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  1. At Last! The board do something right.

    DUNDEE Hibs Thermo!
  2. State of Kanchelskis

    Ball is stuck on his shoulders now!
  3. State of Kanchelskis

    I'm getting old too but look a lot better than our Andre! Though I say it myself! 😚 He's not even 50 yet!
  4. State of Kanchelskis

    Kanchelskis on SSN there! Nearly didn't recognise him!
  5. Republic of Ireland

    Tried to educate them for years but no one listens or wants to know unfortunately! Loads of Oirish decendants down here tho!
  6. McCrorie,Wilson,Alves and cardoso

    Each to their own Amato but for me Alves has not lived up to his hype , although been ok! McCrorie has come in and showed maturity beyond his years, is strong in the air and more importantly for me the tackle, which Alves has not shown so far!
  7. Morelos' overall play

    Been excellent! The goals will come but he needs to stop getting booked!
  8. McCrorie,Wilson,Alves and cardoso

    McCrorie is , imho, the best CH we have at the club and would most certainly not be dropping him! Wilson has played well the last two games to his credit! Nice problem to have!
  9. Article today

    Who was the so called “journalist” that penned this shite?
  10. Jim White & His Taig Scarf

    Did he actually wear the shitey thing?
  11. Jim White & His Taig Scarf

    No Rangers fan would let any of shite near them!
  12. John Motson

    Guy in the 70s & 80s from Central TV who did all the Villa,Wolves, WBA, Birmingham etc who they used say had the biggest hands in football! His name was Hugh Johns!
  13. Second Half of games

    IMHO we go 1-0 up and then chuck it! Think the game is done! Even at 2-0 (Ross Co) we nearly blew it! I don't feel comfortable unless we're 3-0 up tbh and I believe to take anything from the mhanks next week we will need to score 3 goals! cant see us not conceding to them unfortunately but hope I am proved wrong!
  14. New York Gers Bars

    We'll Did Ya? Punk!
  15. "Just Another Saturday"

    It was originally a "Play for today" which I'm sure was a series of plays the BBC did back in the 70s way before the Mhanky Mhob got their foot in the door! Should have said their feet into everything!