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  1. Calvin Kattar has been exciting to watch the last couple of times he has fought. Looking forward to this one.
  2. Yas, I bought him for my Leeds game in Football Manager and he is one of my best players. Based on this, get him signed up Rangers.
  3. I've yet to watch the card. In other news, McGregor as announced his retirement for the third time in four years. He is like that friend that says he is going to give up the drink.
  4. I like both Costa and Romero but thought Costa deserved to win that fight. Romero had Costa up against the cage several times but just stepped back and never took advantage. He also spent most of the time just messing about and sticking his tongue out at Costa. I hope he is more ruthless against Adesanya.
  5. Yes, from memory I think Costa tore his bicep either because of the Romero match or just after it. Costa was the natural contender so I imagine he will face the winner of Adesanya vs Romero.
  6. Adesanya vs Romero this weekend. I hope Romero wins so that he has at least became the champ before he retires.
  7. Have their been any updates on Helander recently? I had forgotten about him.
  8. Aye he fell over the advertising board and then burst a capsule of fake blood on his head .
  9. I won the league in my first season as Rangers. I got a few players on loan in the winter break and then went on a great run. I am currently in preseason of my second season. I bought a right back to replace Tav as he wanted to go and my budget is now pretty much gone. celtic have been buying several players for £15 million each...
  10. McGregor should fight Gaethje next. The winner of that could then fight the winner of Khabib vs Ferguson towards the end of this year.
  11. We have been slow starters but once we get going we are very good. The defence needs to have a good game to have a chance against the 49ers in the superbowl.
  12. Sounds pretty similar to me. I haven't bought one first team player yet. I got rid of some deadwood but that didn't have much of an impact on my budget. I decided to keep hold of Morelos. I have about £3million to spend.
  13. We still chose to sell him. Letting him go to then rely on a youth loan isn't wise. Ojo had a good start and got a few goals but we probably overestimated him.
  14. I have always thought selling Candeias was a mistake as he played well with Tav. I'm not convinced by our other options yet but would try Jones on the right.
  15. One of my best mates is a Redskins fan and another is a Bears fan. They have me over to watch some games with them so I started taking an interest in the last year or two. I get the general idea of the game, probably from watching the Waterboy film when I was younger lol. I'm still getting the hang of the more technical aspects of the sport. I have been following the Chiefs.
  16. I joined up to Facebook years ago and began to hate it. I only use it now as I have pages or news sources that i follow that i like to keep up to date with. I keep toying whether to delete it or not due to the whole "social credit scoring" system in china and that facebook are secretly scoring people similarly in the west.
  17. I love watching Khabib. His ability to control is unreal and when he gets going his ground and pound is great to watch. The next fight has got to be him vs Ferguson at the 5th attempt of trying.
  18. Yea that's a bummer. Does anyone know a place in glasgow city centre that is showing it? It's a good time for here so might make a wee night of it.
  19. I'm really looking forward to this card. I am picking DC, Pettis and Romero to win.
  20. The Gastelum vs Adesanya fight was great to watch. I also enjoyed the Holloway vs Porier fight however Holloway doesn't look at his best at 155 if that fight is anything to go by.
  21. Masvidal caught him with a great overhand punch but I'm a little surprised that knocked him out. The head hitting the canvas was sickening and I can understand him being knocked out due to that.
  22. I missed the game tonight. Is there a download or site where you can watch a rerun of the game so that I can watch it tomorrow?
  23. Craig Moore the goalscorer is a trainer at my gym. Chuffed he is the one to score the goal to beat them.
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