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  1. I thought King was injured which is why he isn't involved ATM!
  2. You can see one of their ballboys celebrating when Joe scores the first!!
  3. mus


    But as yesterday even though they get done for pace in a straight line, helander still got goal side and stopped dykes from going anywhere, and I don't think their lack of pace has cost a single goal yet
  4. mus


    I would guess their experience is more important than the other cb's speed and the full backs are both pretty sharp
  5. mus


    Fair point but I was more talking about your second sentence, they may be slowish (I do think goldson has got quicker this year) but useless they ain't!
  6. mus


    Fair play mate, never admit to being wrong, even if it means making shit up!!
  7. Might as well throw my hat into the ring as well, looking for 1
  8. well apart from Morelos,Katic,Halliday and aribo all being on the bench!!
  9. Neil Harris has stepped down as manager as well now!!
  10. I know what you mean just gives a little bit more piece of mind that you won't be mucked about
  11. That's me there then, must admit it is so easy punting tickets to people on here, absolutley no problems at all
  12. @gogzyhow many positive feedback's to you need to be a trusted seller? as I'm now at 3 and one was (and not sure if this is a help or hindrance ) was Cushy
  13. Stick me down for a Tenner will sort it out this week, sorry it's taken this long!!
  14. That's now 10 consecutive 50's he has scored against England
  15. The Raiders won, look out superbowl!!
  16. No and never have done, but then again I am English!!
  17. Kris Boyd seems to be a fan of his!
  18. had the email saying as on CCCS they will be taking the money out as of the 5th but so far nothing has come out, must be a the end of a very long list?
  19. I will buy the 3 game package but definitely can't make the first game if anyone wants a ticket?
  20. mus

    Ryan Kent

    Cheers mate never knew that, good job you're on the ball!!
  21. mus


    I've noticed that at the last 2 games the old bill have stopped people parking on Harmony Row, does anyone know if this a permanent thing or indeed was just for the games against the poles and scum?
  22. I think it was that one is a dick and one is a fucktard and they couldn't decided which was which, I mean did you see the alky mess after the game on saturday?
  23. Apart from Root who got a great ball, pretty much the rest got themselves out, and what the fuck was Archer doing 🏏
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