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  1. The Boxing News Thread

    Salido did what was required to win and he beat him. That is the point. Before comparisons start being made of the all time greats, let's start seeing more of him, let's put Garcia in with him.
  2. The Boxing News Thread

    Also what money did the fight make? If no one outside the boxing fraternity is interested then you don't make any real money.
  3. The Boxing News Thread

    So what? He is being mentioned alongside Muhammad Ali and Sugar Ray Robinson. Let's just wait and see. Let's see him fight against Garcia. Rigondeaux was also 37.
  4. The Boxing News Thread

    The guys he fights have no balls. He fought Salido, got roughed up and lost. Way too overhyped and he fought a guy who moved up two weight divisions.
  5. Super Sunday

    It's arcade football, not proper serious football.
  6. Super Sunday

    Klopp hasn't won a pot for Liverpool as manager. Time for him to be judged.
  7. Super Sunday

    It was a penalty because he pushed him over.
  8. Super Sunday

    Guardiola always has his teams being progressive with the ball and trying to actually score, not fucking about for most of the game in your own penalty area.
  9. Super Sunday

    Mourinho teams play horrific football.
  10. Tune into Talksport Drive now for a Timplosion!

    Rodgers is a conman who is the most luckiest manager in Scottish history due to the fact ourselves don't have the players or manager required to challenge them. Very lucky. Taking absolute hidings against any good side he faces.
  11. UFC live.

    Just left himself exposed, I have seen too many MMA fighters like that. They should work on boxing more.
  12. Our league position

    Club needs a purge all over the shop. A complete clean out required and starting now. The club is scarily going backwards to any sort of progress made since gaining promotion.
  13. Republic of Ireland

    James Mcclean get's what he deserves after this. Throwing his political views in the face of British people every single year and his past comments too.
  14. Republic of Ireland

  15. Republic of Ireland

    james mcclean interview on RTE crying LOL.