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  1. RoyalBlues

    Rapid Vienna Day Trip

    you bought in their end mate?
  2. RoyalBlues

    Rapid Vienna Day Trip

    Just booked there for about 180 - 200 quid Edinburgh - Stansted - Vienna on the Tuesday Vienna - Luton - Edinburgh on the Friday
  3. RoyalBlues

    Single Europa League tickets on sale

    Aye it normally does mate, but isn't letting you select a seas for the two European games, but will do for the Kilmarnock game
  4. RoyalBlues

    Are we on the verge of finding our best 11?

    Rossiter is the best midfielder at the club
  5. RoyalBlues


    Aye his back heel was brilliant mate, im not denying that. It's his crossing from out wide that is poor
  6. RoyalBlues


    his final delivery is still very poor.
  7. RoyalBlues

    Rapid Vienna Day Trip

    what's everyones travel plans for this?
  8. RoyalBlues

    Andy Cap(tain)

    He's learning to pass the ball forward which helps
  9. RoyalBlues

    ****The Official Villareal v's Rangers match thread****

    He ran passed Barisic and high fived him, then went to the bench and hugged someone
  10. RoyalBlues

    ****The Official Villareal v's Rangers match thread****

    Who did Lafferty run over to after he scored?
  11. RoyalBlues

    *** The Official FC UFA vs Rangers FC Match Thread ***

    pathetic from Morelos
  12. RoyalBlues

    So here’s what we know so far

    Candeias would'nt have helped Tav mark better at the set pieces
  13. two set pieces Tav loses his man, two goals
  14. one of they cunts already leading with an elbow
  15. Got us on -3 at 10/1