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  1. Could not agree more. Better midfield and a proper captain or we can forget it. I would sell Tavernier. He is simply not good enough in defence and not that great going forward either.
  2. I would like a midfielder who can run a football match like Barry Ferguson and one who can tackle with a bit more authority than Jack/Kamara /Davis/Aribo much like John Greig in his day who would also provide the captaincy. £20 million probably not enough. Seriously not sure who they should buy for the midfield but the current players will not cut it.
  3. I don't think Alfie is trying his best. He is much better than he is showing although I do think there is an issue with lack of bottle in the team and unless we address the midfield and the captaincy we will win nothing and Gerrard will be gone. We need the £20 million to strengthen the midfield and would be great if we could find a leader for the team.
  4. Against Aberdeen he did produce a nice pass but like most of the team over the 90 mins he was average and today he produced zero. We have alternatives lets use them.
  5. Morelos thinks by going through the motions he will help his drive to leave. You cannot have players not giving 100%.. He needs to warm the bench while we give our new players a run out. If someone comes up with the cash great but until then he fights for his place and based on today he does not start in my view.
  6. Morelos is worth at least £20m and we should hold onto him until we get the right offer. We now have more options up front. Based on his contribution this season he should warm the bench .
  7. Ryan Jack is an average player who would be OK as a sub for a good first 11. A bit like the level of water carrying type players such as Robert Prytz or Ian Redford from the 1980s. Needs replacing.
  8. Delighted with the 3 points and Balogun looks solid. However the midfield is still well off what is required and the team are crying out for a proper captain to drive them on. They looked half asleep in the second half.
  9. Doncaster, McLennan, fat Rod and Liewell are not stupid. If they have released a letter it will have a target in mind. I think they are hoping for an inappropriate response from Hearts or Partick Thistle. Silence is definitely the answer to a toothless piece of paper from that shower.
  10. Voted no since unlikely to lead anywhere but we must get rid of Doncaster and McLennan. Whatever it takes. They are merely an extension of the board of celtic.
  11. When the SPL spend so much time defending their position in the media it is completely clear they are exposed and have broken the rules. If Doncaster and Maclennan are not removed this time we need to keep focus and apply pressure until they are removed. However we need better than Stewart Robertson.
  12. I should have been specific. Dave King, Douglas Park, the non-execs ( Alistair Johnstone, Julian Wolhardt, Graeme Park, Barry Scott, John Bennett) are directors on the Rangers International Football club board and do not take a salary. Stewart Robertson, Andrew Dickson and James Blair are directors on the Rangers football club board and do take a salary and should take a cut. Too many boards/directors at Rangers.
  13. The directors at Rangers do not take a salary. However from Stewart Robertson down the senior management are well paid. All of the well paid staff should take pay cuts during this time to allow the other lowly paid staff members to continue to be paid. The very well paid players should also contribute significantly by sacraficing salary. Using a government scheme to pay football club staff is sickening. The actions of the English Premier League and celtic show the level of greed that permeates through British football these days.
  14. That first season in 1977-78 when Davie Cooper was signed along with Bobby Russel and then Gordon Smith was a joy. He did take a few months to get fitter as a result of Jock Wallaces' training methods but even during this period there were signs of what a player he would become. My favourite match the 3-2 win at Ibrox against celtic coming from 2 goals down at half-time. Davie Cooper, Derek Johnstone, Gordon Smith and Bobby Russel were unplayable. It could have easily been 4, 5 or 6 goals in that second half. RIP Davie Cooper a true Rangers legend
  15. Thought Leverkusen were well organised and their finishing was excellent but a good team would give them problems at the back. Rangers were very poor and had the heart of a mouse. Surely Steven Gerrard has to see that midfield is not fit for purpose. Neither good enough in terms of protecting the defence or supporting forward moves. While defence and attack look nothing special if we could improve the midfield it might help both of these areas. If he sticks with this midfield next season he will be gone because we will struggle again.
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