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  1. Pardew has had two defining moments in his career which would have cemented his legacy as a manager for those respective clubs, 2006 FA Cup final and 2016 FA cup final. He just couldn't see either of those two games out to become a legend at those clubs.
  2. The players are average, with no manager. What do people expect? New players needed, a new manager and then people can judge it again. We all know the team isn't good enough. 3rd would be an achievement with this crop..
  3. How about better players... Need a manager too who is competent at this level.
  4. Season can't be over if the Scottish cup can still be won. And finish 2nd still which gives at least a chance of getting back into European football.
  5. A manager who can set up a defense. Sean Dyche would be excellent but not likely..
  6. It explains the awful results vs celtic, well mostly anyway.
  7. The team has been a laughing stock all season and not even 10 points within celtic. Pathetic season.
  8. The mere fact he said this means he hasn't got the mentality to play for Rangers.
  9. 21 years at the club, time for him to move on.
  10. None of them look like they know what the hell they are doing. Kiernan made the most rookie error last night. Get rid of him and Hill. Warburton needs to go and take a lot of these players with him who simply aren't up to it. Kiernan defends like a 15 year old.
  11. Unbelievably bad, Kiernan is one of the worst defenders I have ever seen.
  12. Job is too big for him. The demands are too much for him.
  13. Good fight, I thin Degale would beat Callum Smith on points. Mayweather thinks it is all about him. If he is going to go into the promotion business as he is doing, then fighters will not go with him because it will be all about him.
  14. Andy Goram, phenomenal goal keeper.