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  1. Not much to add to the previous posts, it's an outstanding video.
  2. That happened to me too, I believe, however, CCCS can only be accessed once they have acknowledged the payment. For me it was after I got the acknowledgement email, before then I couldn't get in to tick the requirement boxes in the CCCS despite being on it for years. After that, as .Wiliamson says, you can go in anytime and amend or change requirements. Might be wrong but that was the way it worked for me.
  3. The only other game I had a problem with was the last celtic game at Ibrox, what is it with us and anything to do with electronics, inc. trying to sort out season tickets etc?
  4. Why does she have that look in her eyes that makes you think Winston's taken Boaby"s advice and stuck his finger up a rabid dugs arse?
  5. I think Findlay said "it was a very random time"
  6. The exact same flags that were getting waved outside the Scottish parliament yesterday for whatever reason, if anyone was in any doubt where the snp core votes comes from it's ambulance chasers like these, which of course the snp are only to happy to welcome.
  7. I think it's the correct choice, the league and league position is the main goal for all clubs, for us to go undefeated, thus far, and with our good run in Europe, with only a few blips along the way is a testament to the work put in by Gerrard and his staff. I can see the reasoning that Davidson was in with a shout, he has done well with his resources, but over the season it has to be Gerrard. Obviously the BBC are sucking a lemon over the award and just had to throw in this paragraph in their report, "The votes were cast by members of the Scottish Football Writers' Association bef
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