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  1. keithgersbear

    We are boring to watch.

    The only time we look like doing something is when Kent is running down the wing or at defenders with his pace. The speed at which it happens is vast compared to how every other player operates.
  2. keithgersbear

    We are boring to watch.

    The ball needs to be zipped to the forwards quickly. It's how you get the defenders unsettled and not in position. It's far too safe and brings with it no rewards.
  3. keithgersbear

    We are boring to watch.

    Sideways passing, slow passing, shit movement and no tempo to our game. Which makes me think we are a boring team to watch. How many here enjoy watching us play?
  4. keithgersbear

    ***OFFICIAL Rangers V St Johnstone THREAD***

    if we lose the season is over.
  5. keithgersbear

    ***OFFICIAL Rangers V St Johnstone THREAD***

    We drew away to Dundee this season. I pointed that out as my basis why I think cements how we won't win the league and got criticism for it. I said we simply didn't have the consistency or the players to win it but others disagreed. I'd love to know what they saw that I missed. Did we look like winning this game at any point? It was a shite performance from beginning to end which has happened numerous times this season. The passing is slow, the movement is average which is perfect for these teams. Contrast how the scum usually sweep these sides away with quicker passing and movement which they can't handle. If you play static one pace against these sides you are going nowhere.
  6. keithgersbear

    ***OFFICIAL Rangers V St Johnstone THREAD***

    I don't think they have been under real pressure at all this season. I don't think the scum dressing room thought at any stage this season they weren't going to win the league. Not because they are brilliant but because of how inconsistent we are. We can't put 5-6 wins in a row in the league.
  7. keithgersbear

    ***OFFICIAL Rangers V St Johnstone THREAD***

    Only winning the Scottish cup would make this a successful season all things considered. Otherwise all we have had to enjoy this season is two things. Getting into the Europa league group stage and beating the scum in a game. Outside that it's not been great otherwise. Would bite your arms and legs off for a Scottish cup win.
  8. keithgersbear

    ***OFFICIAL Rangers V St Johnstone THREAD***

    Yeah. Why play Defoe if you are going to focus on getting wide and crossing the ball. Should start Lafferty if you are going to play that way.
  9. keithgersbear

    ***OFFICIAL Rangers V St Johnstone THREAD***

    Defoe might be able to score goals but his legs are gone. Can't break away from defenders like he could just 5 years ago.
  10. keithgersbear

    ***OFFICIAL Rangers V St Johnstone THREAD***

    We are so predictable. No movement from the players going forward. It's too static and hopeful. Get it wide and get a cross in. The passing is too slow which allows the other team to recover if out of position.
  11. keithgersbear

    ***The Official Kilmarnock v Rangers Thread***

    Got to beat them at home. A decent enough result which kept us in the cup. Scottish cup is important for us.
  12. keithgersbear

    Chris Sutton stealing a living

    Fully agree. Two people who never offer constructive commentary. Just try to rile people up and be "controversial". It's so boring.
  13. Why do the BBC and BT pay this guy to basically just try and wind people up? When have you heard him say something insightful and made you think about something? I can't believe he works for both of them.
  14. keithgersbear

    ***The Official Rangers v St Mirren Thread***

    Some good performances today. Kent is turning into one of the most important players.
  15. keithgersbear

    Rangers reaching out to ethnic minorities

    Because those people talk utter bollocks. Probably the most ludicrous thing said about our club.