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  1. Iggy666

    Morelos bid

    Assuming we do sell him and the fee is £10 million, who the fuck do we get to replace him? Strikers aren't exactly cheap to buy. I'd be gutted if we sell him to be honest. Love the huffy wee shite. 💙
  2. Iggy666

    Feel Good Factor

    Watching that mob get pumped in Europe for the last few years has been short lived entertainment. A brief moment of pleasure but our own predicaments have taken the shine off the gloating. Not this time though. This time I feel different. Please Rangers, Stevie G, Dave King, fucking everybody involved with our club. No more fucking about. Please fucking do it this season. #letsgo
  3. Iggy666

    * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

  4. Iggy666

    Katic punched?

    Aye. That's what it looked like to me.
  5. Iggy666

    Katic punched?

    Watched it on rtv. There was a couple of replays from 2 or 3 angles iirc. Didn't look like much to be honest but a wee dig under the ribs can hurt like fuck if it catches you right. Mullen was a sneaky cunt doing it. No surprises with a surname like that.
  6. Iggy666


    Tall, gangly footballers tend to look awkward as fuck on the ball. Kanu and Peter Crouch spring to mind. Willing to give the boy a chance. He's certainly entertaining anyway. Like a giraffe that's been granted a wish to be human for a day.
  7. Iggy666

    *** Offical Rangers V St Mirren Match thread ***

    😂 What a fucking ball that was by Barisic by the way. Top drawer. Exactly where he wanted it. Sheer class.
  8. Iggy666

    *** Offical Rangers V St Mirren Match thread ***

    He's like Papac. Solid 7/10 every game
  9. Iggy666

    36 Games Left

    It was a stonewall red. Might have been a better idea to just let them have the shot and hope shagger saved it. Was no need for it at 2-0 up imo
  10. Iggy666

    The Scotsman’s ‘For Seasons’ article

    Hearing that a lot lately from various mhedia outlets. The way they constantly put down Scottish football is sickening. They honestly believe that Gerrard doesn't, and never has had, any knowledge of Scottish football prior to his appointment with us. Did Brenda get this kind of hostility? Did he fuck. Oh that's right he's pure 'ra cellic an aw that'. fenian fucks
  11. Iggy666

    Who are you signing for?

    Grimsby on a free. I think I'll just retire tbh
  12. Iggy666

    * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    Levein sending the old boy out with the lawnmower is possibly the best trolling I've ever witnessed. 😂
  13. Iggy666


    I had the exact same. Only 1 of the fenian fucks in my work actually watched the game and he was surprisingly quiet about it. Wonder if he's a bit worried....
  14. Iggy666

    Tav tonight

    Gave everything tonight. Was great to see him barking orders for the full 90. What a difference from the silent, head down tav from last season.
  15. Iggy666

    That video clip in training

    Was thinking about this earlier. Windass was one of the worst for doing those shitty little half jogs when we lost possession and now he's away. The gaffer means what he says. Shape up or fuck off out of our club.