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  1. Those players fuckin sicken me. Shite bag cunts. Gerrard has to change it up or deserves to be out on his arse if we finish empty handed once again.
  2. This is just the start from these cunts. Our shitebag board fucking repulse me.
  3. He's a rhabid, cheating, bead rattling cunt. His determination to book/send off Alfie at every turn (not just today) is nothing more than a tarrier tactic to ensure his value drops. Another ref who is terrified to give anything against the tarriers after they got him demoted last season. We need to start playing the same dirty tricks as those cunts with the refs as it clearly works a treat for them. They caused the ref strike 10 years ago and have reaped the rewards ever since. Get it round the fucking lot of them, the fact we won against such blatant cheating by this simple looking tarrier cunt Clancy makes me happy.
  4. Like Jack and Morelos before him, a combination of good coaching/attitude has seen his game go up a level. Long may it continue.
  5. Is Hutton still available on a free? Would honestly take a half fit 34 year old him over this current Tavernier every day of the week.
  6. When we played that scum at park head in a 2010 dead rubber they gave us fuck all. Fuck the stinking bastards.
  7. aye setting them up for the winner, fucking stormer mate.
  8. Get Tavernier to fuck after Morelos. Cunt of a player.
  9. Where to even begin with that. Players are bottling it big time here.
  10. Sitting deep against that shite with 15 mins to go. Gerrard hasn't got a fucking clue.
  11. Had to leave his mark the wee tarrier rodent. Raging we won that.
  12. Not even a shot on target against side that's lost 7 of their last 8 games. Fucking shambles.
  13. Still don't see what Jack offers us apart from being bang average and that's being kind.
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