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  1. It's actually a con and people should wake up to it. Mayweather will CARRY McGregor for 12 rounds for the show of it to give the audience the full show. It is simply an exhibition because it will basically be two people doing a combat version of ballet, no one is going to get knocked out, Mayweather knows he has won the fight before the first bell and McGregor can not HIT him in a boxing match. If people want to get conned out of money, OK. The only interesting thing about it is the press conferences.
  2. Anyone who buys it are right mugs. Although the press conferences should be PPV.
  3. When is the first press conference?
  4. Running out of time? Is the world ending soon or something?
  5. Some people expecting the manager to carve a granite statue with a wooden spoon.
  6. Some people acting like big fucking babies who just can't handle it. The players are fucking garbage and its been clear ALL SEASON. Look at the table for fuck sake. They are much better right now. So buy better players. The man needs to have a chance.
  7. People will kneejerk but I'd stick with him. I think he can do the job, just needs the right players to do it.
  8. Movement. They have superior movement, dynamic attack.
  9. At the start obviously.
  10. Make it competitive, even if it means parking the bus for 90 minutes, tackling hard, roughing them up. Don't just bend over for them. It really was the absolute pits, the lowest of the low against that lot.
  11. The scary thing is Rodgers sides tend to be shite at the back but can't even get close to being competitive to expose it.
  12. That was absolutely frightening.
  13. The players aren't good enough, its going to take a huge rebuild in recruitment.
  14. Beating them is one thing but winning the league is another. Need much more investment, otherwise Pedro doesn't stand a chance. So much so it might be difficult to find out if he is any good as a manager and up for it to be honest. Unless he gets the required quality to challenge Celtic, he will always be up against it.
  15. If you do long throws you put people on the goal keeper and swamp the penalty spot.