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  1. Hard to say, Love the guys passion at times, But for our clubs sake, I feel we need to allow him to leave, Hopfully he gets his dream of that EPL team.
  2. McGregor and Morelos, Morelos is edgeing it tho, May change my mind after 31st tho..
  3. Good player on his day. Could do with his younger self in this team.
  4. Cant help but think some Tim lawyer or Copper is fucking those dolls right now..Probably with the scarves still on..
  5. We need heavy investment. Players who fight to the last second..We Rely on Morelos too much..Just not got that match changing gift. Plain simple easy to match style, Even the bottom clubs can take us on. Unless them across the city start paying regular 9 millions per players I can see them getting worse in the coming seasons, Finances will decide if we can stop them..invest we could fuck them over, No investment they will continue to control the Spl.
  6. A lot of ifs and buts, Could sell him, Make a great profit or keep him for another season which he ain't on fire.. If he really wants to move then we need to let him do so. No point in having a player not 100% commited.
  7. Hopefully the feeling of top for the players will be a eye opener, And have them more focused and giving all, To feel like winners.. Get that winning feeling back amongst the Players..
  8. He has taken his Facebook down as well.. Hearts fan from what I seen..
  9. Hopefully the hack for adding games is out quickly..
  10. Not been able to see game, But by what I'm reading we are playing shite?
  11. Can only dream Of having his skill, Tremendous for Scottish football. Put a bit of humour in the game that was needed.
  12. Nice way to treat people with mental and health issues.. Hope the SFA get bombarded by Mental health charitys..
  13. More displays like that from him, And he will attract some of the bigger names in football, Could be looking at breaking the 19mill sum, The scum got.
  14. Cant write bad words with my kid hanging over me lol.
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