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    Ryan Kent

    Gerrard wanted to sign him desperately and Liverpool wanted 7m for him, therefore the pricetag is now irrelevant. Kent nailed his colours very firmly to our mast at the start of the season when Leeds were showing a lot of interest. His stats show he's improved his returns on last season. The boy loves playing for Rangers and clearly tries his best every time he pulls the shirt on (regardless of whether he is having a good game or not). It's fucking demented how people chew off on the kid when he's always available, gets fouled more than anyone in the SPL (never seen him writhe around the floor
  2. You could be pretty close there. Roofe for Kent is my guess
  3. Hard fought three points that. Much better performance than last week and the second half was pretty entertaining considering Kilie had no intention to try to play. Thought Kent was sommewhere back toward his best in the second half too, which we'll need in midweek against the Belgians.
  4. I would much prefer that we dominate in silence at board level. The gnashing of teeth and glee in demise should be reserved for the fans. It's unbecoming of who we are as a club.
  5. Kent puts it on a plate for Davis.....Davis drives to the line...wtf!?!?
  6. Confused.....as numbers 1 and 8 combined total 39,500 Man U's current capacity is 74,140 74,140 - 39500 = 34,640 That means that Man U have at least one other stand (possibly 2) of bigger capacity than The Stretford End listed at number 8....or is this just about 'distinct' stands where the corners aren't wrapped around?
  7. Next season is already his biggest managerial challenge. The tramps will spend heavily again and can't possibly be as bad as they have been this year. Once 55 is in the bag, I fully expect he will be planning for next season. Defoe is a fair offload as he will carry a chunk in his pay packet and probably due to Father Time, isn't returning like he was a year ago. Hopefully along with Barker, Jones, Edmunson freed up, we can bring a couple in to strengthen. Roofe's injury record could be a major concern moving forward.
  8. Keep it like that for me....the way we played today!
  9. Ryan Jack! Don't think i can ever recall a long term injury coming back to be so like he's never been away from the team. It normally takes a few games to regain touch and poise. This guy is playing like player of the season already.
  10. Flatcap

    Ryan Kent

    As football fans we expect so much and are generally just too fickle. Liverpool fans have been slagging Salah off this past few weeks ffs. Interesting also, that Liverpool are also struggling against sides that employ the low block.....difference is.....more often than not (and more often than Liverpool), we're finding a way to win despite the opposition tactics.
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