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  1. Belief is everything. It can move mountains as they say.
  2. The way we operate in midfield to say 18 months ago is night and day.
  3. We have to be looking to win the league this season. Absolutely no doubt about that. Why shouldn't we? We should have more hunger to do it. The desire to go out and do it. Everyone involved at the club right now should be more hungry in everything they do. They should be working harder than anyone at that lot. I'm telling you now be consistent and we will win this league. That lot will fall apart because the hunger will not be as high and an air of uncertainty surrounds Lennon much more now than all those years ago.
  4. I'd be severely disappointed if we didn't.
  5. This is when you stick the knife in and twist the knife!
  6. Prize fighters take the most money shocker.
  7. Very saddened to hear this. Never ever give up mate in life no matter what. Always reach out to either friends or your friends on here. My advice would be to take a few weeks off the internet. Seek the relevant authorities get what help you need, take up walking in the country (if you can). You will naturally reboot your mind and spirit. Don't ever give up.👍
  8. When will people wake up and see it is just the old centuries long culture war between those the British Protestant stock and the Irish Catholic stock. That's all it is. No PR man would ever stop it
  9. LOL the idea that Rangers in 2019 is a Protestant club is so ludicrous it's rather unbelievable some still think it.
  10. This lot lost to some fucking Welsh team I've never heard of. We need to be crushing them! Let's get real if we want to win this league.
  11. An example of what I am on about is seeing out wins away from home, not drawing to Dundee away, shit results like that. To win the league results like that are unacceptable. We are certainly good enough to compete with them in head on games now.
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