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  1. Ibroxholm


    A hat-trick officially, four goals in actuality.
  2. Ibroxholm


    Second four goal haul against Kilmarnock this season.
  3. Ibroxholm

    Alfie our best striker since...

    He is like a pocket Hateley. He was the last striker we had that bullied and intimidated defenders the way Alfie does.
  4. Ibroxholm

    Jakey Clark outburst

    Clearly, she didn’t have quite as clear a view as she made out.
  5. Ibroxholm

    Does anyone want Gerrard sacked

    Patience is a rare commodity these days.
  6. Ibroxholm


    Thought when we signed him we might be getting a fullback in the Numan mould. Sadly disappointed in his displays so far, so much so that I’d play Haliday in front of him.
  7. Ibroxholm


    Thought Davis and Kamara looked short of match practice and were well of the pace. Clearly, they only way there going to get match fit is to play them but thought Gerrard made big mistake playing both in what was a must win game for us. In saying the above, they werent helped by a totally inept display by their teammates.
  8. Ibroxholm

    Defoe and Lafferty potentially out

    Waddell occasionally played DJ at CH and even in midfield in his younger days. Jock Wallace mostly played him at CF as far as I can remember. It was John Greig who backed down to DJ’s demands.
  9. Considering where we were at the 1st June 2015, Warburton done a pretty good job the following season to win the Championship and get us to the cup final with limited resources. We played some pretty good football along the way as well. I don’t think he is incorrect to infer that, at the start of 2016/17 season, we probably had unrealistic expectations in thinking that we could win the league first season back. However, the thing that has pushed Rangers on to be successful over the years is the high expectation of the fans and the unwillingness to accept second best. Ultimately, the job was too big for him and he was to set in his ‘coaching school’ methods to figure out that he had to be flexible in reacting to the limitations of our squad. His biggest crime imo was not getting the defence sorted out leading to us continually losing cheap goals. However, more illustrious managers (LeGuen and latterly Advocaat) had a similar affliction which eventually led to their downfalls. He showed real naivety in the team set up in the 5-1 loss to them (Advocaat showed a similar naivety in his first game against them). Getting beat by them is hard to take but it is a long way back for a manager afte such a heavy defeat.
  10. Ibroxholm


    You would think that after all these years with referees secretly working in our favour, they would have reached a level of sophistication above giving us four penalties in a game against the bottom of the league team which we were going to win anyway.
  11. Ibroxholm

    Compliance officer .A total sham

    Yup, lacking of any real insight into the agenda currently being pushed up here in Scotland.
  12. Ibroxholm

    Compliance officer .A total sham

    So he is utterly convinced that who a referee supports has no impact on their performance. Why then, when asked if he knew of any other celtic fans amongst officials, would he answer ‘I cant think of any’. Would the obvious response to that question not be, ‘why is that of any relevance’.
  13. Ibroxholm

    Compliance officer .A total sham

    It’s a ridiculous system to employ, particularly in this bitter little country we live in. The several days delay between the game itself and a player being cited leaves it completely open for manipulative club managers, ex-players and their lackies in the press to isolate and highlight particular incidents in isolation in order to penalise certain players and clubs. How does the CO who has little knowledge of playing professional football reach her decision on who is to be cited? It seems pretty clear that she reacts to whoever the lynch mob choose to focus on and make the loudest noise over every week. Shambles.
  14. Ibroxholm

    Petulant morelos

    Up until yesterday, I think Tav has done a great job with converting penalties this season. However, all things being equal, I would prefer to see penalties taken by our strikers, that is their main job. If Morelos went a few games without scoring, we would start questioning him and the pressure would build on him accordingly. If Tav did the same, no one would pay much attention as it’s not his main job. Would it not be better to keep our strikers confidence as high as possible. Just another thought. Morelos is our biggest asset. He is highly likely to leave in the summer and we ideally want to maximise the fee we get for him. I would suggest we might be able to get more for a 30-40 goal per season striker than a 25-30 goal per season striker. Clearly, Tav is the man in possession and winning games is the priority at the present time but was that an issue at the fourth penalty yesterday.
  15. Ibroxholm

    Should we not use the same tricks the tarriers use?

    They have been doing the same for years, nothing should surprise us how far they will go to get any advantage. If any club is the antithesis of sporting integrity it is them. In 2006, they signed Scott McDonald on a pre-contract. He played for Motherwell the rest of the season, however it couldn’t have been a loan back as the January transfer window had expired before they signed him on the pre-contract (we had actually tried to sign him on the last day of the transfer window). He must therefore still have been contracted to Motherwell to the season end. Yet, when they played Motherwell in March/April that season, McDonald in a pre-match interview on Clyde said he was not allowed to play against them due to a club agreement. Why would Motherwell agree not to play him, what was in it for them? Long time ago and maybe seems not that important now, However, just think, if it had happened a year earlier their might not have been a Helicopter Sunday.