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  1. Candeias had a wee dig intae muncher anaw....lol
  2. Brentford was his limit......and I'm trying to be nice towards him.
  3. Fantastic post.....you can smell the fear (amongst other things....lol)
  4. Never needed them......but they need us. Because WATP. End of.
  5. Fucking bang on the button Tannerall.....Sell Out Saturdays etc etc....eh no....Sporting Integrity....my fucking arse, they are as a group, guilty of integrity loss....shameless....but what goes around comes around...never to be forgotten and the first to fall financially hopefully will be Dundee Hivs how I would love to see that rancid club disappear like their sleekit ex owner. We stand alone but by god what an army we have.....No Surrender !!!!
  6. Knew what it meant to score for Rangers and celebrated every goal like it was the first.....
  7. By the way, in my opinion GB, you do a tremendous job and I guess everyone on RM would agree you deserve a medal, well done you !!!
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