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  1. Famous People At Ibrox

    Right! I’m sure he done the same with the Mhanks?
  2. Famous People At Ibrox

    Who him????
  3. I await a Stauncher pub name.

    I think Smellsick is better!!
  4. Old Firm Plans

    12:00 KO on Sunday???? You'lll be lucky to get a bevvy pre match. Have a steady bevvy on the train then a leisurely stroll along PRW and you might get lucky?
  5. Ian Ferguson interview/article - good read.

    What I would give to have the likes of Fergie in the team now. The Bheasts were Shitein it face um!
  6. John Beaton the ref for Saturday

    I believe you are expecting too much MB.
  7. Founders Trail - Plymouth

    Carson, just picked this up mate so sorry for delay in getting back to you. Im in Barcelona that weekend on a Stag do but will send out to the rest of the Bath lads and see if they fancy it? Met Jamesie in the yard the other week and he mentioned the 30th anniversary of the club, what's the story with that?
  8. Valencia

    Should be for that game. When we played them in the CL a few years back (they were the days) we went to the ground and bought tickets from the ticket office.
  9. Nurnberg shug

    All part of their " everybody's against us, were picked on, the authorities favour ra Rangurs" agenda. Even after what's happened since 2012 and the diabolical press we get they still peddle this shite! Always the victim,always cheated never defeated! Cuts!
  10. Running

  11. Scotsman article

    Sensationalist pish! Disgraceful article in an attempt to get views as if there was sectarian in there?
  12. Running

    Then you put your arms around me................
  13. Running

    Holding on to one another's hands................???????????????
  14. Delusional sheep

    Classic Tam????
  15. Rangers Vs Aberdeen - Video

    Nice one Jules!??? Top tune tae! ?