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  1. GB Scum at Ibrox tonight

    If a group of Rangers fan where within 100 yards of their midden on the eve of an old firm game the press would print it as a terrorist attack. Fucking sick of these bastards swaggering about like they own the place.
  2. GB Scum at Ibrox tonight

    Sickening. Why are they getting an escort as opposed to being chased? Cunts have absolutely no business in the area, and are clearly up to no good... A win tomorrow and restore some order to this fucking cesspit of a country.
  3. GB Scum at Ibrox tonight

  4. GB Scum at Ibrox tonight

  5. Famous People At Ibrox

  6. Give them hell.

  7. Give them hell.

    Shitebag's won't play the whole song through fear of the add on's, I'd love them to play fuck all over the tannoy and just let us create an atmosphere ourselves.
  8. Give them hell.

    Not enough "culture" on here this evening for my liking... Strike up the drum, get in to them Rangers.
  9. Sunday's Man of the Match

  10. ***Official Rangers v Tarriers Thread***

    In to these second class citizens
  11. Warburton - "I received death threats"

    Papers at it. And Warburton is lower than a snakes belly and a cretin of a man in my opinion, get yourself to fuck!
  12. Evening times headline

    Under pressure Brenda?
  13. Morelos signs contract extension until 2021

    Fantastic news, needs to kick on now and finish his season strong then the fun starts in the summer window.
  14. * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    Heard one of them more that shiteing himself the last day at my work - they are feeling the pressure and I cannot wait to see them crumble.
  15. Sunday is going to be more emotional for me...

    Sorry for your loss mate.