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  1. Think this is more JT than DK writing this. "...……..we are relentless in working hard behind the scenes, and up front when necessary, to make sure we are given the respect our club and our massive support deserves. But we will not engage in unseemly debates through the media."   This just stinks of JT trying to justify his role at the club. "I'm doing something about it all. Honest I am! You just can't see what I'm doing"
  2. Great video. Great tune. Can't beat a bit of Huey.
  3. What a fucking guy Defoe is by the way. Unselfish as fuck.
  4. Aye it's stuttering like fuck and about 5 seconds behind for me
  5. Outstanding. Can only imagine what it's like for the young bears to have someone of Defoe's calibre take you under their wing.
  6. So let me get this right. Gerrard is offered a 1 match ban for questioning why scott brown wasn't punished for his involvement in the incident at full time, but they are citing scott brown for his involvement in the incident at full time because they believe he should be punished. So the sfa agree with Gerrard but are giving him a ban anyway.
  7. Heard him spout this shite this morning. Bob Mills and Perry Groves told him he was talking pish and it's neither teams responsibility. Absolute weapon of a man.
  8. Operation Yewtree should be all over this. Like shooting fish in a barrel.
  9. Croatia and Denmark are countries with a similar population and infrastructure to Scotland. They are able to produce decent quality footballers with a few top class ones on a regular basis. We produce hammer throwers
  10. Taig on taig violence after an embarrassing result. Glorious
  11. Correct. They'd be better just putting 10 men in the box and hoping to break on the counter or wait for opponent to make a mistake because that's all they know how to do now.
  12. I genuinely think I've got a better first touch than burke
  13. "This game was always gonna be tricky" hahahaha fuck up ya cunt it's fucking Kazakhstan. 😂😂
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