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  1. Never mind Rab, I am sure you'll do better in the Numbers Round.
  2. Excellent paintings, well done! I especially like tonal effect, far better effect than in colour.
  3. It's Barkas and are using it because it cost 5 million.
  4. Is the one in the middle on loan from Anne Summers?
  5. Whoever we get, need to be careful in the tackle as players from both teams rolling about like they've been shot if anyone even brushes past them, ridiculous.
  6. Thanks for posting, he comes across as a genuine guy who loves our club. Enjoyed the piece where he said he used to go to look at the strips in a sports shop and work out how he could manage to put Christmas and birthday money together to save up for the strip, a fair few of us have had to do that when we were young.
  7. Sorry to hear that, no age at all.
  8. Apart from his obvious enthusiasm, he mentions that players, who wouldn't have met him, were contacting him during his quarantine period for a chat, and it seems to be something he very much appreciated. It also shows the unity in, and the strength of, the dressing room that players are doing that, long may it continue.
  9. Excellent all round performance from the whole team, starting 11 and subs. Hagi looking good, hope he keeps his consistency.
  10. Is that not the correct positioning where a left back should be?
  11. He is indeed, but it would be good to know what is happening. At least he would have kept his fitness up while with the national squad and shouldn't be fatigued for the few minutes he played.
  12. It's the computer they use, seemingly it's not very good, first it loses a email from Dundee then it spits out Hearts v celtic randomly.
  13. Just a heads up from the club would do, "he's on his way back" or "he's not here because....." would suffice. Gerrard, in his interview the other day, certainly did not seem enamoured with the situation, and rightly so, he's got a team to prepare and needs to know who he has available. Whether he isn't happy with the player or wasn't happy with the question I don't know. Most of us just want a wee bit of info from the club rather than aĺl the usual speculation that's doing the rounds.
  14. It will be a lot closer to home....... The Barras Market!
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