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  1. If England want it, then Scotland can't do anything to stop them winning.
  2. Do Scotland actually have any good players?
  3. Scotland drew with Lithuania, that is ridiculous.
  4. Thinking of putting an acca on, chances for Scotland? Are they really that bad?
  5. Is he mentally alright? I can not believe that he hasn't resigned or declared that he is leaving at the end of this season. He has turned Arsenal into a complete laughing stock in European football, sitting in 6th place and can't buy a win right now. Its the worst period I have ever seen from Arsenal under him. Why won't he just leave at the end of the season or declare it now that is his intention? Why stay for another season when the atmosphere around the club is horrific.
  7. Who are the coaches he has brought with him?
  8. Intensity is the key. He looks like he coaches that way.
  9. Mayweather seems desperate for the attention, when is the last time McGregor mentioned this 'fight'? Mayweather constantly talks about it now.
  10. Then it doesn't prove anything at all. Pointless 'fight'.
  11. If Mcgregor has any interest in the actual result, he should demand some stipulations to the boxing man. Like allowed to use elbows or his feet.
  12. Apparently he is getting ripped apart right now by Durham. Need to hear this!