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  1. Interesting suggestion and one I never saw coming. Good post.
  2. Kyle Lafferty the second time. I think most people thought he was pretty shit the first time round and couldn't see where he would fit into the team the second time round, yet...
  3. Surprised Rod Wallace hasn't been mentioned
  4. Risky signing for them, surprised he didn't end up at Hearts
  5. I had a feeling you weren't talking about my Michael Mols joke
  6. Rumour has it he's taken a new job As a Michael Mols impersonator
  7. Think that's the nail on the head
  8. Presumably Southampton were unaware of the beast's actions or, if they were aware, informed the authorities. That's probably the difference.
  9. To be honest, Alex Thomson is surprising me with how much he's tearing into them
  10. A scumbag of the highest order
  11. I don't think it's going to work. The condemnation seems to be gathering pace with an SNP and Tory MSP now calling for an independent investigation into what celtic knew and when. Shameful that more of the media aren't interested in the story.
  12. I agree, if I had to choose between losing Tav or Morelos it'd be close but I'd rather keep Tav. Laughable that he's still not rated by some
  13. Obviously not, but enough for someone to base an opinion on
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