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  1. Surely to fuck even that lot can't be that fucking stupid...can they?
  2. Will be nice when we sing about him being "a sad Athenian bastard with a shite football team", can't be pulled up for that now surely can we ???
  3. Looking forward to seeing the Australian equivalent of Herrera and Pena rocking up at the dump.
  4. See all this talk about his all out attack philosophy, well wasn't that actually their philosophy last season as well?, the reason I ask is surely it must have been because they sure as hell couldn't defend worth a shit. To quote Greegs "happy days".
  5. I live just outside Toronto and it's been the same for me as @GersInCanada has experienced.
  6. Currently being chased by Barcelona, Real Madrid, exceptionally gifted coach and master tactician, surprised you've never heard of him mate, talks are currently at an advanced stage.
  7. Been tracking him for months remember, someone snuck away while they were in Dubai and met him in a parking lot in Japan to sound him out.
  8. Heard a rumour that Rangers have contacted him to see if he'd be interested in Kevin Thompson's vacated position.
  9. Aww man that is just sensational, thank you Jules
  10. I just watched the trophy presentation again on you tube and it just struck me that there was no official from the SPFL present to hand over the trophy, is this normal or did we do a Partick Thistle and tell them that they weren't welcome?
  11. I've started reading these posts with one eye, ...fuck me I'm getting auld.
  12. I've seen a few of these type of threads pop up recently but I've never commented in them simply because I don't think it's possible for me to adequately put into words that are capable of expressing the overwhelming joy that this season has meant to me. Being 66yrs old I've seen everything following this great institution, all the highs and all of the lows but I can honestly say that winning the league this season has been the pinnacle for me, there has never been anything in our clubs illustrious history to compare with the journey we have overcome in the last decade, there are simply n
  13. Reminds me of a post I made on here years ago about a guy who came in 10mins late for a game against Clydebank [I think it was] at Ibrox and sat next to me and missed the 1st 2 goals, he got up 5mins before HT for a pie and bovril and missed the 3rd, 2nd half was boring and he left 10mins before the end, game finished 5-0 and he missed all 5
  14. Any chance we could get the SPFL to fast track his transfer to the sheep for the title celebrations
  15. I can understand your thinking this way, so in order to maybe explain my views to you, I imagine that I'm a lot older than you , I began my love of football from when I was able to kick a ball in an era that I consider to be the true essence of football, when players were allowed to tackle and not fall over when the wind changed direction etc, and when both teams would have a go at one another,we got our 1st black and white tv in the mid 60's and I loved playing and watching football all the way up until recently, over the years the changes in the laws of the game have watered down my love of
  16. I've Just been watching you tube highlights for the last couple of seasons but out of boredom I decided to watch the 2nd leg of Man City v PSG, turned it off at halftime as I thought it was boring so I'll just continue to watch highlights again from now on.
  17. Yea, I can understand why that could have been misheard as "your mum takes it up the arse"
  18. Aye that's all well and good but TBF they will have N'cham back though.
  19. I hate this little cunt even more now simply for the fact that as a normal human being I feel that I should feel some sympathy for someone with serious issues like this but in the case of this reprobate I cannot muster up even an ounce of compassion, does that make me a bad person? maybe it does but I just couldn't give a fuck, fuck him.
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