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  1. Really enjoyed that, thank you!, as mentioned in a previous post, some it it was not easy but it was all part of the journey.
  2. The only thing that has annoyed me, and it's a personal annoyance, was, the game at Parkhead and possible title winning day, being moved a day later to the 21st March. With the game scheduled for the 20th March, which will be my 65th birthday, everything was lining up, my gran gave me my scarf for my tenth birthday which makes it 55 on that day which, hopefully, is an omen. I know it will sound daft, possibly childish, but the scarf has been with me through the years and had many ups and downs, visited many places home and abroad, but this will probably be the biggest emotional event of t
  3. 'Follow Follow', which then it leads into 'There's not a Team.....' , straight into 'TBB'
  4. I didn't know Jacqueline had a brother........ also talking "shite!"
  5. It was one for the older chaps who probably remember the General George adverts .
  6. Bernie Taupin, this lyricist, (sic), is not!
  7. Wish it was me. In my teens and twenties I had hair half down my back, now my heads given up and it seems to be trying to get there from every other orifice in my body.
  8. Colin Jackson, Male model in late "60's and '70's......Not kidding! Nicky Walker, Shortbread maker. Willie Johnston, Pharmaceutical product tester.
  9. If that is what he said on the matter, then he is quite correct. Gerrard and Rangers have their responsibility to make sure everyone at the club is fully aware of the protocols and, I am certain after the last debacle, they will have made certain that everyone is fully aware of the do's and do not's. Therefore they will have fulfilled their responsibilities required by the authorities, and it is down to the individuals involved to heed the guidelines, if they break them, they then cannot turn round and say,' we were not aware'.
  10. Very good, that's coming from the man whose club, (ok, not sure if he was manager at that point,)had to get players on loan and games postponed because they couldn't field a team because players had to isolate etc. due to close contact.
  11. Aye, they were orange, big and round, very similar to Derek Johnstone.
  12. Ritchie Shearer Gough Weir Caldow Gazza Greig Baxter Wilson Forrest Hateley Ok going to cheat....Subs McGregor Sebo,..... just for that last minute goal against Aberdeen alone, they had been mouthy all afternoon and Sebo shut them up. Jimmy Millar McCoist Johanson
  13. Most Gks actually look at the ball when they try to catch it, not look away and hope it goes into their hands. I am convinced there is no interaction between staff of the different squads at celtic, either that or Lennon is that stubborn, or that autocratic, he ignores them. Apart from the 3 stooges he has played in goal, he has Vincent Angelini , ok he is only 17 and out of contract at end of season and Man Utd., Everton and Southampton have made approaches regarding his situation. If those 3 are interested he must have something about him, if so and you only had the other 3 would
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