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  1. I was not impressed with the first half at all. Need to be more creative and incisive. Giving them too much room in mid to front area. The energy is there but just need that little spark. Davis looks the most likely to provide something. Keep a clean sheet and score another 4 in the second half and I will be quite content.
  2. No I had not seen the goals actually so thank you very much William.
  3. Doubt we will have to worry about Stevie leaving as long as klopp is doing so well with Liverpool which I can't see changing for a good few years yet.
  4. I don't understand how a song written by St Joseph fans to thank our fans could be played over the tannoy after playing them twice. They were pumped 10-0. Does not make sense to me. A song called forever blue does sound cool though.
  5. BookWorm


    Decent enough for back up.
  6. There is a player in there. Think he is good enough for spfl standard.
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