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  1. * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    Brown over Davis my arse Sutton, what a twat. Ally is right, Northern Ireland do have better players in the most important positions than Scotland. The results don't lie.
  2. Liverpool v Man Utd

    Absolute fucking garbage this game and these two sides are ordinary in the extreme.
  3. Wales v ROI

    International football is much more exciting when your own country is doing well and I have enjoyed the qualifying format of this tournament. Club football if anything is getting boring.
  4. Slovenia v Scotland

    Which is proof that you can't write those sides off like everyone wants San Marino banned lol.
  5. Slovenia v Scotland

    If Iceland can qualify for tournaments and compete then absolutely no excuse for Scotland, it's just poor mentality, already storing excuses like Strachan using the tall bollocks. Scotland last night put in a disgraceful performance, instead of standing strong and making sure they win the game they capitulated.
  6. Slovenia v Scotland

    We guaranteed a play off place fantastic achievement again.
  7. Slovenia v Scotland

    Nothing glorious about it, the performance was PATHETIC in what was arguably Scotlands biggest game for nearly a decade or 20 years!
  8. Slovenia v Scotland

    Really should be seen as a crisis in Scotland, it's unbelievable, every qualifying campaign, 20 years and nothing to show in that time.
  9. Slovenia v Scotland

    Strachan is clueless, 1-1 in a must win game and he has his midfield right next to his defense when they need to be 15-20 yards further up the pitch to win the ball higher up the pitch to stand a chance of getting a goal. Horrific management.
  10. Slovenia v Scotland

    Scotland are pathetic. Absolutely no bottle, no will to stand up and be counted, get your head onto that set piece, clear the fucking ball. No courage.
  11. Slovak coach hints at underhand tactics.

    They lost 1-0, don't see the controversy here.
  12. Scotland v Slovakia

    Well done Scotland.
  13. Pedro's gone [opinion]

    Ridiculous. Guy needs the whole season to be judged properly with context. Who is to say how the season will end, we could be smiling at the end of it with a cup.
  14. Pedro's gone [opinion]

    All Rangers managers are going to get shit from the press because for many Rangers is the only thing in town which sells papers, gets clicks on websites and it's a huge football club, so that alone brings attention.
  15. The Boxing News Thread

    Haye just needs to take his time, get proper sparring in, get into top physical shape and he will knock Bellew out, I don't see Bellew getting so lucky again.