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  1. Warning for bears

    I expect our fans to cheer us on to victory. However, if it’s not our day, I would hope our fans get off their mark quickly at the end of the game. No sitting greetin or hanging about in the hope of being offended like that lot do.
  2. Sundays Front Line

    Morelos, no contest as far as I’m concerned. He must be due a bit of luck in front of goal against that lot.
  3. Murty speaks

    The first three times Murty faced that mob he got two away draws and missed out on a third draw at Ibrox by the thickness of a coat of paint (although our performance over the last half hour wasn’t great). Not bad against a team which we would reluctantly have to accept are better than us at the present time. Then we got last week’s performance which pretty well epitomised our performances this season, you just dont know from one half of football to another when this present team is going to rouse themselves or just down tools.
  4. Miller and Wallace Suspended

    Unfortunately, once you start getting into the position of appointing a new manager ever six months or so, player revolt becomes part of the territory.
  5. Miller and Wallace Suspended

    How was he meant to deal with it? If they had expressed their opinion privately I dare say it could have been dealt with. However having undermined Murty in front of the full team, it’s pretty difficult to retrieve that situation. Murty is on borrowed time in an incredibly weak position, it is highly unlikely that Miller or Wallace would have apologised and backed down on their words on Sunday. I think going to the Board was a last throw of the dice for Murty, back me or I resign now.
  6. Miller and Wallace Suspended

    God, that’s so long ago I can hardly remember it. I don’t think Miller would have dared doing what he has done over the last year to Walter. Couple of differences. We were mostly winning at that time so there would be little to complain or scapegoat someone for. Walter was an older, far more experienced manager with a string of successes behind him.
  7. Miller and Wallace Suspended

    Murty shouldn’t be the manager but I do feel some sympathy towards him as he has been put in an envidious position by the Board. You could say he shouldn’t have accepted the job but after McDowall and McInnes I’m not going to condemn the man for taking an opportunity. He was always going to struggle to control and maintain authority in the dressing room. You can get away with it to some extent when you are winning but once you go on a losing run, even the best, most experienced managers have difficulty ‘retaining’ the dressing room. Murty has very little in his locker to achieve this, he had a good playing career but hardly stellar so no player was going to respect him for that alone, he had no experience / past record in first team management, he was a caretaker manager given only a limited time in the job, he appeared to be given little say in who was awarded new contracts, and he didn’t have the aggressive personality of a Souness or Wallace to pin someone against the wall if he gave him lip. He was a totally inexperienced and limited manager put in an incredibly weak position to retain authority. It is little wonder some of the senior players took advantage of this weakness in order to scapegoat him after Sunday’s debacle. Easier than looking closer to home. I suspect Murty has gone to the Board and told them he would resign immediately unless he got some backing on this. Having put him the untenable position in the first place, don’t think they had any choice but to back him, which is the first correct decision they have made in the whole sad affair.
  8. Miller and Wallace Suspended

    The Board has to back the manager they have appointed. You cannot have players undermining the managers authority whoever he is. They let it go when it happened to Pedro and they are now reaping what they sowed.
  9. Miller and Wallace Suspended

    Thing is though Kenny has been there so long he thinks he’s entitled, he thinks he know better than any manager we bring in now. Murty is culpable for the last six months but Miller and Wallace have been there to see off McCoist, McCall, Warburton, Pedro and now Murty and all the debacles along the way. When are the most professional players we have had the last few years going to accept some responsibility of their own, rather than scapegoat the manager when things start to get tough.
  10. Miller and Wallace Suspended

    Players are not fans, they have to be able control their emotions, It is part of their job to do so. There are threads on here slagging of Morelos and Docherty for not controlling their emotions on the park. These were two young players caught up in the action on the park, not two experienced campaigners sitting watching on the touchline. I would have expected more responsibility from them given that the dressing room was already reportedly a war zone.
  11. Miller and Wallace Suspended

    Agree, particularly when we have young players tearing lumps out of each other in the tunnel and dressing room. The two players had a right to express their opinion to the manager but they chose the wrong time, place and audience imo.
  12. Miller and Wallace Suspended

    If that’s what they think, fine. However, they have to take the consequences of their actions.
  13. Miller and Wallace Suspended

    The same argument was made when Pedro Was having his problems. I’ll give Wallace a bye but Millers name comes up too often as a source of disruption for it to be ignored. Murty seems a pretty passive individual to me so I doubt he would have been the aggressor (maybe that’s part of the problem with him as a manager). As both Miller and Wallace weren’t playing, I hardly think Murty would have been tearing them a strip for their performance.
  14. Miller and Wallace Suspended

    With three players already physically fighting each other in the tunnel and in the dressing room, that was probably the correct decision.
  15. Miller and Wallace Suspended

    I would expect that also but I would hope a couple of experienced campaigners could channel their emotions and opinions better than they did. Why did they not take Murty aside and tell him forcibly in private their opinions instead of grandstanding in front of the rest of the players.