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  1. That game was an utter disaster. Winning trophies is so important.
  2. I'd fucking bite your hand off for that right now. We will eventually win the league.
  3. Squad isn't strong enough. Think that's obvious. We need to win the Scottish cup though. Need a trophy desperately.
  4. On the verge of last 16 in Europa league. Sack the manager... christ. We have some right stupid fans.
  5. Rather that than not being able to play with and communicate with his kids again.
  6. Fury was brilliant. The scary thing is Fury if he wanted to could have severely punished Wilder for longer if not worse. Wilder is very lucky one of his corner men saved him and Fury went to get rid of him. Another 3 rds and you could have been looking at a tragedy. Don't need to see the rematch. Wilder will not be physically ready in 6 months time. He should forget. Fight November time time for tune up. Then face Whyte new year and if he wins then go for Fury or Joshua 2021 summer fight.
  7. Delete burn it with fire.. Some right pansies on here.
  8. Cup final was perfect example. Gerrard basically confirmed what I said.
  9. When Defoe is your back up striker you know you are struggling in reserve. The guy is mid 30s which is ancient in football now. Then we have shit reserves like Ojo etc. Not enough players who create and score goals at ease against shit sides. Make no mistake Killie, Aberdeen and Hearts are utter rubbish.
  10. Nah. The players and Gerrard just couldn't do it when it was required. Every game we've dropped points in since the break was must win. That's the mentality of champions. Draws are not good enough. We had to win every game and the moment we dropped points in 2nd league game back I knew we'd fucked it. Real champions don't do that. They keep the foot on the neck.
  11. The moment we won that OF game the pressure was on all the players to go and win the league. They have proven they couldn't handle it. Simple as that. It's fine chasing. It's when you have expections to do it is another ball game. Total failure.
  12. Scottish cup is crucial. These players NEED a trophy and this club.
  13. Hurts my head just thinking what a stupid question this is. We are so much better than 18 months ago it's ridiculous.
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