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  1. Mccoist was manager during the worst period in the clubs whole history.
  2. Incredible that Wenger is still manager at Arsenal FC. Absolutely disgraceful.
  3. Looking back at that embarrassing european result at the start of the season he probably should have been chucked then. Absolutely unacceptable for Rangers to lose to a bunch of carpenters and bar workers in such a humiliating fashion in what is the worst result in the clubs history.
  4. On Pedro, who the f*ck had heard of him? It's like a multi million pound business asking a McDonalds worker to become the CEO.
  5. At this point with Rangers with the buying of shit old players who can't play at this level anymore and the lack of signing young hungry players it's going to take years to get a team together which can challenge that lot to win the league. People say the standard of the league is shite and it is, the issue is teams want to beat us, want to do well, games are at a high tempo. How can you expect to challenge and win lots of games with players who passed it and lack the energy to do it week in week out. The team should be full of young hungry players with lots of energy and the quality required to challenge right now.
  6. Kranjcar is an average old man who is only interested at his age on staying in work and picking up a wage. I don't blame him for that. It's the club who are mugs for buying him, the likes of Miller etc should not be starting for Rangers anymore, maybe as a coach. Alves another pointless signing of an old player.
  7. 3 league games and you can already tell the league is over, not a chance in hell of even competing for it. Pedro should now go as won't be winning anything.
  8. I get what both of you are saying. I just don't blame him personally for the actual result.
  9. On the game specifically today I don't know what Pedro could have done about the sending off. It was 1-1 at the time. The sending off is not his fault.
  10. So you don't know then.
  11. He isn't a miracle worker either. Unless you can explain to me how he could have stopped the 1st Hibs goal?
  12. It's Pedro's fault that one of the defenders couldn't stand up straight and follow the Hibs player all the way? That is poor decision making by the player, not Pedro. I don't know if Pedro is going to do anything with Rangers. Probably not but it's a stretch to say Pedro is the reason Rangers lost the match. I don't see how it is his fault today.
  13. It was 1-1 before the sending off. It changed everything in the game. Rangers can not afford to go down to 10 men, the quality doesn't exist to win a game with 10 men.
  14. The sending off killed the game. It wasn't really Pedro's fault. Blame the player for getting involved.
  15. Sending off ruined it.