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  1. John Motson

    Guy in the 70s & 80s from Central TV who did all the Villa,Wolves, WBA, Birmingham etc who they used say had the biggest hands in football! His name was Hugh Johns!
  2. Second Half of games

    IMHO we go 1-0 up and then chuck it! Think the game is done! Even at 2-0 (Ross Co) we nearly blew it! I don't feel comfortable unless we're 3-0 up tbh and I believe to take anything from the mhanks next week we will need to score 3 goals! cant see us not conceding to them unfortunately but hope I am proved wrong!
  3. New York Gers Bars

    We'll Did Ya? Punk!
  4. "Just Another Saturday"

    It was originally a "Play for today" which I'm sure was a series of plays the BBC did back in the 70s way before the Mhanky Mhob got their foot in the door! Should have said their feet into everything!
  5. I'm all for

    I'm all for .......... Foreign Refs!!!!!! for all Rangers games! 😃
  6. Rabbits in the headlights springs to mind! They shit themselves every time there was a reaction from the crowd! Daft wee boys who will look back on this when they've grown up and think -"Lumpin Fuck what a Cock I was back then"
  7. Plymouth True Blues

    Don't think your getting an answer Carson!
  8. Plymouth True Blues

    It comes with age and doing too often Dev!
  9. The Plug

    Greyhound Track was excellent!
  10. Plymouth True Blues

    Oh yes they can party alright! i can vouch for that - Sore Heid Feelin Rough Loyal!
  11. Plymouth True Blues

    Bang on D'Art!! Great bunch of guys and our lot are going to head down to the PTB club for a TV game soon!
  12. Plymouth True Blues

    Travelled up to Sheffield yesterday with the Plymouth True Blues! Great bunch of guys and girls and all visitors were made welcome to the extent that you felt you knew the people for years! The bus went out of their way to pick people up at various stops and a brilliant day was had by all! Cheers guys for a brilliant day out and your hospitality! We truly are the People! 🇬🇧👍🍺
  13. Two hundred percent

    Where the lumpin fuck did that come from and who is the cunt Mhark?
  14. Anyone travelling from Bath/Bristol/S West next Sunday

    Carson have sent you some details mate!
  15. Anyone travelling from Bath/Bristol/S West next Sunday

    Away with work ATM Carson so will pm you on Wednesday re arrangements!