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  1. Rangers have saved his life as far as I'm concerned
  2. I can't be the only one to think, sorry, know that it's orange and not gold ?!!!!
  3. I'm glad this is over. The fenian proxy will slither back into the dust for now. If only our parliament could be judged on results. This national team is an emblem of what this country has become. A sickening virtue signalling, paedo friendly, terrorist supporting cesspit. Health and education are at desperate numbers, transport soon to follow. Independence would hurl us back to the middle ages. A nation stolen
  4. Curiously set up. The SNP filth couldnt touch us when we liberated our City. This is their payback. Their failure is our gain.
  5. Always suspected he was a tim
  6. I'm surprised hes been selected for Romania. He's been utter pish.
  7. Trial by social media ? It's trial by Pope. In other evolved Western countries the Pope is ridiculed. The word anti-catholic is scandalous but I'm glad the SNP are broadly using the term. There can be no mistake, they are trying to force us out
  8. Why does everyone have to come to you? Can't you swing the train fare ? Embarrassment
  9. Dominick McKay? Was he not playing left back for us a couple of years ago ? Wow
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