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  1. Do any of use guys play fm touch? Just tryed to get it on my ipad2 and it says can’t downlaod on it?
  2. One of the games last year he played he was man of match.
  3. taribo west free transfer championship manager 2002
  4. How you getting on with making the juniors leagues? That must be hard! There's a few you can download on steam havnt giving them ago yet. You going to try add all real players to the juniors! Good luck with that mate.
  5. Same odds as RVP favourite to sign for us. Lot of shite!
  6. Can we really afford to sack him ? Or stick by him and struggle to finish 2nd by the looks of it! I really don't know now
  7. I can't find a good tactic to play with us!! I'm winning 2-0 then throwing away a 2-0 lead at home!! Even tryed playing the old 4-4-2 Tactics? signings?
  8. Never a legend plays for them.
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