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  1. Starting to look forward to the game and I'm disgusted with myself to be honest, just cant turn it off.
  2. The OP has went to great lengths to convince us we can win the title, our team has not.
  3. Thought it was Palestine?
  4. They bottled it year after year in the 90s during a legitimate 9IAR, they regularly played the better football, consistently outscored us and in some positions had the better players. We had the better team, a team that had a mindset that the only thing acceptable was victory... AT ANY COST! The only thing their club retains from that time period is an inferiority complex (the main reason their fans have reveled in our demise to the point of insanity) and I firmly believe consistent pressure and a strong title push would cause them to self destruct... (look at the hysteria at new year for proof of this) Unfortunately our own club retains nothing from said time period. We are not even a pale imitation and after years of hurt, let down and doom and gloom we as a fanbase are also recessing.
  5. We will be first at some stage this season let's see how they cope.
  6. All we have to do is get close... The hysteria from their fans due to the level of pressure they've put themselves under would cause them to fall to pieces.
  7. State of that flag... (freedom fighter friends) Just needs a hammer and sickle, and a Che Guevara.. fuck it throw on a section for Palestine while you're at it, fucking morons!!!
  8. Pro Evo 3,4,5 or 6 for me, again same as you maybe just being a wee guy but fuck me those games where huge at the time.
  9. Game play way better than fifa, more realistic imo. Can't wait to get Ibrox
  10. The whole things just getting exasperating now to be honest, couldn't give a fuck anymore I just want to buy the tops... My boy starts his little kickers again in a few weeks and has no Rangers kit to wear, my wife and I where in the Netherlands a few weeks back and we bought him the new Holland kit, obviously smart as fuck but it's not the same... Especially when there's about 10 kids running about with filth strips on.
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