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  1. Amato

    Nathan Oduwa

    Not gonna lie, I couldn't wait to see him on the ball any time he played. He had some ridiculous moments of skill. Wonder how he'd get on surrounded by better players
  2. Amato


    £200k eh? Offer to to let them have the use of Peña and Herrera for a month. Hell, let's be generous and make it the season
  3. Amato

    Andrew Gutman

    Spoke well at interview
  4. Amato

    *****Official Rangers v Hamilton Thread*****

    Superb. Wish I had a link that worked
  5. Amato

    A Window of Opportunity…

    Reckon they've poured everything into today. Let's see if they have enough in the tank to do it again three days later. We'll pump them I suspect
  6. Amato


    I'm convinced we should sign him. Even more so after today
  7. Amato

    No passion, no heart

    Not a lack of effort we just have a chronic lack of creativity. Probably got up out my seat (couch) about 3 times the whole 90 minutes. We need a midfielder or two who can best their man, create space and drive forward
  8. Amato

    Ryan Hardie?

    Got to think he's still part of our plans given we gave him a new contract?
  9. Amato

    Wallace travelling to Vienna

    Article in the DR today about how strange it is Wallace is considered 4th choice LB. Got to be honest, I agree.
  10. Amato

    Steven Davis

    Doubt we could afford him
  11. Will be tough, they've done well in their home games. Plus the fact a draw suits them is a big concern. Had it been two teams needing a win I'd have fancied our chances. As it is, head says 0-0. Heart says we're going through with a 90th minute pen
  12. Amato

    SPFL delegate snubs Gerrard

    Sounds like the SPFL delegate was having a snide dig about us complaining about Collum, then shat his drawers and ran off when he realised Gerrard wanted to reply
  13. Amato


    Think today is the end of our title challenge to be honest. Crash out the Europa on Thursday and the season's a write off
  14. Amato

    Gerrard Post Match Reaction

    Enter: Jason Holt and Carlos Peña