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The New Era

Ryan Jack pursued in Aberdeen Saturday night

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6 hours ago, 2nd Flute said:

:lol: horrible fucking place, i think if your a Blue nose, getting your cunt kicked in up there would be pretty easy tbh, always remember reading about some boozers, years ago,mind you, it apparently had photos of Rangers players on the urinals, ffs! :hmmm:

Spent 10 years up there, I would wholeheartedly concurr with your post. It's endemic amoungst any Aberdeen male in a pub - when they hear your accent - " Are ye a fucking H**, min?" They cannot help themselves, chips on both shoulders

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2 hours ago, BoydsFavouriteDonut said:

I live up here. Local radio reporting this morning that he was forced to leave Soul after a bunch of wankers started on him. 

Sorted that for you 

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