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  1. Nonsense to suggest there will be no refunds
  2. They did edge it but they were the home team in a Euro tie. We are capable of pumping them back home
  3. I thought we performed well. Not a bad score.
  4. They were much better than I anticipated. Had read from some on here that the Danes were a bigger challenge. That's been shown to be a lot of shite. Not a bad result and as Gerrard predicted it'll go to the wire. Can see us beating them at Ibrox though.
  5. Hugh Queefins asked about the Tom Boyd comments, first thing he does is bring up Gerrard's comments from last season
  6. Amato

    Joe Aribo

    I'd rather he stayed with us but if Gerrard wants to poach him for Liverpool he better be paying top dollar
  7. He'd be a good squad option...
  8. Amato

    The Goals

    Second goal was brilliant play from Jones. Also a really good team goal. Morelos carrying the ball from the half way line on his own was absolute class too.
  9. Hopefully Stevie G's instructions are taken on board and the fans get Ibrox "rocking"
  10. They had some good players and were dangerous
  11. Amato

    The gaffer

    He's an absolute class act, wouldn't swap him for anyone right now
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