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  1. He was standing with his feet like 4 ft apart....i almost expected his bollocks to drop and watch him swing 'em in Mulgrew's direction
  2. We're a threat all over the park and it's great to see them trying all the training ground stuff. Really want that clean sheet now. Couldn't care if we score no more or ten more, the clean sheet is what will send shits around the Eastbend.
  3. Time to exorcise a few ghosts tomorra! The tramps have handed us the initiative. Our job is now simply to not let it slip our grasp. A win, howsoever achieved is all that matters. There are thousands and thousands of the smelly bastards who will be reluctantly watching behind twitching curtains as their undeserved 10iar hopes are squashed further into the mud. Enjoy every toothless gurn as they excuse their way to the collective green toilet.
  4. You can only answer the questions put forward i suppose. The media seemed more interested in the national issue.
  5. Really good article in the BBC about a post-war tour of Britian. The final match and hence the latter part of the article covers their final game against Rangers https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/54839305
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