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  1. Very comfortable pre-season match. Lots of good link up play, some nice football , no injuries- apart from slight knock on young mcpake-albeit against a shite Oxford side. Encouraging and hope we can push on and get fine tuned for facing better competition. So good to have the football back!! WATP !!
  2. Firstly, right off the bat, I hadn't been i Glasgow for about 36 years so I don't have a firm grasp on the whole retail sales fiasco. I was in Glasgow for a week just last week. Went into the St. Enoch store and,I hafta say got all I needed/wanted. Can't understand why there's fukkin tops and kits for the paedo mob EVERWHERE but only the 1 shop for Rangers-the most successful club the world.After st sales, is merchandising not the 2nd biggest revenue stream? Like I said I (obviously) don't know all the ins and outs but seems someones fucked up. Then going up the escalator on Glasgow airport going home and whats at the top? Fukkin paedo shop. Sorry guys but a bit depressing actually.
  3. I've realized this from being mostly a "reader" of posts for a couple year. Cheers again
  4. Just checked The Founders Trail- sold out on June 23rd ffs.
  5. Thanks alot for the replies lads. The site doesn't even have open dates on the calendar after May. Think a phone call is in order. Thanks again.
  6. Looking for some help here. Not trying to highjack the thread or whatever you's call it. It truly is a magnificent site but I've only seen it in pictures sadly. I am trying to book a tour for 4 on June 23 on the Rangers site but can't manage it for some reason or another. Is there anyone that can point me in the right direction? Haven't been to Glasgow in about 40 years and am desperate to tour the home of The Famous Glasgow Rangers. Cheers.
  7. I just want a fair played game and may the best team win. And the supporters enjoy themselves. But i do have one question, COULD YI GO A CHICKEN SUPPER BOBBY SANDS? INTAY THESE MANYKY PAEDO BASTARDS NO FUKKIN SURRENDER WATP.
  8. Mon tae fuck Rangers straight in tae this mob
  9. Grezda couldny beat an egg nevermind a 17 yrold left back
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