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  1. Ibroxholm

    Well done Alfredo

    The boy appears to have lost all his confidence. He will need careful management by Gerrard because we cannot afford to give up on our best forward player. Badly needs to get a bit of luck in front of goal to get him firing again.
  2. Ibroxholm

    Ross McCrorie - good enough?

    A really unwise statement for Gerrard to make imo, would have been better keeping such criticism in-house.. Apart from the fact, he is sticking the knife into a current employee without taking account of the circumstances at the time, that comment could come back to bite him in the future. Walter Smith was probably the most cautious manager we have had in regard to playing young players, particularly young CBs. However, when circumstances dictated, even he had to throw in a young Steven Presley against Marseille In the Champions League. SG is going to look slightly silly if injuries to our other CBs force his hand Into playing McCrorie as an emergency CB next season.
  3. Ibroxholm

    Jason Cummings

    Based on his time with us, he falls into same bracket as Herrera as far as I’m concerned. It could be argued that both of them didn’t get much of a chance but, apart from a few moments of promise, neither of them did enough during the opportunities they did get to justify having a long term future with us.
  4. Ibroxholm

    Match Analysis

    Wasn’t at the Bury game but, watching it back on RTV, Arfield seemed to be the MotM. Was therefore really disappointed with his performance last night, he didn’t show up at all. Middleton looked as if he might be the spark that we have been looking for to break down a packed defence. Boy looks good but will reserve judgement to see if he can do similar when playing from the start, rather than a 15min cameo stint at the end of the match. Morelos confidence looks absolutely shot, particularly on headed chances. Badly needs to do an Ally and have a couple spin of the side of his head or his shoulder and end up in the back of the net.
  5. Ibroxholm

    Ross McCrorie - good enough?

    Agree. McCrorie has still a lot to learn in the defensive midfield position such as not diving in, staying on his feet and in the positional sense. However, he is young, has bags of potential and I think he will develop into a really good CDM. You are correct in saying that he just needs to keep it simple and play short simple passes. If he is galavanting upfield, trying to play defence splitting passes, as some seem to expect, he is not doing his job as a midfield anchorman imo.
  6. Ibroxholm

    Favourite Football Commentator?

    No one comes close to David Coleman imo.
  7. Ibroxholm

    ***Rumours thread***

    It’s not a matter of faith. I just don’t think they would be stupid enough to do something which is totally against their own interests (and that of the club).
  8. Ibroxholm

    ***Rumours thread***

    Whatever you think of the Board, they are not that bloody stupid.
  9. Ibroxholm

    ***Rumours thread***

    How are we meant to spend big if we are going to give away our main asset for under 3million, as you suggest in the Morelos thread.
  10. Ibroxholm

    Out?: Alfredo Morelos

    Makes no sense for the Board to accept a lowball offer for Morelos. Even if it was undisclosed, they would be making a rod for their own back because the fans (and the manager) will be expecting a suitable replacement which will not be got for under 3million. The only reason to sell him at a rock bottom price would be if we were in financial trouble, you’re not telling me you have bought into that spurious narrative.
  11. Ibroxholm

    Umar Sadiq

    The vast majority of our goal tally last year came away from home when the opposition played a bit more open against us. Our win and goal records at Ibrox we’re appalling because teams sat in against us and we didn’t have the players to break them down. Part of the problem is we don’t have a particularly creative no 10 or wingers with the trickery to beat players where space is confined. However, we also need a poacher in the McCoist or Boyd mould who can snap up chances in a congested penalty box.
  12. Ibroxholm

    Umar Sadiq

    Looks like he needs space to run into to be effective. Not sure he will get much of that here as teams tend to sit in against us.
  13. Ibroxholm

    Candeias - "I am so tired"

    Article in the OP. Hasn’t seen his video interview so don’t know if his words have been correctly reported. From what you say, they haven’t.
  14. Ibroxholm

    Candeias - "I am so tired"

    Can’t say I have seen any of the training sessions, was only going with what Candeias said in his article.
  15. Ibroxholm

    Johnny Hubbard

    Really sorry to hear this sad news. Never had the fortune to see the man play or meet him but he appeared to epitomise everything that it was to be a true Ranger, both on and off the park.