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  1. If he's wanting out I'd just punt him. He's alright, does a job as a squad player but realistically isn't ever gonna be a consistent starter for us
  2. I don't think they're trying to hold off to win at Ibrox. I think they're just not all that good. If not winning today was part of some plan they have then I hope it blows up their face spectacularly. Anyway, I'm not actually suggesting we're gonna win the league! Just... Let's win all out games and see what happens.
  3. I can see us winning all of our games. And if they fail to beat the Killie side that has been weakened for them then the bottle may crash, you never know.
  4. Killie with three red cards? Whoever they play next will be laughing.
  5. He's a... somewhat... competent defender. In terms of attacking play though he offers absolutely nothing. Actually less than nothing, he has negative impact because the play breaks down when he's required to find a pass that isn't backwards or sideways.
  6. To be fair he'd score 40 goals a season playing our usual system if he stayed on the pitch. Put him on the pens and he'd be competing for the golden boot
  7. Katic and Goldson are good enough for a league winning side imo. Our problem is the games we don't create much despite dominating possession.
  8. If Barisic leaves I fully expect to see him playing in one of the top leagues in a couple of years. Hope he stays, gets injury free and becomes one of the first names on the team sheet
  9. DR saying it's pish. For once I think they're right.
  10. Correct spelling of the name this time. He's Colombian though. I'm sure the majority of us want to keep him but it's almost inevitable he's leaving
  11. Amato

    Jermain Defoe

    How much will this Morales cost and is he interested in a move to Scotland?
  12. Barisic will come good next season. Establishing himself as Croatia's first choice LB, he's going to be an important player for us all going well.
  13. Jack as one of your starters
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