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  1. Home game is the night before my 30th. Could be a messy weekend if all the results go our way
  2. Aye i realised that, edited my original post, wasn't quick enough haha
  3. What's the away goals script here? Do their away goals still mean they win if it goes to 3-3 on aggregate? or would it then be ET and pens?
  4. I know this isn't really directed at Braga for tonight but if SG thinks sitting and defending for 90 minutes will work then clearly he's forgotten that their 2 goals came from outside the box, surrounded by like 5 folk.
  5. Mental that we won, they'll defo be thinking what happened. It shows that we have the ability to really pull it out the bag if even in Europe, but it should also be a lesson about how regular SPL teams play against us. No way after 2 down we should have won that. We did though and in a good position to qualify for the last 16. I really do hope this kicks us on, the desire to win every game needs to come back
  6. It's also the fact its solely down to us to stop them and that's an exhausting thought, especially with how much abuse we get from the media and other teams i can imagine how the players could be scunnered with it too, seeing biased and terrible reffing decisions, witch hunts etc. The rest of the teams in this shite league are content with them winning 4 or 5 against them and conceding nothing and have no desire to stop them and are happy to fight for 3rd place. They hate us so much now cause there's no a 2nd place to play for anymore. The expectations of other teams fans in this cesspit is fucking awful and their entire league seems to focus on getting 1 up Rangers. Even the wannabe tarriers from Dundee are chiming in on it like they have any relevancy.
  7. Aye my pal if we don't win cause he'll no be graceful about it
  8. I am, a bit breezy but the suns oot and it's a wee bit warmer than yesterday. It'll go ahead
  9. As you can imagine, this result could make tomorrow either a really great or a really shite day in work. Going 3-1 Rangers. Morelos, Hagi and Goldson
  10. SRAO

    Ianis Hagi

    When he came on against Aberdeen, got his first ball...instantly turned and ran towards their defence, i knew this boy is what we needed. To get a goal on his first official start and such an important goal can only be a massive confidence boost. I hope the players start to play around him, he's got such a good confidence and is very positive, i reckon Kent and Morelos will start to feel comfortable running behind the defence in time knowing a ball will be coming. He's what we have been shouting out for over the years, a game changer. He threatened for 84 minutes, never slowed down. He keeps it up he'll be an absolute star. As was already said. If we get 55 in May. Remember this goal, it may have been the difference.
  11. You know i'd imagine it'll have an affect, whether it's enough, time will tell. I will say though, I do think they (and some on here) forget we still have a game in hand which could prove pivotal. Still plenty of football to play and the defeatist attitude on here is depressing as fuck . Still breathing doon their manky necks.
  12. SRAO

    Leagues over

    It's no over till it's mathematically impossible
  13. Aye probably, although he's a big 6ft cunt. From the footage I've seen he does look fairly strong when it comes to multiple defenders round him, so hopefully he'll no blink to the dross that only know how to kick at yer heels.
  14. I think this boy will really show how shite the officiating is in this country. The speed in which he turns and moves about means he'll just invite tons of fouls from the hammer throwers
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