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  1. Seriously - who is Ryan Christie? Seriously?
  2. WHAT?????????
  3. Go away Timmy!
  4. He wants to Shut the Fuck Up!
  5. Don't think I've ever read a bad article from you Dart! Sound as ever! Not so sure about his career though? Sunday Gherald?
  6. 2 chances of that happening - slim & none!
  7. NAW!!!!!!!
  8. Wouldn't want to be one of the Mhanky Mhob going through Israeli border control for the return leg next week! May take some time! Certainly won't be quick! " Could you step over here for a moment please?" ................????
  9. Can't find this Dan? Any pointers?
  10. Always remember him doing that when big Tam studded it over the line in the '73 cup final! Classic!
  11. Bheasts all over the ref at the end moaning! Always cheated never defeated! It's ra sellik way!
  12. Al, I am interested as to why you think this? I hope your right btw, would like nothing more!
  13. Cup final on the 21st mate! I'm supposed to be travelling up that day will need to look changing to the Friday!

    is the club showing the game?

  14. What's going on with this? Anything in the press?
  15. I notice this thread resurfacing after a long absence! Is there something in the wind up there or are we clutching at straws?