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  1. Iggy666

    Nikola Katic Signs

    Never heard of the guy before. Nothing stands out career wise to suggest he's gonna be a success or is even any good. But for some reason, I'm genuinely quite excited about this signing. A back 3 of this lad, Goldson and Bruno/someone else seems quite formidable on paper.
  2. Iggy666

    New laws 'not needed' on football behaviour

    😂 aye right then. Unless you're English, Protestant, a Rangers fan, or any combination of those.
  3. Iggy666

    Livingston vs Thistle

    Thank fuck for that. Tarquin, Guinevere and Campbell will greeting tonight. Hopefully be a long time before we have to look upon this fucking monstrosity again.
  4. Iggy666

    MOH in with the beggars yesterday

    Imagine if one of our players had done this under Sir Walter. He'd be a dead man walking. Hope to fuck on June 1st when SG officially starts, his first order of business is to boot this fenian mess right down our glorious marble stairs and out the fucking door.
  5. Iggy666

    MOH in with the beggars yesterday

    Mental to think that hating Rangers is more important than your own career. Especially when you are in your prime. I blame the schools. Tragic fenian cunt.
  6. Iggy666

    A canae fucking wait

    This. This all day long. I've become a very bitter cunt in my old age. More so the last 6 years. When 55 happens I'll be relentlessly at them. All day every day. Until the moment they rancid fuckers cry themselves to death.
  7. The only one I know that has said he regrets the way he left was Lafferty and that was before he signed for hearts when he was looking for a move back to us.
  8. Iggy666

    Welcome Back Allan Mcgregor

    Upgrade on what we have, of that there is no doubt, but no matter what reasons he had, he turned his back on the club and fans he claimed to love. He needs to come out and explain himself imo.
  9. Iggy666

    *****Official Hibs vs Rangers Match thread*****

    If, and its a big if, he can keep fit, he certainly looked like he could be the leader in the centre of the pitch that we have lacked for years.
  10. Iggy666

    *****Official Hibs vs Rangers Match thread*****

    Honestly don't know if that was the best or worst game of football i've ever seen. Thank fuck this season is done with. Roll on the Stevie G revolution.
  11. Iggy666

    Dundee United

    Just shows that these cunts in the scottish media know fuck all about anything. Yet the taigs take everything they say as gospel. Tragic cunts
  12. Iggy666

    Dundee United

    Fucking delighted. Die you scummy arab fucks!!
  13. Iggy666

    Sir Alex

  14. Iggy666

    Expectations Yr 1?

    Obviously i want the league but i'll be happy enough with a comfortable 2nd that i wouldn't be calling for his head. A cup win would be great, especially if we pump the taigs out of it. Also i want teams to fear coming to Ibrox again.