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  1. surfsup2

    *** Official NK Maribor vs Rangers Match Thread***

    My daughter texted 30 mins ago cop just called based a girl for walking to fast wtf there looking to cause trouble
  2. surfsup2

    *** Official NK Maribor vs Rangers Match Thread***

    Thanks for the updates RFC RYAN my daughters in the square says great atmosphere let's hope it stays that way 👍🇬🇧
  3. surfsup2


    They have just landed at VIenna lots of fans on the flight 😂
  4. surfsup2

    *** Official NK Maribor vs Rangers Match Thread***

    A bit nervous but confident with the way we have been playing. 2-0
  5. surfsup2

    Lawrence Shankland

    Bannerman high school definitely bears 🇬🇧
  6. surfsup2


    That's about right with the police Scotland lift a 14 year old 😳 While they allowed grown men to cause havoc walking to the stadium looking for a fight.
  7. surfsup2

    The tides turning

    So true but we need to keep winning and keep the pressure on them .
  8. surfsup2

    Atmosphere tonight

    Wow just brill happy to be a ger
  9. surfsup2

    Barisic signs

    So happy about this as said when we played them he stood out and wud have loved him to come to us not thinking it wud happen.
  10. surfsup2

    Barisic (Osijek)

    Great news 🇬🇧👏
  11. surfsup2

    Barisic (Osijek)

    802 guests on the site tonight 🤣🤣
  12. surfsup2

    Barisic (Osijek)

    We still need to keep squad players . But the threads not about him
  13. surfsup2

    Barisic (Osijek)

    Happy with this as stood out over the 2 games
  14. There scared of him as he has many contacts out with Scotland and they will look at every story and decision and hopefully call the media up here for the bigots they are. We have had to put up with a lot while Brenda can do or say nothing wrong . Also they have Griffiths as a perfect family man 😳🤣 which is just so wrong . Yet there trying to silence our manager who is the best thing to happen to Scottish football for years as they want to stay in the dark ages with 1 team running the show.
  15. surfsup2

    Young sheep fan, not hit with Vodka bottle

    Yip got to agree funny how the story came out after SG pulled up the treatment of us with refs. questions should be put to Aberdeen re there security how was a bottle taken into the game and what were the security -police doing when they never saw it. And if it was thrown from the distance they say why was it not in bits 🤔