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  1. Good solid performance so far.
  2. keithgersbear

    We have to capitalise today, close that gap.

    It has to come from within the players. How many times have we been in this position before to push on only to get dragged down because of shitehousery.
  3. keithgersbear

    * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    How many times have been here before only for the players to bottle it time and time again.
  4. keithgersbear

    The Boxing News Thread

    Can he take a punch at Heavyweight is the question. If Whyte hit him I could see his legs going. Weight classes exist for a reason.
  5. keithgersbear

    The Boxing News Thread

    If Joshua catches Usyk with any of the shots Bellew did he will go to sleep. Should stay at his weight imo.
  6. keithgersbear

    Gerarrds Fault

    So going by last night's discussions on this thread and accusations of being on drugs for my views, I still come back to my point of thinking we aren't miles better than Hearts or Hibs. Anyone on this thread confident we will finish ahead of Hearts and ultimately finish 2nd?
  7. keithgersbear

    Gerarrds Fault

    Yes. Please don't say because we are Rangers. It means very little if the consistency isn't there.
  8. keithgersbear

    Gerarrds Fault

    We have no consistency, it's been like that all season so far. Hearts find themselves top, which won't last long but it's much better than us. Every game in the league is a slog, we aren't blowing teams away week in week out and we are conceding a lot of goals, silly goal at that. So I'd need to be reminded why I should be confident of it?
  9. keithgersbear

    Gerarrds Fault

    So why are we losing to them or drawing to them if we are so vastly better than them. No one can explain this.
  10. keithgersbear

    Gerarrds Fault

    It's more to do with them taking the eye off the ball. If we had the required standards in our squad ie a squad strong enough and enough quality we probably would be able to catch them. But we don't so alas.
  11. keithgersbear

    Gerarrds Fault

    I hope so but will we finish ahead of Hearts? Again I hope so but the win at the weekend was a grind, the last two away wins have been grinding wins which are coming pretty late enough in the games and we aren't playing that well. So it's a slog. The team we getting ripped to pieces on this forum before we scored at the weekend.
  12. keithgersbear

    Gerarrds Fault

    Hibernian actually won the Scottish cup not long ago, we can't even win the league cup. We haven't won anything meaningful since 2011! The attitude of some on here with managers is ridiculous as if the manager is going to be able to produce magic from his arse to be able to make the current players compete for the league when they will do well to finish 2nd this season.
  13. keithgersbear

    Gerarrds Fault

    He is indeed.
  14. keithgersbear

    Gerarrds Fault

    We have some real deluded people on here it seems.