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  1. Am I the only one to think maybe, just maybe, Edmunson is part of the solution given the chance? I agree we are far too soft.
  2. This skanky mob are fukkin pish. 1 gosl and they collapse. C'mon Rangers keep it up and do these cunts. FTP
  3. No mate havent seen that. I'll look it up and give it a watch.
  4. Can't disagree. But he's the best player ever in the MLS, just ask him. Wank. I'll go with Cristiano Ronaldo. Look at me look at me look at my abs look at my diamond fukkin earrings and slicked back hair. Don't care how many he scores- fukkin huge ego wank as well.
  5. Seen this today and nearly lost my guts. I dont know who the fuck they think they are. Its mindboggling. Just when you think you've seen/heard it all from the rancid bunch. Hope they get a kickin all over Rome.
  6. I found it an awful tough watch myself. Bastard of a disease. Hell of brave fight by Fernando all the same. Inspiring. Lots of emotions watching that. RIP big man.
  7. I was in the same boat as weejackson Big cheers mate.
  8. Good solid crunching tackle...without rolling around waitin on the 4 fukkin physios comin out..just get the fuk up and get on wi it
  9. Very comfortable pre-season match. Lots of good link up play, some nice football , no injuries- apart from slight knock on young mcpake-albeit against a shite Oxford side. Encouraging and hope we can push on and get fine tuned for facing better competition. So good to have the football back!! WATP !!
  10. Firstly, right off the bat, I hadn't been i Glasgow for about 36 years so I don't have a firm grasp on the whole retail sales fiasco. I was in Glasgow for a week just last week. Went into the St. Enoch store and,I hafta say got all I needed/wanted. Can't understand why there's fukkin tops and kits for the paedo mob EVERWHERE but only the 1 shop for Rangers-the most successful club the world.After st sales, is merchandising not the 2nd biggest revenue stream? Like I said I (obviously) don't know all the ins and outs but seems someones fucked up. Then going up the escalator on Glasgow airport going home and whats at the top? Fukkin paedo shop. Sorry guys but a bit depressing actually.
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