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  1. Galahad held for most of the fight trying to scrape it. Didn't do enough.
  2. Embarrassing from Scotland in another campaign. Anyway, at least we won 😄
  3. Scotland must win this. Brilliant turnaround from ourselves today.
  4. I believe something was wrong. Clever PR basically. They aren't going to come out and say it.
  5. The heavyweight division is the most interesting division in boxing right now.
  6. Frampton said he had a sye in his eye. He must have had something. Not to take away from Ruiz.
  7. Should go with Peter Fury. Will teach him better defensive skills and how to use his strengths, his physicality and height.
  8. We may never know but probably something wrong with him. I mean his performance was absolutely awful. Povetkin probably would have done him if he fought like that when they met.
  9. AJ doesn't have a jab. That's one of the main problems. Use the jab to control the pace of the fight or even when you are in trouble. Jab to get through the round. He needs to get back into the gym ASAP and go to work on things. Conditioning, technique, defense, foot work etc. He needs to improve.
  10. I know it's easy to say from a keyboard but I'd rather just get knocked out than quit in the corner. Tyson Fury will beat Wilder (officially) and then fight Joshua at the end of next year for all the belts as I think Joshua will get them back off Ruiz near the end of this year. Think he will put it right. He needs to work on conditioning and lose muscle. Having too much muscle is not good. It uses up too much oxygen and you just get tired. Ruiz didn't just beat Joshua he beat the shit out of him. It was like Mcgregor vs Khabib. Just a beat down.
  11. Ruiz was all over him.. couldn't believe it. But it shows really that Tyson Fury really is the best heavyweight in the world.
  12. Both sides were awful Liverpool kept composed better that's all.
  13. Things like that should inspire any of our players who watched. Hard work with ability and you can do great things. Winning the league can be done. Let's make it happen.
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