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  1. Uck it's shite we lost it at the last minute to top the group but this is certainly turning out to be the most interesting group of the EL. Strongly believe we will take all 9 points in home games. Away you'll never please everyone, we tried to win it and it back fired, if we didn't try win it, there'd be folk moaning that we didn't take the chance and settled for the draw. We're in a pretty strong position, we knew Porto are abysmal away from home, we can well take YB at home, as long as we get that point or better in Rotterdam.
  2. Buckled, Celine Dion enhances everything
  3. Would defo say the Jelavic goal in the cup final extra time against the scum comes close but this goal does top it, i think it's cause the shite we've dealt as fans over the past few years makes it a lot sweeter to beat a team like this, it wasn't easy and i hope most realise it wasn't easy.
  4. That's just it, as long as they stay quiet. No doubt there'll be something though.
  5. Still buzzing, no words, work in the morning but due getting mangled, it's been a while since I've felt this way after a result, WATP, bring on the mhanky cunts.
  6. Legit my second post but holy fuck buzzing, We'll no doubt get booted out Europe for whatever but we beat the Polish cunts even after they let off the flares and even the taigs couldnae do it.
  7. That's actually bogging. 😂 The socks for the shite strip will no doubt come in a used McDonald's bag.
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