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  1. I, for one, didn't see any signs of relaxation. We had skating bambi aribo who seems to have the ability to both hide and fuck things up. But all eyes on Kent? He's our best player. And should be first name on the team sheet. His record speaks for itself. Our next game must go well
  2. I know hes not playing but is Mcrorie one of their best players ?
  3. That Liam Mccloud commentator should have his hard drive examined. Utter scumbag
  4. Why the fuck is that bat eared fenian fuck still around ? Never mind commentating on a final ? Perhaps his politics. Let's see where you are when 55 arrives and you've run out of tap, Dodds
  5. He's getting absolutely slaughtered by Romanian pundits every week, bordering on contempt. It's absolutely uncalled for, there's not a hint of arrogance or premadonna in the player. I hope and pray he survives it and spits in their faces with his success.
  6. Don't know where to start. I probably started hating everything the moment I seen the line-up
  7. Itten. Nah. First impressions are usually right unless your name is Borna Barisic
  8. I think Defoes performed better in his appearances and is earning a high salary. Itten has a chance to play games in Europe, Defoe doesn't. I'm miffed.
  9. A Hearts fan? In Ulster no less ?
  10. Had a look at the "6 burning questions" that will be asked at the scums AGM. Of course one of them included us, this resolution 12 motioned by club 666. A total non-issue that keeps their "shareholders" throbbing perpetually. Yet not a word spoken about the countless victims raped and abused by celtic in a three decade timeframe. The victims advocates seeking rightful reparations have had the door slammed shut after they knocked at "Paradise" The reckoning only starts after 55 ..
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