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  1. what did it say originally?
  2. Struggled to watch it all, the interviewer did my tits in
  3. Absolutely insane if you truly believe that. Mexico international, he has decent pedigree I highly doubt we've bought him as a friend for Pena
  4. The boy on the right looks as though he's eaten Carlos Pena
  5. They should mix it up a bit, get an Old Firm half and half scarf to show the new signings are tolerant individuals
  6. Our opponents from Luxembourg: "The team has never won a European tie, and has scored only once in their 12 continental games, conceding 40 goals. Last season, they were knocked out of the first qualifying round of the Europa League by Shamrock Rovers, with a 3-0 aggregate scoreline" 10-0 or Pedro oot
  7. I conclude that you need to look up the definition of "concur".
  8. I liked him for the fact he was a crazy bastard and gave it his all. Were we going to challenge Celtic with him up top though? Nah. All the best to him. No idea why Warburton wanted him considering the system he deployed, and no idea why he felt it would be worth a £1.8m outlay either.
  9. No.
  10. Ooh you're so staunch
  11. Warburton seemed to like signing players who had something to prove... players who looked promising at one point but whose careers had stalled and so on. Unfortunately for us a fair few didn't repay the manager's faith in them. Forrester: decent player who lacks the mentality to make it at a decent level