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  1. My point is , Steven Davis had to clear 2 headers from jullien of the line , on another day they could have went in , I understand we have 4 center half , but like 2 see a no nonsense guy in there to clear balls coming into our box , hope this helps
  2. Commanding center half , Davo 2 of the line coulda cost us , need to win crosses into our box
  3. He is never gonna go the guys actually thinks he is doing a good job he is delusional , he has over a barrow and knows it
  4. Maybe just fucking maybe if mccoist got rid of his 2 sidekicks and brought in a cpl of decent coaches he might just get a bit of respect back but that's never going to happen cos there his mates give him a place upstairs and bring in 2 good coaches to run the football side
  5. Was just going to renew but know gonna wait and if doesn't sign Boyd that's it for me
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