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  1. If I was managing a Championship team I wouldn't consider most of the duds in our team low risk to be honest. I hope you're right though, can see it being the only way Pedro is going to get money to spend
  2. It's not a case of clubs down south being able to afford to pay 1-2 m, the question is why on earth would they when very, very few of the players would be seen as desirable
  3. Spot on
  4. Your brother in law is pulling your pisser
  5. I'd need to see it again, I mind thinking at the time it was fuck all. Anyway, don't plan on watching any of that pish again and couldn't care less about the elbow/non elbow, scunnered with it all
  6. Is this the elbow right at the start of the game you're talking about? If so, honestly there was fuck all in it.
  7. let's face it, he's average at best
  8. No, hence the last sentence of my post
  9. Can't see it. If we were to spend 10 to 15m on players then possibly. We just need to beat the rest of the dross in the league consistently then see what we can do against them. However, we will be shopping in the bargain basement once again.
  10. No, look again, he's saying it was a tactical masterclass
  11. Sorry but what a lot of dross that is
  12. Liking this mainly for the line in bold
  13. is that the "Pedro out" campaign starting then? Predictable as fuck. Not think he should maybe be given time to bring in some players?
  14. I'll tell you tomorrow at 11:15