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  1. A Fucking Disgrace

    I was talking about the players. Ffs
  2. Neil McCann

    I just love these "one game career analysis"posts This place is a crack den
  3. Ryan Jacks Reaction

    Being saying it all season. We need three 'Sone Aluko' types playing off Morelos There was a dozen situations tonight where a bit of skill, guile or just plain effective finishing would have had us out of sight tonight. And last saturday as well.
  4. Ryan Jacks Reaction

    Aaah a popcorn thread
  5. Relegation is a distinct possibility!!

    Garry - there’s as much as us getting relegated as there is that Big Jock was unaware
  6. A Fucking Disgrace

    Let’s see all the tits who stuck up for this shower of imposters a month or so ago come out tonight and defend them you know who you are
  7. Derek McInnes

    Well if that rumour is true why doesnt DM come out in any presser and say he's not interested in the job? For that reason i'm calling bullshit
  8. Graham Potter

    Graham Potter wouldn’t have sold season tickets for Charles Green so let’s end this visionary managerial appointment in 2012 on the head.
  9. What the hell is going on?

    I think it’s deeper than that. I think there is some serious issues in the board at present. Its the only explanation. There hasn’t even been a serious approach for anyone. That’s either half decent managers turning us down or that we don’t have the money they expect personally and to do the job.
  10. Tony Pulis

    Ask the fuckin board that.
  11. Mcleish

    Yep, and if the rumours are true that King and the Parks are at each other’s throats then it is indeed bleak.
  12. Tony Pulis

    The main issue for writing most people off is because deep down it doesn’t matter who we appoint. Unless serious money is brought in then we are fucked - all the names so far, or indeed any new name you want to suggest will fail. Thats why out of that lot i’d choose DM because he will get us another 10-15pts a season. But that’s not enough of course.
  13. Craig shite to release a book

    Craig SHITE
  14. Craig shite to release a book

    Correct! That recent court case outed Murray big time fuck abusing him though, let’s have another Ally thread .............
  15. Borussia Mönchengladbach v Rangers 1987 Germany

    No, we had two off. Munro then Cooper. Both were as dodgy as fuck. Cooper got booted up and down the park that night and ended up getting a second booking for dissent the ref was a joke that night