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  1. Tears for Fears Glasgow next Monday 11th 2x£52.50 tickets - excellent seats - level 2 row S will sell pair for £100 free delivery or meet up pm if interested
  2. The biggest GIRUY to that fat ride. Hopefully House of Firetrap was dead
  3. That's a great post, mate. A lot there that asks valid questions and reasoned argument. Only bit i'm 'meh' about is the last part with the 'stat about cautions per foul'. Personally, i'm very wary of stats on their own. For example, Morelos regularly getting booked for dissent isn't a foul but it registers as a caution. But a great post nonetheless
  4. Looking at the incident on social media it appears DC does nothing however........... and im not saying he did anything (before I get lambasted) but what prompted firstly the goalie to confront him and then Ferdinand?
  5. Its the core strength they lack at the moment. Neither is in the mould or ability of Aluko. I know finding an Aluko type is easier said than done but hopefully we can find one
  6. Of course but theyre one of the worst teams in the league and for 86m nearly pulled it off!
  7. Our problem now is that we are a much better team and most teams in the SPL realise that now. Aberdeen concede we are way better than them and shut up shop. But there lies the problem. They, and recently Hamilton, know that if you stick a defensive wall up we don’t have the flair of imagination to break it down. It’s why we crushed Hearts recently because they came out to play defensively we are good if not perfect im saying it again ( and have been for years now) we need that special no.10 - a Sone Aluko type. If he (or someone of his calibre) was playing yesterday we would have got the all important opening goal (as the dhims did) and coasted that game the sheep game plan worked out perfectly but they will get gubbed by at least 3 goals in the final.
  8. Not sure if the dhims have their own version of Kerrydale Meltdown. If they do they’re spoilt for material on this thread
  9. I’m sure he hasn’t but I’m just as sure the local scout leader has punctured his sphincter
  10. The negativity is not about the result it’s about the prospect of us winning the league. Sunday raised little to get positive about. However, it was 3pts, +3 goal difference and another goal for the buffalo. And yes it was on a plastic pitch but love them or hate them we have 4 more games to play on them and we will need most, if not all of those 12pts to win the league!
  11. Top prem clubs scouting on Bates???? I’ll eat my knob if that’s true
  12. As usual, assesment of players is either over hyped or over critical. This thread is no different. Katic form has dipped, no doubt. Everyone has to remember he is a young lad still settling into a new country so performances are going to vary. He's no world beater but neither " is he shot". Keep it real ffs!
  13. 25th March 1984 - League Cup Final "I fancy Rangers today, we've got the battle fever" Rangers 3 Sellick 2
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