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  1. Hard to say, Love the guys passion at times, But for our clubs sake, I feel we need to allow him to leave, Hopfully he gets his dream of that EPL team.
  2. Not been able to see game, But by what I'm reading we are playing shite?
  3. Nice way to treat people with mental and health issues.. Hope the SFA get bombarded by Mental health charitys..
  4. How celtic is the guy tho. Is he a celtic fan brought up around it all, Or just a guy who said he likes them.All players are different. But if both Rangers and celtic put in a bid,Who would he join..
  5. simply put, celtic supporting players only join us for a wage packet, and Because celtic don't want them, If celtic came calling they would not join us.
  6. looking like a different team since cummings came on, Just wish we could finish our chances. Can see cummings netting the winner.
  7. With a new manager coming in, And knowing you are playing for your Rangers career now, You would expect a bit of passion and professionalism, But it seems several of the players could not care less, absolute Pish. Gerrard I hope he has a nice titanium pair of boots for all the Bawkicking he will need to do.
  8. Some changes are needed at half time, We are getting bullied, Gonna need a bit of magic from someone if we are going to get a goal.
  9. We are civil people, Not like them across the city.
  10. Time to ask Murty to step down and get in a Rangers Class manager. All we can do now is let a new manager salvage what he can of this team and see about moving a few on. We should Hopfully secure second. Todays performace so far is a nightmare.
  11. One of our better players, He deserves a better deal, Pity we cant just give him Alves or kranjaer wages.
  12. Lovely Goals, That Morelos Tounge ?
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