation. lets just let it be a good awards night and not give the media amo to hit us with as we don't need to feed negative stories .
  13. He's def celtic minded . Hes done well as a ref very fair but will be interesting in a old firm game that's when we will see if his colours show . He went to st Bridget's primary's not sure aft that .
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