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  1. It's over the course. We need to be winning away to Dundee for example. Seeing those Hibs and Aberdeen away games out and getting the 3 points. It all adds up. Consistency is key and obviously bringing in better players will help with that.
  2. This season could have been much better. I think we let ourselves down frankly this season in the league and cups. Not consistent enough and too many shabby performances. Considering we have a GD not far from them we should be closer than we are. Hopefully next season we can put it all together and put in a real challenge.
  3. Brown knows exactly what he is doing. Simply don't play to it and give him what he wants. Which is what our players just did. Played right into his hands. Do you think he gives a shit that we all think he is a cheating horrible cunt?
  4. We drew away to Dundee. We can not afford to do that if we want to win the league. Gerrard needs to take us to a new level next season, perhaps a few notches to get us to the holy grail.
  5. Yeah, no gap. Please let's not be deluded. We are miles behind in the league. The points tally says so.
  6. Gerrard is going to need proper investment to get this squad up to the required standard to win the league. That much is obvious. In terms of being competitive in these games, this is the first time we have actually competed in them since the return from the lower divisions. But the players aren't up to it over the course of the season which is the major problem.
  7. The fact we are 13 points behind THAT lot is the real story we should be focusing on more than the game. We should not be that far behind at all.
  8. He won't be because he is the only good forward we have who scores goals. He does it because he knows he faces no consequences for it. Will he be dropped for a month? No.
  9. Joshua had very few fights when he fought Klitschko and put him down 3 times and stopped him. No doubt that he is the number one heavyweight right now.
  10. How? Wilder team does not want him to fight Joshua. Wilder has just turned out 100 million to fight on Dazn.
  11. They want no part of Joshua. Hell Wilder is dodging Dillian Whyte who would probably stop Wilder himself. Certainly got the power to do so. Wilder doesn't have a great chin.
  12. But you have similar standards in other countries leagues and they can still produce much better than Scotland. Every single campaign it is the absolute pits. As I said it's a joke.
  13. Why are Scotland so hopeless? It's beyond a joke. Should be some sort of investigation into it it's that bad.
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