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  1. To be honest I don’t think he’s as bad as they’ve had before in that job.
  2. To be fair that’s decent from TLB never thought he’d say that
  3. Who are the 4 missing players?
  4. After a number of indifferent performance since Xmas, he has really come onto his game of late. Long may that continue. what I really like about him is he never hides even when not having the best of games. Excellent tonight
  5. I’ve no idea who he was. And totally agree with you. It was bordering on the ridiculous. He was begging for them to score
  6. Hi, I’m Blues Brother and it was just shite joke. No harm meant
  7. I hope his sportsmanship doesn’t go unnoticed. I was a bit raging at the time but fair play to him.
  8. He is an idiot, selfish, stupid, a thug, and of course mentally ill. and I fucken love him. The 3 games without him we scored 3 goals. Last 3 games with him we’ve scored 13. With him involved in 10 I reckon. That tells its own story
  9. Another excellent thing about this season is that the squad as a whole have stepped up. Wouldn’t complain if 4 of the main candidates got it. That’s shows how good we have been. Mcgregor, Tavernier, Goldson and Davis for me are all deserving. Ive been looking back on the goals so far this season and it’s amazing how many times when games have been tight a certain player has stood out by creating or scoring a vital goal. That player is Hagi. Maybe not a player of the year candidate but certainly a guy who has been crucial at certain times over the season. And one I look forward to
  10. This happened to me for previous 2 games but today’s was excellent. Watching on the app
  11. It’s Dyer who has been sacked not Lemmon
  12. For me I feel it is. In fact every game we now play feels like this. I can barely watch. I’m sure I’ll take a heart attack before the end of the season.
  13. The referee has me worried. It’s the biggest 90 mins in ten years and that prick is the ref. Hopefully not a talking point at the end
  14. Jesus, a few of us thinking the same thing at the exact same time. Must mean we’re correct
  15. For someone without any pace, I’m struggling to think of a time when it’s been so blatantly obvious. In terms of us losing a goal due to it or indeed even loads of opportunities. I reckon he’s a top player and I prefer the balance of the defence when he is in it.
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