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  1. Put it this way Arsenal would certainly do much worse than Gerrard.
  2. Anyone who dares call for his head is a fucking idiot. We have hugely improved under him and it's visible as day that the gap has narrowed. The tide will turn soon enough.
  3. When they went down to 10 we should have been moving them all and looking for overlaps to get behind. Instead we just relied on getting it wide and crosses into the box. They are boxed in so that will just help them more than anything. We actually got worse when they had 10 men.
  4. The decisions against us were shocking but if one player is to blame for the loss you have to blame Morelos. He was the one with the chances and didn't take them and also missed the penalty. Big players in those situations don't let you off the hook.
  5. They have no running power in midfield and we have stronger runners and up front too. Just up it an extra 5% I think we will get em.
  6. These are the occasions when Morelos will be judged ultimately.
  7. They are for the taking. Would only have ourselves to blame.
  8. It was a terrible result against a terrible team but let's calm down. The most important thing is to keep calm and composed from the players and the fans. Just stay within touching distance of them. It's a marathon not a sprint. It only matters who is top around April/May time. Keep at it and keep chipping away wins.
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