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  1. Iggy666


    I like the guy but I think the captaincy is too big for him imho. Too much pressure and he doesn't have the ability to lead by example and grab the game by the scruff of the neck
  2. State of some folk on here. Aye it's disappointing but for fuck sake look what we had to go through to get here. 4 qualifying rounds and getting to the final game before our fate is decided. Cunts saying we are going backwards. Honest to fuck man.
  3. Iggy666

    ***Official Dundee v Rangers Thread***

    A draw against 10 man Dundee is fucking embarrassing. Those players should hang their heads in shame. Utter garbage.
  4. Iggy666

    ***Official Rangers v Aberdeen Thread***

    That was fucking disgusting to watch
  5. Iggy666

    Earl on Clyde

    You can hear the froth bubbling away on his lips. This cunt will top himself when 55 comes. Can't wait.
  6. Iggy666

    Goldson racially abused on twitter

    It's probably his bird. Creepy peado bastards
  7. Iggy666

    Our Form

    All of our defeats this season have been by a single goal. 1-0 against the filth and Livi in the league. 1-0 against the mutton molesters in the semi and 4-3 against spartak in Europe. Not too shabby to be honest.
  8. Iggy666

    FA Cup/Lower League Football

    Pompey are really the only team in the lower English tier that has decent home and away support. Although I am kinda biased with that opinion...
  9. Iggy666

    ***The Official Hearts v Rangers Match Thread***

    Fucking brilliant. Look at the cops though. Fuck, some weans are on the pitch. Send reinforcements!!
  10. Iggy666

    Ryan Jack tonight

    He was a rock last night. Jack and Arfield are learning so much from Gerrard. Get a good quality midfielder in January. Someone who can split a defence with a pass and we will improve massively imho.
  11. McGregor was fucking outstanding tonight. Arfield was excellent and Ryan Jack was a fucking rock. Pleased with a point, especially after going down to 10 men. We'll do Vienna no problem.
  12. Iggy666

    Candeias Red Card

    What a joke. You know the sfa have fucked it big time when there are even fucking taigs saying it's ludicrous.
  13. Iggy666

    Wee Things In Football That Annoy You.

    Super slow motion replays that last about a minute. Does my tits in. Also slow motion replays of goal celebrations. Fuck is that all about?
  14. Iggy666


    Main is a decent player to be fair. Quick, strong and gets in the right places. Was gutted when he left pompey, especially to go to fucking motherwell.
  15. Great result and a great team performance. Hopefully Grezda kicks on from here. Delighted he scored. Glad that prick got sent off. Anyone playing a game of football and wearing a gumshield deserves to be sent off.