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  1. Well good he’s been named I wonder if the police will lose the evidence 🤔
  2. Funny how this comes out the day after The cronies handed them a title
  3. We’ll surely someone knows him and the police have no excuse to not lift him for breaking and entering and destroying property 🤔
  4. And thank f I’m working from home as I can’t hear them gloat 😷🇬🇧
  5. We knew it wud end with this result as they rule Scottish football they were to scared to put as null and void as are puppets to 1 team. A big thanks to some of our BTB guys for taking down the tarriers 9 flag from the Masonic 👏🇬🇧
  6. Nothing wud surprise me with this lot .
  7. Lawell wanted it to fail as if an Independent investigation into the Spfl it would have shown up his hold over Scottish football and that he is running the people working there .
  8. Thought he a answered every question needed And did not miss but the media will still try and twist it .
  9. Thanks at least we go to home games put the money into the club. And do a lot of charity nights. Sometimes I wonder with some on here 🤔
  10. We don’t there’s 10 of us have only done ibrox and cup games as can’t forgive and thus just rubs extra salt in the wounds.
  11. Possibly the coronavirus as we get the blame for everything else. The guys just making a fool of himself
  12. I agree if we hit them hard for 1 season give them a taste of were not getting the piss taken or your cash cow. everyone keeps saying it didn’t work at Dundee Utd but was there not fewer fans turned up that day and that club was selling tickets at £5 at the gate But they wud have Still taken a hit as they still had to pay for the security etc Affecting there profits .
  13. I had heard of them as Andy Murray wore their stuff and I think at the time did he not take less sponsor money and went on board with them when they were starting out . If they do well with us as Rangers are never out the media it will be great for there brand. Lets hope it good quality and washes well for the kids 😂
  14. Under armour is good for sports gear wud be happy with them
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