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  1. Thanks to @Wee Bud for meeting as planned for the ticket swap.
  2. They still are mate. It's going to take us to go on full attack mode and some journalist with enough balls to bring it into the open before anything will change. It'll all come out eventually
  3. What actually happened with Rf and club 1872?
  4. I think this shit storm he has brung on himself has opened a huge amount of eyes. That were otherwise shut to the real rab Marshall. About fucking time too
  5. Obvs he didn't get his through cccs that's the Point... but he would state he got his through cccs that's the make up of the man... everybody to a man knows it was a hand out.
  6. Apparently it was him and Gregg that went. But of course baw head got his through cccs ?
  7. Too right mate I've been hounding him all day on it. As have you
  8. 100% mate. All he kept adding in was where am I making a profit... is he serious all the bears in the pub before away games and back afterwords then the priority for functions which are all in his pub. The man has just shown himself for what he is. It's about time the bears in FF actually saw him in this light
  9. But sure he does everything for the fans the mans a narcissist
  10. I've called him on it though I doubt I'll get a reply
  11. Can we get this confirmed please am dying to ram this down his throat
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