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*****The Official Dundee v Rangers Match Thread*****

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Confident the team will bounce back and get us over the line. Then we can rest, regroup and go again on the 30th. 

Slight concern for me would be how we deal with Curtis Main's physicality. Obviously he's a limited player, but we've been unsettled a bit by his type in recent weeks. Wouldn't be too surprised to see Balogun come in to add a bit of physicality there.

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19 minutes ago, superallysbears said:

We absolutely horsed them last time but I'll take any kind of win and back down the road for a bit of much needed rest.

I somehow doubt that Dundee will bend over and meekly take however many we decide to give them as they did at the Piggery.  Given that most of our players will have a two week break after this game, hopefully they will leave nothing behind on the pitch to ensure 3 points and pole position come Sunday night.

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Just now, Loyal72 said:

We've got a treble to win 😎 shoulders back etc.

Still trying to get my head around this being a realistic possibility after the start we had to the season. After the debacle against Sheepie that saw Beale's arse bouncing onto Edmiston Drive, anyone suggesting we could go on and win the Treble would have been carted off to the cuckoos nest forthwith. Still a helluva lot of hard work to be done if we are to land what would be an achievement that would be perhaps not miraculous, but would be well up there with our finest moments. It is all in our hands we are not relying on anyone to do us favours and if we can put together another winning run surprisingly ended by Motherwell, then it will be done.

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