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  1. How can a £20m forward line compete with the scum when they have a £60m striker? Might as well chuck it now
  2. To be fair, if he was a taig he would definitely have seen the game
  3. Had high hopes for him, poor if true. Unless we've decided he wasn't going to make the cut then fair enough
  4. Amato

    Tomket Tires

    Yeah struggling to give a fuck to be honest. We need all the income we can get
  5. Amato

    Tomket Tires

    When I saw the thread title I assumed he was Morelos' replacement
  6. Sounds like some extreme straw clutching! Sadly
  7. Only if they can show there's been an error in law I think. Not happening, it's over, the corruption will continue. Probably be ramped up as they know they can act with impunity
  8. How predictably corrupt
  9. That sinking feeling watching this, reminded of so many games last season.
  10. Good video, will watch out for the rest of them coming out.
  11. Amato


    Think it was £20 for the cardboard cut outs some clubs were doing
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