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  1. Bayern Chelsea game is behind closed doors the day before us, reckon ours will be the same
  2. Tavernier was booed by the Motherwell fans because they thought he dived. Wasn't booed by Rangers fans
  3. Where's best to go to try get a ticket? Live in Edinburgh so planning on heading down
  4. Think last season he would have shat out the 50/50 before the goal, this season with more confidence he got stuck in and it led to the goal
  5. Mines now sitting in pending transactions on my BoS account
  6. Pretty sure i read somewhere that they were wanting to monetise it and Rangers weren't happy about that
  7. Cunts complaining about Wallace will be the same people clapping and singing Lafferty etc's name when they came back
  8. Really looking forward to him coming back next season.
  9. "I will not sign a player Steven doesn’t think he’s going to play in his first team" Pretty clear a player wont be signed if Gerrard doesn't want him...
  10. If you turn it down, does it still count as one of your allocation. I know it's the end of the season, but for next year?
  11. Middleton playing 45 yesterday and 90 today?
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