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  1. Keith Jackson and The Ratio

    Lot of pish. Amusing nonetheless.
  2. Harry Forrester

    OP makes a good point, we should recall Halliday and Dodoo too
  3. McInnes- is it now or never?

    Happy with our current manager thanks
  4. Pena

    Well he seems to know how to find the net once he's gotten himself into good positions. And his heading of the ball has been top class. Plus this is him just getting up to speed. Just hope he can cope with the winter over here. Not so worried about Morelos since he's come from Finland but Peña has never played outside of Mexico.
  5. Pena

    To be fair, you said he only possessed one attribute! Anyway agreed, a night to be happy
  6. The Goals

    Lol who is the random celebrating with the players after the second goal?
  7. Pena

    Yeah that's two great headed goals he's scored now. Not bad for a wee guy
  8. Pena

    😂 The boy has just scored two very nice goals, no pleasing some people.
  9. January window pre contracts

    Brace yourself... But I think Niko is out of contract in the summer
  10. January window pre contracts

    I think he's just hedging his bets, still wouldn't surprise me at all to see us signing him
  11. January window pre contracts

    Would be insane if we didn't try and get Moult IMO, and I also hope we take Declan John permanently. Seen enough in the few games he's played.
  12. Hope the board (and the fans for that matter) stick by Pedro. Seems like a thoroughly nice guy and he's improved us infinitely from last year. Deserves to be given time to improve us further. Reality is we are financially miles behind them, no manager is going to turn that around overnight.
  13. Rangers hugging beggars

    Good to see you're not posting anonymously Andy.
  14. Another stonewall penalty turned down

    Nothing stonewall about it unfortunately. I've chopped and changed, still can't decide if it was a pen
  15. The problem is pure and simply financial

    Correct Having said that, there needs to be someone waiting in the wings for King to move on. He's made no secret of the fact he doesn't want to be there