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  1. Ibroxholm


    Pena is under contract so we are going to have to pay him one way or another. Might as well give him winter break to prove if he has mended his ways and is going to contribute or not. Problem is living alone in hotels in a foreign country is not going to assist him resist his addiction. i suspect he will not be SG’s type of player. If this is the case, we need to pay him off and get rid. We don’t need bad influences around the dressing room particularly as he seemed to be buddies with Morelos in his first stint.
  2. Ibroxholm

    Wee Things In Football That Annoy You.

    When moving forward, players carelessly playing a pass behind or straight at another player rather than a couple of yards in front of him, especially when you have spent a lot of time passing from side to side along the back line trying to create an opening. Gazza was the master at playing a pass for the player to run on to. Lethargic ballboys who don’t seem to realise they are there to retrieve the ball.
  3. Ibroxholm


    Looked better today, particularly in the second half. Thought him and Tav were getting a bit of an understanding on the right, didn’t look quite so dangerous on the left. Surprised they didn’t swapped him back when the young boy went off injured but I guess we were just playing the game out by that time.
  4. The sheer number of these cases is an indictment in itself. However, is there evidence out there to show cover up in these cases, like Torbetts? If not, they will fall back on the ‘many clubs have had similar issues’ defence used in their statement.
  5. Ibroxholm

    * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    He’s certainly no Grandmaster.
  6. There is nothing ‘stomach churning’ about people mocking and seeking punishment of a club that placed its much heralded reputation above that of child safety over several decades. Hypocrits deserved to be scorned and derided, that’s what any normal society does (although it would appear this doesn’t apply to Scotland at the present time)
  7. Oh, he fully gets it. Don’t confuse his deception tactics with ignorance. He’s not stupid, he knows what he’s doing and he has been using the same tactic for decades. ‘Point scoring’ is the standard deflection narrative for those complicit in the cover up like Spiers. Ultimate purpose of the tactic is to paint the ‘point scorers’ as reprehensible (or even worse) as the perpetrators of the abuse so that their words are ignored in the public arena. The strongest words, he uses in his article are ‘stomach-churning’, look who they are directed at. The other tactic is to falsely link the ‘point scorer’ accusations/condemnations with the original crime rather than the five decade cover up. Don’t let them get away with it, concentrate on the cover up aspect of the crime. Point scorer = whistle blower. #proudtobeawhistleblower.
  8. ‘celtic Boys Club tragedy’. Carefully selected words methinks in order to score some points in certain quarters. Doesn’t bode well for his article being anything other than another deflection job. Suspect he’ll concentrate on the perpetrator of the abuse, crocodile tears for the abused boys, and outright condemnation of the point scorers in our society. Little if anything will be said of the 50year cover up.
  9. Thought I read somewhere that Torbett was allowed back into the fold in 1978, the year Stein left them coincidently. Stein didn’t die until 1985.
  10. Don’t know about that. Is tax law not just a matter of ‘common sense’.
  11. Surely any judge would consider it common sense that the two entities are connected. Is that not the defining legal benchmark these days?
  12. Does being at the leading edge and reflecting best practice now demand changing the name of your Boys Club?