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  1. I understand what you are saying, but with those changes we did win the 2nd half. Maybe. If we started with that team we would have won both ?
  2. Disgraceful comments. You should be ashamed of yourself. But I doubt you will be.
  3. Would anyone take Ian Durrant for the role?
  4. Why is McKay not on the list for YP? is he over aged now?
  5. I'd think this job would be ideal for maybe Ian Ferguson. Not sure if he is still in Oz coaching/manager. but he is certainly a guy who would tick a few of the boxes and certainly has vast experience of being a winner at Rangers.
  6. I'd like him to stay. I reckon if he is played through the middle with a good finisher he can be an excellent foil for someone who is a goal getter
  7. Does anyone know of a way to watch today's full match again?
  8. ? we I've done my analysis on them. There right winger is shit hot and they play no one on the left ? Oh and they don't shoot
  9. I'd go with . Fod . Senderos. Hill. Wilson Tav Holt. Hyndman. Wallace Waghorn Miller McKay Maybe swapping Senderos for Kiernan. And Wallace for Halliday
  10. 12 mil not a penny less......... Ok 500k
  11. Lol at least we might stop playing on a Sunday
  12. But what if he's our best candidate for the job? Would you rather take the lesser manager?
  13. Don't think he's raging but a tim he is. Is that a problem????
  14. I'd take big eck until the end of the season. if we were to go down the foreign route I'd like Michael Laudrup. and if not then Alex Neil
  15. Think we need more than him, but would score for fun up here
  16. For all those who continue to slate Halliday. Give the guy a break. He is doing all he can. Yes he might not be good enough for where we want to be but slagging him off on every thread he is mentioned is getting a bit boring. He's a Rangers player ffs. So many of our fans need to take a look at themselves
  17. Where does aluko ply his trade these days? Excellent player. I'm not a big fan of players returning but I'd love him back.
  18. Is hardie available for us again now? Or is his loan until the end of the Season. Not that I think he'd get any game time, but maybe useful for squad numbers as I doubt we will sign any striker in the window
  19. Yip that's a fact. No right back in that one
  20. Did van vossen ever score at ibrox? on the pitch I mean
  21. I take that point, he does struggle at times in the air. But on Saturday he was left exposed by tav and our tactics. for us to go practically man for man at the back was sheer suicide. We were always going to lose at least 2 goals playing in such a fashion. Kiernan with a proper right back Imo is good enough.
  22. In practically every game Tav hasn't played right back in kiernan has been very good imo. when tab plays Kieran is left so exposed. Where as with a proper defensive full back beside he has looked fine. Tav is the problem because he has no discipline in his defending
  23. I am still of the thinking that Kiernan and Wilson/Hill are good enough for us.
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