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  1. Klos Hutton Bougherra Cuellar Papac Ferguson Thomson Davis Averladze Mols Lovenkrands
  2. In to these second class citizens!!! up the establishment 🇬🇧
  3. I honestly don't know how he's got away with it for so long, makes my fucking skin crawl.
  4. Me too, I want him there when it happens... Lego also, their tears would be delicious.
  5. We will be first at some stage this season let's see how they cope.
  6. All we have to do is get close... The hysteria from their fans due to the level of pressure they've put themselves under would cause them to fall to pieces.
  7. South America countries have an entirely different culture to ours. There are many ingredients that make up a derby.. geography, politics, religion, cultural beliefs, class, success (competing for trophies.) when you look at the Old Firm you see two teams in the same city. Add to that they are the two most supported teams in the country with the biggest followings. They compete exclusively year on year for the domestic trophies. Throw in religion and the sectarian divide, the politics, class and cultural differences any you have the perfect storm in my opinion. there are many great derbies, some have 1 even 2 or 3 of the above, I'd say with confidence you won't find another with all of those ingredients.
  8. State of that flag... (freedom fighter friends) Just needs a hammer and sickle, and a Che Guevara.. fuck it throw on a section for Palestine while you're at it, fucking morons!!!
  9. Pro Evo 3,4,5 or 6 for me, again same as you maybe just being a wee guy but fuck me those games where huge at the time.
  10. It's to do with the war is it not? Although I thought countries like Poland, Ukraine and the Baltics suffered a lot more at the hands of Nazi Germany... Read a book called Bloodlands last year about the holocaust and the countries between Berlin and Moscow, was very difficult to read some parts, it was quiet literally hell on earth, the atrocities of Hitler and Stalin should never be forgotten.
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