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  1. There are quotes from King on the BBC
  2. No bother Hartson ya big fat dumb fuck
  3. Haha I know but honestly, they're never gonna null and void the season cos it goes against celtic's interests. Giving them the title opens them up to being s laughing stock and tainted title chat. Imo they'll shoehorn the games in somehow, regardless of how that impacts on football going forward. Only way I think that could be avoided is is if EPL null and voids/gives Liverpool the title. Then SPL may follow suit. Or if UEFA makes a decision for us.
  4. Not now, no... but at some point
  5. That's the key part though. Regardless of when it needs to be and how that impacts the next season, I think they'll make sure 19/20 season is played to a conclusion. I don't agree with it but it's what I think will happen
  6. I think they'll finish this season behind closed doors, regardless of when that needs to be. They don't have the bottle to abandon the season early.
  7. Amato


    The fantasist has probably made up the story himself so he can run another made up story in a couple of days saying Umbro have pulled out of the deal. He's a mentalist. Although not as much as those who give him donations
  8. The flaw in that joke is he will get straight As if he was genuinely looking good for them!
  9. McGregor Hagi Kamberi Aribo Morelos
  10. I'm into it. All teams to meet at Hampden where the shootouts take place. Get all the fixtures done in the space of a couple of hours.
  11. I think you'd need to just use last year's standings re Europe. The season would be void.
  12. I just think it's equally as unfair as saying "you get to be champion because you were in the lead when it was abandoned". There are no good options but the fairest is to scrap it and we go again next season. No-one has won the league yet or finished last, so no-one can be champion or relegated.
  13. It's a bit of a daft suggestion but it's not any worse than the idea of announcing them as Champions when they can be caught
  14. Not sure if this has been mentioned elsewhere but I see Michael Beale has said the league should be decided by the standings at the half way point when each team had played each other home and away . Here's hoping we don't fuck our potential title clinching game in hand.
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