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  1. bearsinbath

    Motherwell Highlights

    No as good as julesscotia's highlights!
  2. bearsinbath

    To baku we are on our way

    That including flights tae?
  3. bearsinbath

    Scouts in Africa

    ??? Classic!
  4. bearsinbath

    Hearts at home Sunday 7th Oct

    ??? You are welcome!
  5. bearsinbath

    Hearts at home Sunday 7th Oct

    A must win game for us!
  6. bearsinbath

    Sky are a fucking disgrace

    Is Billy McNeil’s son not something to do with Sky’s Scottish Football coverage?
  7. Glad to hear it mate. I'm sure I would have known a few there from back in the day!
  8. How did the evening go Moonlighter? Good turnout?
  9. bearsinbath

    Whats the story with Ross McCrorie

    Was sure he came on last night??
  10. bearsinbath

    Let's get Andy Walker removed from our games

    Not seen any tv or heard any radio today! Can someone let us uninformed know what Walker said to Simon Jordan please?
  11. bearsinbath

    That “challenge” on Jack

    We do that challenge anywhere and it's a straight red!!!!
  12. bearsinbath

    England related thread

    No they don't! Lived here for 28 years and I can categorically state that I have been made welcome and treated brilliantly since the day I arrived here!
  13. bearsinbath

    Club Statement

    What was it he said about us in the press?
  14. bearsinbath

    32 Red cup

    No, you're not!
  15. bearsinbath

    Morelos tweets about Besiktas

    You're at the wind up Tam???????????? Thats no Turkish its Serbo-Croat!?