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  1. Tav pish again. Ojo doing nothing. Katic is getting bullied by ikpeazu. We are weak as fuck without Ryan Jack. Great goal by big buff
  2. Strong starting line-up and strong bench. Can't see anything but a resounding victory for us here. Hearts are absolute dogshit.
  3. It's quite telling that it's only the BBC reporting on this 'cover up' at Rangers. Nothing on sky or any other media outlet. Rancid organisation.
  4. Great game to watch. Clint Hill and big Marv were solid at the back. Papac is obviously a vampire and still has it. Alex Rae was brilliant. Lovenkrands is still amazing. Mols proves that class doesn't ever leave you and Gerrard in a Rangers top is wanking material.
  5. Same with Papac. Hasn't aged a day
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