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  1. These stats just go to show how good Jean Claude was........Scored 4 times for Saint Georges and never needed to play
  2. Got his dates mixed up, he thought it was Halloween and tried to dress up as a footballer
  3. Told you they had a hazard at centre back 😂😂
  4. There's also a hazard at centre back.
  5. You've nailed it, I thought similar last night, just think though, they might be back on the headlines soon enough.
  6. "and on the radio this morning, we would like to give a shout out to, and play a song for Neil, who hangs about in the parkhead area and hasn't his troubles to seek" The first three lines nail it!
  7. If it's the same one I am thinking about, Mendes was playing for Spurs against Man Utd.at Old Trafford, he hit it from a similar distance , Roy Carroll caught it and dropped it about a yard over the line, scrambled it out and the referee didn't give a goal, Mendes was gutted!
  8. "Mental as Anything" How apt!
  9. ........."In a galaxy far, far away"..... Now need to try and get a doctor's appointment.
  10. Great video, 50 years?, excellent service to the club, probably unheard of in these modern times.
  11. Does that rag not have a proof reader? "celtic fans flock to hail the 'SINGING' of Brightons's Shane Duffy" At least he might be good at the Karaoke The standard of education in certain schools is deplorable.
  12. DEER Michael, Can you pleaze tell me where I can by a copy, and does it have many pictures? Reguards Neil
  13. Aye, typical of that type of socialist, so much money given to him and miniature collecting wife by gullible people over the years, that he can afford to pretend he's a socialist. Nothing wrong with helping the less fortunate, but don't line your own pockets at the same time, worked with plenty of them over the years.
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