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  1. surfsup2

    ***OFFICIAL Rangers V St Johnstone THREAD***

    So disappointed your right the players had no urgency. We missed Morelos nipping at them And McGregor shouting from the back. You turn up at home games not knowing if the players are going to turn up.
  2. surfsup2

    Compliance procedure unfit for purpose

    Do we have a PR dept or a decent Marketing dept you would think not we seem so far behind other clubs . It needs to be in house and we need something soon as the fight is getting dirty .
  3. We will beat them at home
  4. Steam just disappeared 😳
  5. surfsup2

    ***The Official Aberdeen v Rangers Thread***

    Tomorrow's headlines 😂
  6. surfsup2

    ***The Official Aberdeen v Rangers Thread***

    Plus he's got to earn a wage somewhere just a pity with the sheep.
  7. surfsup2

    ***The Official Aberdeen v Rangers Thread***

    Well done 3 points 👍 many times has Morelos been sent off against the sheep is it now 3 with one rescinded 😂
  8. surfsup2

    ***The Official Aberdeen v Rangers Thread***

  9. surfsup2

    ***The Official Aberdeen v Rangers Thread***

    I'm so nervous wtf we went from winning to struggling
  10. surfsup2

    The Media Agenda

    It's getting out of hand now and if we win tonight and at the weekend it will get worse . The club need to monitor all contact with the media and refuse to speak to certain ones. Its strange when it's anything to do with celtic it's all positive reporting no wonder ppl have stopped buying papers.
  11. surfsup2

    Carlos Peña

    I don't care if he has a drink or drug problem . He's been paid a lot of money as a Rangers player when we could not afford the luxury and we have had nothing to show from it. Glad to see the back of him as he can't seem to last at any club .
  12. surfsup2

    No further action to be taken over St Mirren game

    We need to be careful as the refs and the media will be watching every kick of the ball with replays for every incident. While they will have blinkers on for the Tims
  13. surfsup2

    Press Conference : Gerrard and Tavernier

    Well done SG you have just made Clarke look and sound like a tosser with a few well chosen words.
  14. surfsup2

    RM and FF

    For disagreeing with a poster 🤣