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  1. Deanzmeanzheinz


    Ffs we will have an El fuckin zoo at this rate!
  2. Deanzmeanzheinz

    Jamie Murphy

    He will play (admittedly a lesser part) but he’s gonna be the whipping boy
  3. Deanzmeanzheinz

    Jamie Murphy

    Yep, get ready, Jamie. Windass has left the building, and you my good man will be the news RM whipping boy. It’s just the way it is mate. Some bangers on here must have a Rangers player that they can pour vitriol and total utter disrespectful comments upon watch this space 👍
  4. Deanzmeanzheinz

    An anthem for Stevie G?

  5. Deanzmeanzheinz

    Ibrox display tomorrow, Our City, Our Club!

    A fenian flanellete
  6. Deanzmeanzheinz

    Steven Gerrard is a kingaling

    And the wanker is currently overseeing all the Sports Direct advertising out the stadium. Wank away Dave, wank away - it's the week that keeps giving
  7. Deanzmeanzheinz

    Steven Gerrard is a kingaling

    This thread will be a one pager 😃😃😃
  8. Deanzmeanzheinz

    Don't you love being in the company of older Bears?

    My mum told me about Sammy Cox (her favourite Rangers player) and the famous Iron Curtain defence ie Brown, Cox, Shaw, Young, McColl and Woodburn how Ian McColl could control an opposing goalkeepers goal kick in mid air. Love all those stories and photos/videos from bygones my Grandfather was actually a Motherwell fan (he was in the Lodge though) so always had a soft spot for us. He maintained till his dying day that Davie Meiklejohn was the best player he ever seen.
  9. Deanzmeanzheinz

    Marc crosas

    Fuckin gutted with this. Crosas has just ruined my weekend. How could he be so insensitive
  10. Deanzmeanzheinz

    Don't you love being in the company of older Bears?

    Sweet Tartan Girl is my carer
  11. Deanzmeanzheinz


  12. Deanzmeanzheinz

    Don't you love being in the company of older Bears?

    I’ve stopped eating biscuits!!!!
  13. Deanzmeanzheinz

    Still worried about our midfield

    Don’t be worried, we have Stevie G on the money. He saw the problems in the first half got them regrouped, clues up and sent them back out knowing exactly what was required. We grabbed that game by the scruff of the neck from the ko and never let go. Only one other team in Scotland are on a par with Maribor and Osijek. And remember this is only their 7th game together with a group that is literally still getting to know one another as for Kent - I mentioned this elsewhere - you are looking for 2-3 moments of magic from his type. Some jinking run and shot, or a through ball, great cross. We must keep encouraging him, Ejaria and Middleton because they guys are all about one magic moment that changes the game. Off the ball his attitude is great 👍
  14. Deanzmeanzheinz

    Lucky Rangers...

    It doesnt matter if someone says we were Brazil or Brechin. It was what it was. We are not the finished article and we have still a way to go but by fuck we are getting better and better and better. We know it, we feel it and we can see it. This management team know exactly what’s required. If you want a true litmus test then think back to last year when Garry Owen Griifiiths was scoffing the gap has never been so big. You now have Brenda panicking and threatening to go because HE knows we are fast catching up!!! Thats the reality - WATP
  15. Deanzmeanzheinz

    Another wee positive ...

    What is encouraging me more than anything is that Gerrard is tactically on it! Down to 10 men at Aberdeen and the half time reorganisation. Got both spot on