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  1. https://scotchwhisky.com/magazine/ask-the-professor/12991/whisky-or-whiskey-why-the-two-spellings/
  2. You can't spell it whisky unless made in Scotland by law I believe.
  3. On it now big time, fuck knows what I am up to beer wise but having this, quality beer and a pumpkin in the background of the ironing board ,🤪 @Terry Hurlock Loyal
  4. If I could muster a picture I am full @plumbGER mode. Got the Tannen Zefler on the go in the passenger seat😋
  5. Never heard of this Whiskey before but as far as Whiskey it's all he's got. Loads of beer so need to mellow out a bit. He is the sort of guy who then suggests a cigar. Good chap, @TheFamousPigeon😋
  6. Visiting friends this is his beer of choice. Good stuff. Lucky he got 60 bottles in the way this is going🍺👍🍺
  7. badjon


    Mental the reaction you would think he is SA Beckham.
  8. My ironing board has a pumpkin on it. @Terry Hurlock Loyal
  9. WTF I have I got to do with it🤪 Already know before someone acts the cunt.
  10. Considering they have not lost in Europe for years these stats are outstanding. No shots on target they managed.
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