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  1. Aberdeen.....the only place somebody has asked me when entering a pub "where you from"....my answer was "why?" The response was "you don't look like you come from here"......fucking result!
  2. No words could ever convey the gratitude for his service to our great club and moreso his achievements. Sleep tight big man.
  3. Many believe that Beale runs the show anyhow.....and he's stated he wants to manage ultimately. It could be a good outcome if SG goes and MB takes the reigns.
  4. Hoping to see Kent involved in the matchday squad, if for nothing else but a signal he might be ready for St Mirren and Aberdeen
  5. You can't buy a player that doesn't want to move. I wouldn't move to Newcastle let alone a muti millionaire footballer. The place is miles from anywhere most of the top players would want to live
  6. SG is smarter than that. Attracting players to Rangers (albeit to a lower league and overall standard) wil be easier than attracting them to Newcastle. Players have lives outside of football (and Manager's do too)......Newcastle as a City pales badly against Glasgow. When those fans are watching a team built on money and still winning fuck-all....that's when their true colours will show.
  7. Everyone righting about the writes and wrongs while Roam burns
  8. A settled 20 is what we need. The best 20 at the club, with all being consistently available would see them all getting plenty of game time and all feeling like they are part of a champion squad.
  9. That's my point.....he said 3-4 weeks was possible but he would be sent for a scan to determine....since then....haven't seen any clarification.
  10. Gerrard stated last Thursday, post-match that Kent would be sent for a scan within 24 hours......not seen anything since about the results or expected lay-off. Anyone seen anything anywhere?
  11. ......and apart from old firm games, Ibrox and the shit pit are often the same. I would love to have what they have at Man U....apart from a cross city derby they have intense rivalries with Liverpool and Leeds that rival derby days and high intensity fixtures with the London clubs
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