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  1. RD.1872

    The gift that keeps giving

    It's his arrogance that really fucks me off. Plays half decent in the so called bigger games but it's as if he thinks he's a level above the bog standard Scottish teams. Hope to fuck the night is the last straw for him and we give our own player in Katic a chance, certainly not any worse than that clown.
  2. RD.1872

    The Ibrox complex up for sale.

    I think it's a certainty to be sold so that more flats are thrown up right across from the front entrance to block Ibrox from view even more.
  3. RD.1872

    Forward Line

    I'd like to see us try either a 4-1-3-2 or a 4-3-1-2... Would be harsh on some of the wide players i.e. Candeias etc. but I feel that engine room would be too much for most teams and then further up we'd run riot with Morelos running defences ragged and Defoe spearheading. Second formation let's Kent do his stuff behind the striker as I feel he could flourish in a free role as per the first Hearts game at Ibrox; McGregor Tav Goldson CB LB Jack McCrorie Davis Arfield Morelos Defoe. Or McGregor Tav Goldson CB LB Jack Davis Arfield Kent Morelos Defoe
  4. Gordon's a scummy bastard. Just like the pond life he plays for. Hopefully his Easter egg knees pop and the cunt doesn't walk again. Now that would be funny.
  5. RD.1872

    Ryan jacks a fucking Protestant!!!!

    Mon the fuckin prods
  6. RD.1872

    Absolute fucking shambles

    Team full of fucking posers and bottlers. Sick of the lot of them. Gerrards tactics not much better. Shat himself and sat back for the last 15 mins, clueless.
  7. RD.1872

    ***Official Rangers v Hibernian Thread***

    Sitting deep against that shite with 15 mins to go. Gerrard hasn't got a fucking clue.
  8. Had to leave his mark the wee tarrier rodent. Raging we won that.
  9. Not even a shot on target against side that's lost 7 of their last 8 games. Fucking shambles.
  10. Still don't see what Jack offers us apart from being bang average and that's being kind.
  11. Utter dross so far AGAIN. No fight/urgency/desire the list goes on. Wankers the lot of them.
  12. Warburton 2.0 Aberdeen, like the other diddy sides will soon enough, have figured out the blueprint how to play against us. Sit back and let us have all the possession in the world but do absolute fuck all with it. Honeymoon period is well and truly over.
  13. RD.1872

    Treatment of our support

    They're top brass mate.
  14. RD.1872

    U16s win v man city

    Considering the amount of cash man city are putting into their youth set-up, that's a brilliant result.
  15. RD.1872

    Switch to Pro Evo!

    It's fucking unbelievable man ? Just proves the agenda but aye were all paranoid prods eh!