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  1. Amato

    Tav to get offered new contract

    When did he renew, was it not only last year?
  2. Amato

    The tides turning

    Tomorrow is not a big test. Tomorrow is the basics. Tomorrow is a comfortable win. If it's not we should rightly worry.
  3. Amato

    *** Offical Rangers V St Mirren Match thread ***

    Halliday, Andy hallidayyyy...
  4. Amato

    The tides turning

    As others have quite rightly pointed out, we have had moments of optimism in the last few years and it's all come crashing down. Having said that, a lot of us have noticed that something feels different this time around. There's just something about Gerrard- the global brand, the signings we've made, the atmosphere at Ibrox in the past couple of games.. there's a curious sense of optimism back and it feels as though something big is brewing... Across the city there are murmurs of discontent at the scum, they're on the verge of missing out on the Champions League for the first time in a few years and have already lost a league game only 2 games into the season (contrast with the "invincibles" regardless of their European embarrassments). The tide is turning, it could the this season or it might be next, but I've never felt surer.. it's happening. Let's go!
  5. Amato


  6. Amato


    Looked more like a shoulder to me
  7. My initial reaction too, but having looked into it Maribor have had some very strong performances in Europe. Certain this will be our toughest test yet
  8. Amato

    Out?: James Tavernier

    Hopefully West Brom gtf
  9. Amato

    Out?: James Tavernier

    Fixed that for you
  10. Amato

    Morelos red rescinded

    Time we brought in officials from outside Scotland
  11. Amato

    Out?: James Tavernier

    I'd let him go for anything over £10m
  12. Amato

    Armin Hodžić (Dinamo Zagreb)

    The heavy knee injury he earned in February this year, playing for Leech, did not discourage Elvir Kolic (23) to return to the field stronger than ever. He came back to Krupa, where he scored five goals in the first three matches of the new season and was the leading shooter of the championship. Thus Koljić surpassed the performance from the start of the season two years ago, when he scored four goals in three rounds. As things stand, the question is when will he leave Krupa, who already has four offers for him on the table, and two are from the giants of Panathinaikos and Glasgow Rangers. "We have a few days ago on the table with the offer of Panathinaikos, the French second-placed Red Star, Vassland Beveren, and yesterday and Glasgow Rangers, but we are not hurrying anywhere. We are waiting for the right price, although these offers are much higher than the one we had last year from Lech. With these two last goals against Radnik, the price has surely jumped, and we will be patient and I'm sure that we will soon get the right moment, "said Krusheva's president Drasko Ilic for Glas Srpske. The deal with Krupa will be bundled by the end of May next year.
  13. According to Wiki, Kiernan has played 1 game since leaving us and Senderos is playing in the MLS with Houston Dynamo (played 8 scored 4 bizarrely). Says it all.
  14. Amato

    Tavs role in the team

    We now have 5 strong options for the back (6 if you include John but I'm assuming his loan will go through). What a position to be in considering where we were last year. I can't see Flanagan not being a regular starter considering his pedigree. But then, I can't imagine who we would drop. Good times.