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  1. GLEN MIDDLETON HAS BEEN OUR BEST PLAYER! Been on the park 10 minutes!!
  2. Well it was a red and he’s off and I bet you we don’t appeal it!
  3. McCrorie was doing well up until then but think it was probably a red!
  4. I am liking the fact we now have players and options that allow us to adapt formation and style of play! A different type of striker, like the boys we are linked with (not Lafferty) and that again will allow us to do this even further. We also look a lot bigger and more aggressive. Solid foundations in terms of the back five now in place and hopefully we start to focus on the attacking options we have! I’m excited!
  5. Good news is Morelos will be fresh for Thursday after a decent first league game win
  6. Showing on their website as Premier Sports 1 but on virgin showing up as the game in Greece
  7. Would probably have more chance scoring than his effort last week
  8. Would possible have more chance of that going in than his effort last week
  9. 3-0 Rangers, Cummings, Windass and the Morelos off the bench!
  10. Soak up this pressure and get into half time ahead! They will panic in the 2nd half!
  11. Yaaaaaassss!!!! Murphy brilliant, John brilliant, Candeias absolutely brilliant!!!!!!!! Get in there!!!!!!
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