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  1. I'll level with you, I just wanted to do a Dijon mustard pun
  2. £10m you mustard been watching a different player to me
  3. Don't really understand the hype with Hickey tbh
  4. Why charge them when they're carrying out their own in-depth and not at all just for insurance purposes internal investigation?
  5. Not even suffered the most from a football point of view. What a twat. Although by saying that is he admitting they haven't been able to prove they were actually deserved winners? (Hence their supposed "suffering"?)
  6. Title should be changed. Yes I want them to, no they won't.
  7. You must be one of the few clinging on to the false hope that we have any "next intentions". I'd love to be wrong.
  8. This is probably a simplistic outlook but aren't they only being awarded the title due to the infamous dodgy vote? So couldn't we have taken court action regarding said dodgy vote and everything that went on before and during the process which has ultimately cost us the chance to overturn their lead and the potential multi-millions of pounds that go with it?
  9. Exactly, that's what Shankland will be brought in for
  10. When were we not pals? I stand by my initial "underwhelmed" reaction and I'll keep my fingers crossed we have something up our sleeve
  11. Having read the statement again, it's not as weak as I thought on first reading. I was just hoping for some indication that we would have a next step. It reads to me more like that's us for now, but we'll continue to raise concerns about any future shenanigans.
  12. Would love that to be the case but I reckon it's over
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