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  1. Results wer shite but i thought Magilton had them playing better football. Postecoglu came in and he certainly had them playing a fast, expansive game but it was so predictable. They assembled the most expensive squad and won fuck all until Muscat came back. They'll score loads of goals against the bottom clubs but they'll concede shit loads against us!
  2. I lived in Melbourne when he was appointed Manager of Melbourne Victory. Went to watch a few times and he took them backwards in terms of playing style. I see people lauding him as playing an entertaining style.....well, he does, but his teams can't defend and what a fucking moaner he is. He will lay the blame left, right and centre when things go wrong. If he gets off to a bad start, it will consume him. Fingers crossed!
  3. In many sports, if you appeal and lose, the punishment is enhanced. Given the outrageous nature of the offence and the outrageous nature of his subsequent claims, the penalty should be doubled and Slavia (who have supported his appeal) should be banned from Europe for two seasons. It's the only way to get through to Eastern Europe. Opportunity missed.
  4. The most natural striker around anywhere at the moment. It's all so natural to him....but as others have said, he works hard at being ready for the five and ten minute spells he gets. His goals per minute ratio must be off the charts!
  5. I'd like to think any official of ours had more class than that....shoulda tripped the cnut up!
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