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  1. Moses McNeil Peter McNeil Peter Campbell William McBeath Have all been remembered for 150 years, and will continue to be so. Michael Stewart will be forgotten very soon.
  2. I understand what you are saying as I have used various facilities, Clyde etc. Senior clubs letting out their stadiums/facilities is a fairly recent thing, and it is mostly clubs with artificial turf that allow their pitches to be hired therefore generating an additional income for these clubs, not all facilities can be accessed, physio's etc. Granted we do not know to what extent celtic allowed CBC to use their facilities, but from what we are lead to believe it was a good range. The time scale mentioned that CBC were using the facilities at celtic park, '60's-'80's, possibly?, it was not the norm for the bigger senior clubs to let boy's clubs, youth clubs, etc. have the use of the stadiums, with the exception of prestigious tournament finals , the Glasgow Schools Final, (normally Roseberry Park in the Oatlands), Scottish Amateur Cup Final etc., and of course schoolboy internationals, Ibrox itself was used for schoolboy internationals, possibly in the late '60's-early '70's. I remember going to one as my cousin was playing, can't remember who Scotland played, it's an age thing.
  3. From the article above, "A man accused of indecently assaulting a teenager at celtic Park and another at the club’s former Barrowfield training ground will stand trial in January." If they, The Boy's Club, were a separate entity, and not affiliated to celtic , why were they allowed to use the club's facilities at celtic park and Barrowfield?, as a senior club you just wouldn't let any random boys club arrive and start using your facilities. I really hope the victims get the outcome they have long waited for and deserve.
  4. I haven't noticed anything mentioned about that or the fact that the scorer of Israel's second goal got hit by a pie and a couple of other things by the fans everybody loves, whilst celebrating the goal.
  5. If you can bear to have a look at his face in the challenges pictured, just look at the intent and aggression in his face, nothing wrong with a bit of aggression during the game but that is just wild, uncontrolled aggression. Hibs, or the SFA need to deal with it or he is seriously going to injure someone and possibly himself too, looking at the pics, flying in with his left leg every time, it would only take someone to land on it and he's had it, maybe that's what it's going to have to take to make him stop these stupid tackles, and if it does, he's no one but himself to blame.
  6. Not sure about that, but they practice achieving " inner peace and happiness " which may help when you don't get an away ticket despite being a season ticket holder and Mygers member
  7. I notice that you have written that your Muslim friend's 'reading' of the Qur'an prohibits him taking vaccines, but the Qu'ran does not state this, it is his own interpretation, reading, of it. Having spent a few years instructing in the Middle East, including Iran, a well known, and strict, Muslim state. During that time a small number of training personnel had various ailments, including asthma and diabetes, they were not prevented from taking or administering any forms of treatments, including liquids during Ramadan, if it was for medical reasons. Your friend has the right to his views of course, but it is possible he has misinterpreted the writings of the Qu'ran. There are a few, and not just Muslims, who interpret the teachings of their religion to suit their own agenda.
  8. Big Ange denies signing Mick Hucknall, says it was a boardroom decision.
  9. Fair enough, but that info not on mine, possibly because I am on CCCS. Info regarding dates were taken from mine.
  10. If you are a season ticket holder and on CCCS it will come off automatically round about 6th September. If you are a season ticket holder NOT on CCCS you can buy tickets from 9th September. Mygers from 11th. Info in email Rangers sent out on Tuesday.
  11. Not one of the MSM, mentioned Duffy showing his IRA leanings by doing the pretend shooting the rifle bit, (just as well it's pretend, he's that useless he would have shot his own toe off!) Don't know why I am surprised though.
  12. Is that Steptoe's "Hercules"?, could even be Albert himself. One for the older bears amongst us.
  13. I couldn't work out who it was either, could play a big part in our formula for success though.
  14. I hope if McCrorie needs to play, he emulates his brother and has a clean sheet.
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