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  1. Gutted at this but it's the best thing for Wallace. The way the club has treated him has been a fucking disgrace.
  2. The naval base, HMS Dryad, in the village of Southwick in Portsmouth is where the d day landings were planned. I was born in that village. We used to have huge celebrations about d day. Such a sombre day, but momentous in human history. I have an enormous sense of pride about it, as should everyone alive today. Can't begin to imagine the horror of that day, nor the immense bravery it must have took. Thank God we have had nothing like it since, and I hope we never do again.
  3. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. Get it fucking up ye. ­čśé­čśé­čśé­čśé
  4. Every time we question these incidents the response is always the same from the fenians in the sfa and media. Rangers are poor losers. They can't compete. They should look to their own failures instead of blaming others. Yada yada yada. The sad reality is we are pissing in the wind when it comes to this corruption/cheating. The only way we will be able to stop this is if the other clubs join with us. And there is absolutely no fucking way the boards of the rest of the cunts up here are going to take our side. The bitter hate filled bastards that 'support' them will revolt in their droves.
  5. It always is @Sweettartangirl, it always is
  6. If they hadn't already won the league I would put my mortgage on Clancy giving us fuck all today. But credit where it's due, he reffed the game well.
  7. What's even more mental is they basically benched him after he signed a pre contract with us. That's why we ended up getting him in earlier and paying a pittance. No point in him warming fucking dundees bench when we can get him in our squad. Doubt anyone at Rangers honestly thought he would have the impact he has done. Dundee may well have had a fighting chance to stay up if they hadn't been like their Rangers hating brethren from across the road.
  8. Iggy666

    Ryan Kent

    Really hope we see him again next season. Cracking player. It's clear to see he's loving it at Rangers.
  9. Aww mate ­čĄŚ­čĺÖ
  10. Gonna be thinking about Defoe when I pump the wife tonight.
  11. It's leaving the pitch. As soon as you cross the line, ref can book you. Shite rule right enough
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