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  1. Stevie Clarke

    Probably not, given Levein's other results
  2. Morelos

    "Stuck with him". Fs.
  3. ***Official Rangers v Tarriers Thread***

    Thought Alves had a great first half, some amount of criticism for him on here though
  4. Famous People At Ibrox

  5. Famous People At Ibrox

    Fuck it, I don't know how to post images since the forum was tweaked
  6. ***Official Rangers v Tarriers Thread***

    Looks like the winning team to me
  7. Bates Wage?

    So we offer him a shit ton of money because we're overpaying Alves? He has only played a handful of games. My point re Alves was that when he signed he was a renowned, experienced international. You can see why he was given the contract he was, though he hasn't lived up to expectations. Shouldn't be offering ridiculous money to the likes of Bates on the back of that.
  8. Bates Wage?

    £2500 p/w seems like a perfectly reasonable offer. Assuming it settles out at say £3k a week (over £150k a year) that's a great wage for a 21 year old who has only played a handful of games for us (and not that many more for lower league teams prior to signing for us). Can't compare him to the likes of Alves who has 90 odd caps for Portugal and who should be our absolute best CB.
  9. Hope to see el Bufalo celebrating his contract extension by getting tore into their defence on Sunday and bagging a goal or two Sort the gif situation ffs
  10. Amazing news. Really think we need to keep him to challenge for the title next season. Not writing off this season, but it was a given he would be here for the remainder
  11. Rumour by ID10 from ff

    We've already got a no brainer in the team- Windass. Do we need another?
  12. Injury update on Wallace and DJ

    Playing Wallace in an OF game after 6 months out would be insanity imo. Really, really need DJ to be fit. Sounds like he will be.
  13. "I have not really thought about it [my future] to be fair," Goss told Sky Sports News. "When I was at QPR I was told I wouldn't fit into the way the manager wanted to set up the midfield and the way we were playing at the time. "I am just focusing on my time at Rangers just now and I am loving my time here - enjoying the opportunity and the faith being shown in me." QPR boss Holloway, who brought the player to Loftus Road, was disappointed with Murty's comments about his player and indicated he had every intention to keep hold of Goss, once his loan came to an end. "I am not really thinking about that. I am just [focused] on playing my football here. I am focusing all my game up here at the moment," Goss said, when pressed on whether he was confident of breaking into QPR's first-team plans this summer. "I will think about [the decision in the summer] when it gets to that." Goss, who spent time in the Manchester United academy and their first-team squad without making an appearance, also spoke about the emergence of Scott McTominay at Old Trafford in recent weeks. Both players played alongside each other for the Old Trafford club and Goss is impressed by McTominay's displays, which have created a tug-of-war battle for his international services between England and Scotland. Goss said: "I played with Scott all the way through when I was at United. It is a massive decision for him and I am sure he will take his time and make sure he is 100 per cent on his decision. "He was always going to be a late developer. He was quite small when we first joined. He always needed to grow into his body. Now he is showing what he is capable of. He is a big lad - he is strong and gets about the pitch really well. "He is saying everything with his performances and he is keeping his place in the side and I think he will be looking to do that." Sounds to me like a boy who's grateful to Rangers for giving him a chance to shine. I think he wants to stay. Also sounds like QPR made it clear he wasn't wanted.
  14. Rossiter

    Meh. Realistically he's never gonna be fit enough to get a run in the team.