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  1. Looks a shadow of the the player he's capable of being
  2. Too many waiting about on something happening. Tav, Aribo have been especially poor.
  3. The updated BBC article following our statement is an embarrassment and so clearly biased. Cunts.
  4. Brilliant, hopefully puts to bed all the crap about him/Gerrard
  5. There's one there too. It's just a tiny wee place with seating outside and a big screen. 2 Euros a pint
  6. If I was Colombian I'd be furious at the ref at the end there. 3 mins added and there was a sub during the added time, they're on a promising break at 2:50 and ref blows the full time whistle? However I'm not Colombian and don't really care.
  7. Played 90 mins in Croatia's 3-0 win over Hungary last night. Croatia now doing a thing where you can bid on the players' shirts after the match, for charity. I know everyone's always dreamed of owning Barisic's shirt from a Euro qualifier against Hungary... https://matchwornshirt.com/shirt/718
  8. Second worst player I've seen in a long time. Worst being Herrera.
  9. Colombia playing during the international break, I assume Morelos is in the squad? If so I can see where Gerrard is coming from. Should have more than enough to destroy them today
  10. Can't see anything other than a heavy win for us here. The players should be buzzing right now.
  11. He's the second ranked Rangers player. It's this: https://www.uefa.com/uefaeuropaleague/performancezone/#/
  12. Relates purely to Thursday's games in the Europa I think?
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