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  1. Same team I wanted in the other thread. Arfield gets it and knows the importance. @bluenoz that's why.
  2. FFS another thread, you should be saving up for your next cue for when crowds are allowed No but seriously I overheard a guy at the pub tonight saying Castore were on target and aiming to fulfil all orders on time...…
  3. That's what I think as well. Arfield gets it more than Aribo and I think Gerrard understands that. Plus I feel he will up his game and his effort cannot really be questioned and will help Patterson more I feel. Regards time for game decision expected this afternoon so probably tomorrow πŸ˜ƒ
  4. Really wanted to see him involved today. Who knows may be a surprise starter next week? Remember many a Walter side that had a genuinely surprising starter in a big game. Today's starting eleven does not necessarily mean next week's eleven.
  5. I hope they reveal the rearranged KO time tomorrow. As for the game itself I feel we were only at 75% today and will need to be at full throttle. If we turn up we win the game imho. Looking forward to this game. If it all goes to plan we bury them.πŸ‘
  6. What a hit from Kent hopefully just warming up for next weekπŸ‘
  7. What a hit from Kent hopefully just warming up for next weekπŸ‘
  8. Just had to be Aribo after a lot of us questioning his inclusion πŸ˜‚
  9. Hoping that is not the midfield three Vs them. Would go Arfield ahead of Aribo even with the dip in performance after coming back.
  10. Regards TV coverage I think there has been some leeway due to the pandemic. What was the Scottish game shown by sky this weekend?
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