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  1. Amato

    Compliance procedure unfit for purpose

    Is there a compliance officer in the English Premier League? The more I think about it, the concept of a single person (even worse, an unqualified person) having the authority to pick and choose what incidents are cited and imposing bans after a match is fucking bonkers. The lack of consistency in the decisions she is reaching is staggering.
  2. Amato

    Others need to step up now without el Buffalo.

    Should recall Herrera to act as the target man with Defoe playing off him. If it works we could sell Morelos for a hefty fee in the summer and offer Herrera a new contract
  3. Amato

    Others need to step up now without el Buffalo.

    Who are these idiots?
  4. Amato

    Compliance procedure unfit for purpose

    Exactly. The system is a nonsense and clearly disadvantages us as the team televised most often (jointly with them but they have the media influence)
  5. Amato

    Others need to step up now without el Buffalo.

    He's the better finisher but potentially doesn't have the same strength and ability to be the lone striker
  6. Amato

    McGregor banned 2 games

    What qualifications does the compliance officer have that puts her in a position to be able to decide what incidents merit a notice of complaint? A woman who has never played football at a respectable level? Does she have a panel helping her decide (other than Sportscene and the Scottish media)?
  7. Amato

    McGregor banned 2 games

    Absolute nonsense system that allows the media to dictate what incidents get highlighted. No way McGregor won't win that appeal, absolutely no way to prove intent. His leg wasn't raised unnaturally high.
  8. Amato

    Today's back pages

    And also said he hadn't seen the incident yet. When he sees it I wonder if an appeal will be considered
  9. Amato

    Officialdom Conspiracy?

    Morelos sending off never warranted. Will be overturned. Thankfully on this occasion v the Sheep the wrong colour of card didn't cost us the 3 points. McGregor incident? Nothing in it. Pishing myself laughing at the state of Andy Walker droning on about how McGregor should have walked. Leg wasn't even raised an unnatural amount considering the way he slid.
  10. Amato

    The Media Agenda

    I see that according to the BBC Defoe has "escaped" a ban. They've then enabled comments on the story to perpetuate the discussion over the penalties awarded to big bad Rangers. Yawn.
  11. Amato

    Carlos Peña

    Wonder when the employment tribunal hearing will be
  12. Amato

    Compliance officer .A total sham

    BBC propaganda piece... Poor refereeing should have "consequences", says former official Steve Conroy. Andrew Dallas awarded Rangers four penalties in their 4-0 win over St Mirren, two of which Ibrox manager Steven Gerrard called "debatable". Scottish referees have faced criticism this season, with managers calling for VAR and full-time officials. "We certainly have to address all these mistakes that keep happening," said Conroy, who stepped down in 2012. "There has to be consequences, whether you get a few games in the lower divisions to keep out the headlines, to give you a chance to reflect. That has to be much more open than it seems to be just now. "It would be better if the Scottish FA accepted that people mistakes and come out and say that rather than just trying to deafen people with silence." Rangers 'could have had five penalties' Conroy agreed with Dallas's first award of a penalty at Ibrox, but felt he got the next three wrong and missed another legitimate spot-kick near the end of the match. Dallas was also criticised for awarding celtic a penalty in the League Cup final against Aberdeen - Scott Sinclair missed but his side won 1-0 - and one for St Johnstone against Hearts, which was converted by Matty Kennedy to secure a 2-2 draw. "It wasn't good and it won't come as a surprise that I say that and it certainly shouldn't come as a surprise to Andrew either," Conroy said of Saturday's match at Ibrox. "I'm surprised that Andrew was put in such a big situation, considering what's happened to him in previous weeks. "If referees keep making mistakes like this then it's everybody's reputation that's on the line. If that had been me, I don't think I would've been awarded such a big game so soon after recent events. "There are some people who go through a lot quicker than most and probably a bit quicker than is healthy because it's an apprenticeship. You need to put in the hours, you need to put in the years before you can start going into such situations as big games." 'I can't think of any other celtic fans' Conroy, a celtic supporter, is open about his club allegiances but is "utterly convinced" that who a referee supports has no impact on their performances. And, when asked if he knew of any other celtic fans among officials, he replied: "I can't think of any." "I don't like conspiracy theories, it's an awful easy excuse to explain things away," he added. "There was never any discussion on who you support and who you don't. I certainly never minded telling people who I support. It's out there so no-one can say anything after it." Utterly convinced BBC Scotland has an anti-Rangers agenda. I don't even think it's debatable.