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  1. Ibroxholm

    Rapid 2 Spartak 0

    As long as I can remember, we always get our fair share of results away from home in Europe. It always seems to be our home games that lets us down. Hoping that will change this season.
  2. Ibroxholm

    vendetta against Alfredo Morelos

    Not the only Colombian who has trouble putting headed chances away then.
  3. Ibroxholm

    Club urged SFA not to help Rangers in 2008

    Would put my mortgage on it being Reid. They were the only club that could gain out of us being hampered in the League and they certainly would not have wanted us to win in Europe. They also made the most noise about it at the time (sporting integrity, tour of Japan, etc).
  4. Ibroxholm

    Morelos called up to the Colombia squad

    Think his main fault is he lacks a bit of composure in front of goal. Hopefully, he will get that with more experience and confidence.
  5. Ibroxholm

    When timothy says to you that we are a new club

    It’s ironic that the nutters that are at the forefront of pushing the new club narrative are now those most up in arms about us no longer giving them the Broomloan against historical precedent.
  6. Ibroxholm

    Group Stage Package

    Bit on the steep side but will pay it, luckily I’ve only myself to pay for. Will be surprised if the games sell out at those prices particularly as I expect all the games will be live on tv.
  7. Ibroxholm

    For what it’s worth

    Although we’ll never know now, it would have been interesting to see how the game developed if we hadnt lost the goal when we did. They put a hell of a lot of energy into pressing us in the first hour of the game and, as we know from our own play, that is really hard to keep up for the full 90min. I thought there were just signs that they were running out of ideas and we were getting some kind of foothold just before they scored. As it was, the goal allowed them a bit of leeway to sit back in the last half hour. Regarding the goal, Jack was lying on the deck throughout their move for the goal. Wouldn’t have expected them to put the ball out of play, however hope all our new players took note for future games should we get chance to reciprocate.
  8. Ibroxholm

    Welcome to Rangers, Gareth McAuley

    Gives us more options at the back. Katic and Goldson will not be able to play two games a week between now and Xmas, so we need this sort of experienced cover at CB.
  9. Ibroxholm


    I don’t think we stood and admired them today, I don’t not think physicality was an issue either. I thought most of the players, particularly defensively, put in a shift but we lack composure on the ball and we need more talented players in the final third. Many times I watched Walter’s team get saved by the heroics of Andy Goram, similar to McGregor today. As long as he does not hang the players out to dry publically, I don’t pay a great deal of notice of what a manager says after games. His private thoughts on performance are better kept in the dressing room.
  10. Ibroxholm

    Inswinging Low Crosses Towards Our Goal.

    Considering the amount of corners and free kicks they had round the area, I thought we defended well today. I thought they were starting to run out of ideas when they got the break for their goal.
  11. Ibroxholm

    Gaffers reaction

    Don’t agree his post match interview was poor. What do you want him to say.
  12. Ibroxholm

    Gaffers reaction

    No. In the end, a single goal cost us the game. That was the critical moment.
  13. Ibroxholm

    Gaffers reaction

    Jack incident was down to the interpretation of a referee. His decision to see no foul, rightly or wrongly, cost us the game.
  14. Ibroxholm

    Gaffers reaction

    Doesn’t matter how many times they hit the woodwork. The Jack incident was the key moment of the game.
  15. Ibroxholm

    Gaffers reaction

    He’s not going to do that in public.